What Happened to Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank?

What is Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals is a frozen meal delivery service that adheres to the paleo and zone diet philosophies. The major components of the meals include meat, vegetables, seeds, and fruit.

Nick Massey established and owns Ice Age Meals. Nick attended culinary school before working at some of the top restaurants in the country.

While working in Aspen, Colorado, he met and later worked with Lance Amstrong. In 2012, he founded his company by merging his interest for Cross Fit with Lance’s dietary knowledge.

What began as a blog with useful diet tips and recipes in 2016 evolved into a food packaging and distribution company? After five years, Nick is still the owner and CEO.

The entrepreneur athlete founded his company to promote a better way of life. He utilized the Paleo diet, which he personally followed, but it’s a divisive issue among diet clubs around the country.

Who is the originator of Ice Age Meals?

Nick Massey established and owns Ice Age Meals. Nick attended culinary school before working at some of the top restaurants in the country.

While working in Aspen, Colorado, he met and later worked with Lance Amstrong. In 2012, he founded his company by merging his interest for Cross Fit with Lance’s dietary knowledge.

Nick has been cooking for 20 years and prepares every dish as though it were for his family. He and his team cook wonderful, nutritious meals in small batches using grass-fed and organic meat and organic veggies, then freeze and ship them.

All Ice Age Meals are microwaveable. According to Massie, they are “convenient, palatable, athlete-friendly food.” Massie is a fitness enthusiast as well as an excellent cook. For a while, he even worked as Lance Armstrong’s personal chef.

Massie makes and prepares each meal, after which the batch size is increased and the dish is tested for “free ability.” If the recipe still tastes good after freezing, they make it. He feels that frozen food is less expensive than fresh food and tastes just as good.

The company’s headquarters are in a strip mall in Reno, Nevada. Nick started in January of 2016 and sells around 5000 meals every week. Thanks to a recently purchased freezer, he should be able to ramp up to 5000 meals every day.

Butternut Squash Lasagna, Thai Meatball Curry, and Grass-fed Tri-Tip with Yams are each $10.99, with 12-meal sampling packs at $129. Long-term, Massie’s ambition is to produce 100,000 meals every day.


What Happened to Ice Age Meals During the Shark Tank Pitch?

In episode 2 of Season 8 of Ice Age Meals on Shark Tank, Nick Massey chose to offer his organization to the Shark Tank investors for partnership.

Nick entered the pitch seeking for $1 million in return for a 10% stake in his firm, which worth $10 million.

Then he launched into a lovely narrative of his job. Following his presentation, he gives the Sharks some of his butternut squash lasagna, which they like. Then the investigations begin. The Sharks want to know sales data because of the value.

When he tells them he made $1.5 million in a year, they are amazed. They also value the profit margins: each meal costs $3 but sells for $10.

After that, he tells them about his background. When asked about the $10 million valuation, he tells the Sharks to believe in him. In the Tank, that never works.

Kevin O’Leary was the first to exit, and he did so with a poem that criticized Nick’s performance.

Mark Cuban was up next. “He likes the narrative, he loves the name,” stated Robert Herjavec. But he despises the valuation; he thinks it’s absurd.

Next up was Daymond John. Lori Greiner, the final Shark standing, exited while warning Nick about his overvaluation. Nick ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Became to Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that Nick Massey left the Shark Tank presentation without a contract, the company sold over $100,000 in three hours the night the original program aired.

In one month, they made nearly a million dollars! To handle the increasing traffic, Nick renovated his kitchen. This company is still in business in November 2021 and makes $3 million in sales each year.

Ice Age Meals’ Competitors

Ice Age Meals, Trifecta Nutrition, Paleo Power Meals, Pete’s Paleo, and Underground Prep are the company’s rivals in the market.

Net Worth of Ice Age Meals

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $10 million; since then, the company has performed admirably in sales, with annual revenue of $3 million in 2021.

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Ice Age Meals FAQs

Where are Ice Age Meals produced?

Ice Age Meals’ food is produced in a commercial kitchen in Reno, Nevada. Nick Massey, the founder, and CEO, started from nothing. In fact, he began with a blog that has since turned into the company he’s known worldwide today.

Are the meals shipped frozen?

Yes. The meals are packaged, boxed, and frozen at the manufacturing location in Reno, Nevada. Then they’re shipped to customers around the U.S.

How many calories are in an Ice Age meal?

For a variety of reasons, the exact number of calories is difficult to pinpoint. Ice Age Meals state that each serving contains roughly 600 calories but also states on their site that the meals can be customized to fit an individual’s nutritional needs and calorie requirements.

What ingredients do they use?

Ice Age Meals use only grass-fed, free-range, organic meats in all of their meals. All of the produce they use is USDA certified organic and all of the ingredients are non-GMO.

How many meals come in a box?

There are two options available: five meals per box or six meals per box. The price per meal ranges from $10–$11.

Are they gluten-free?

All of the meals are gluten-free, but they are not necessarily paleo.

How long do the meals last in the freezer?

According to the company, meals can last up to two years in the freezer.

What kind of nutritional information is available for each meal?

For each meal, there is a nutrition facts label that reveals just how many calories and grams of fat you’re consuming with each serving of food. That’s important because not all calories are created equal.

What is a sample meal?

They make small-sized portions of their meals to give to customers before ordering the meal for themselves.

How much does it cost?

A sample pack of six meals is $129, which includes shipping.

What size do the meals come in?

The meals are large enough for one person to eat. They’re not intended for children or those who are on a diet.

How long will it take to get my meal?

Once customers place their order, it should be delivered within one to seven days depending on where they live in the United States.


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