What Happened to InchBug/MyDrinky After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is InchBug?

InchBug is most known for producing The Original Orbit Label, a customizable, non-adhesive, and reusable label designed to wrap around infant bottles and Sippy cups.

It’s an excellent choice for large families, schools, and day care centres.

Another popular product is MyDrinky, an adjustable juice box holder designed to keep children from becoming sticky when drinking juice.

Who Founded InchBug /MyDrinky

Brenda Lee Feldman founded InchBug Orbit Labels in 2004 with a simple stretch-and-release band that fits snugly around a variety of containers and can be easily personalized with a child’s name.

In 2004, my child was enrolled in a Mother’s Day Out facility, and I was informed that her Sippy cups would be labelled with her name.

This was done to decrease germs and cross-contamination. I tried a permanent marker, which disappeared in the dishwasher, and tape, which always tripped and fell off the cup.

There must be a more efficient method! In a fantastic ‘light bulb’ moment, I came up with The Original Orbit Label, my first product and the cornerstone of InchBug.

She has lately expanded her product line to include adhesive stickers that may be used as allergy alerts on clothing, products, or meals.

The stickers may be personalized with a child’s name as well. Feldman pays a visit to the Tank with her newest invention, the MyDrinky juice box holder.

When placed in a MyDrinky, a juice box cannot be squeezed or spilled. Labels range in price from $8 to $13, and any product may be customized with a child’s name in your preferred font and colour scheme.

Although the MyDrinky has not yet been released, InchBug also sells training pants, bibs, silverware, swim goggles, and other accessories.

Feldman will undoubtedly seek the aid of a Shark in order to ramp up production on MyDrinky.

What Happened to InchBug /MyDrinky at the Shark Tank Pitch?   

Brenda entered Shark Tank wanting for $400,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in her firm. This indicates a $4 million valuation.

She gives out MyDrinkys and orbit labels as samples to demonstrate that she is not a one-product company.

Mr. Wonderful is perplexed as to why she has a $4 million valuation while speaking. The Sharks are unimpressed when she tells them she’s only sold $50,000 of MyDrinky.

When she tells them that the orbit labels have a lifetime sales value of $15 million, she grabs their attention again.

Revenues in the preceding year totalled $2 million. Despite the Sharks’ obvious interest in the labels, Brenda keeps coming to MyDrinky.

She wishes to be able to purchase it from a store.

Brenda had a stable $2 million yearly revenue and was “living the dream” with Orbit Labels, but retail was a huge endeavour, much too much work for him, and he was leaving.

Mark Cuban was also eager to go, telling Brenda that she was ‘Killing it,’ but that her objective of entering the whole new World of retail was a horrible idea.

Barbara dislikes MyDrinky Concept and decides to quit.

Lori was underwhelmed and wished Brenda luck before departing.

Surprisingly, Mr. Wonderful offers $400,000 in return for a $1 per unit royalty until his $1.2 million investment is repaid.

In exchange for this, he wants 5% of the firm. Brenda is interested in retail, but Kevin pledges to push the brand on social media.

Kevin then explains that his offer is conditional on his not entering the retail industry. Brenda is dissatisfied and refuses the offer, which means she’s out of the tank without a contract.

What Happened to InchBug/MyDrinky After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Brenda did go to Buy Buy BABY (owned by Bed Bath & Beyond) and a few other tiny stores.

MyDrinky is also available online, through the InchBug website, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Brenda released Orbit Label 2.0 in August 2021, which enables contrasting personalisation without the need of ink or paint and is the first product on the market made of 100 percent kid-safe silicone.

She also included new symbols, such as a dinosaur, a grin, a cupcake, a heart, a trophy, a diamond, a rocket, and a unicorn. The yearly revenue of the corporation is $5 million.

What is the Net Worth of InchBug /MyDrinky?

Brenda appeared on Shark Tank 2016 and asks for $400,000 in exchange for a 10% share in her firm. This equates to a $4 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of InchBug /MyDrinky?

There are no competitors known for InchBug /MyDrinky.

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InchBug /MyDrinky FAQS

Is InchBug still in operation?

She is still in business, with a successful Amazon store.

Can InchBug labels go in dishwasher?

Their labels have all been developed and tested to resist dishwasher and microwave use.

Can they write on InchBug Orbit labels?

The Orbit Labels fit all Dr. Brown’s bottles except the 2 oz. preemie bottle and the 4 oz. standard bottle. InchBug does not encourage writing on any of the custom labels.

Do Orbit labels fit Dr. Brown bottles?

Dr. Brown’s standard 4 oz. bottles are incompatible with 3D Icon Orbit Labels.

How do they label kids water bottles?

It’s simple: They take off the clear top flap and write their student’s name on the lower paper section.

Then, peel off the backing and press to seal. At long last, a waterproof label! Stick the label on anything — lunch boxes, drink containers, you name it — and it will last in the dishwasher for months.

What are the Orbit Labels made out of?

An elastomeric substance that complies with FDA Regulation 21CFR 177.2600. This is the same material that is used in pacifiers and new-born bottle nipples.

This material was selected since it is non-toxic and has long-lasting qualities that can withstand repeated application.

They do not utilize paint or ink to back-fill the customisation.

How durable is an Orbit Label?

Orbit Labels are composed of high-quality materials that have been tested to withstand dishwashing, boiling, and microwaving.

The life expectancy of the Orbit Labels is difficult to predict since numerous factors must be considered, such as over-stretching.

What do they get in one Orbit Label package?

As of June 2021, they can choose between a 2-pack and a 4-pack of Orbit Labels. Each customised Orbit Labels bundle includes labels in a single colour that may be customized in the same way.

How many colours can they select per package of Orbit Labels or Adhesive Labels?

Only one colour can be used per package since all labels within a set must be the same colour (unless otherwise specified).

Do they need to remove the Orbit Labels before placing in the dishwasher, sterilizing, or microwaving?

No! Orbit Labels were designed and tested to withstand repeated cleaning, boiling, and microwave usage. The Orbit Label will not peel, fade, or wash away.

How does one buy InchBug products?

They may easily acquire the majority of their items by visiting their official website. They may also purchase their items via Amazon and Buy Buy BABY, both of which are owned by Bed Bath & Beyond.

How InchBug /MyDrinky do makes money?

By selling their wares.

Did InchBug /MyDrinky secure an investment from the Shark Tank?

InchBug/MyDrinky are unable to acquire a Shark investment.

What did InchBug /MyDrinky do after Shark Tank?

Brenda did manage to sneak inside Buy Buy Baby and a few more mom-and-pop stores. She is still in business, with a thriving Amazon store and yearly sales of $5 million.

What are the strengths of InchBug /MyDrinky?

Orbit Labels are flexible and easy to use labels that may be affixed to a variety of things. They are also the first customized labels on the market to comply with FDA rule 21 CFR 177.2600.

What is their target audience?

Orbit Labels are designed for a wide range of families with children around the country. Before choosing a label, they must first determine the size of their child’s drinking container.

Where is InchBug, headquarters?

The headquarters of InchBug are in Austin, Texas.

What is InchBug, industry?

InchBug works in the Converted Paper Product Manufacturing business.

What is InchBug website?

The website for InchBug is www.inchbug.com

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