What Happened to I Want to Draw a Cat For You After Shark Tank?

What is I Want to Draw a Cat for You?

I Wish I Could Draw a Cat for You are entirely dedicated to sketching amusing and inventive cat figures in a variety of poses, adventures, and situations. You may get pre-drawn amusing and colorful designs for a variety of occasions, from birthday parties to anniversaries and other celebrations, on the website.

Additionally, you may order a one-of-a-kind personalized design for any occasion. Steve hand-colors, numbers, and signs each one. After that, you may print them for use as birthday cards or for any other reason.

Steve Gadlin is the inventor and lead designer of I Want to Draw a Cat for You. He is a web designer, comedian, and author, as well as the host of Talkin’ Funny, a weekly YouTube interview show.

Who is the founder of I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

Steve Gadlin is the founder and principal designer of I Want to Draw a Cat For You. Steve conceived the idea for the firm one night while pondering how he might turn his thoughts into a commercial brand with a following. He came up with the idea of a family-friendly stick-like cat figure performing various activities.

He planned to create a buzz and a market for them before selling the drawings online, similar to a newspaper cartoonist with a following.

Gadlin is an inventor who usually gets his ideas in the bathroom. He believes that his concept is completely unique in the market and that people would buy his artwork. It’s almost funny how simple it is, yet Gadlin’s enthusiasm and self-assurance are contagious.

What Happened to the Shark Tank proposal I Want to Draw a Cat for You?

Steve Gadlin proposes his concept, I Want to Draw a Cat For You, to the Shark Tank in episode 307. While the concept may appear to be a little far-fetched, it was appealing enough to get him into the Tank and in front of the Sharks for partnership and aid in growing the business.

Gadlin entered the Shark Tank pitch in seeking of a $10,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in his firm, which worth $40,000.

He starts the music and gives the Sharks a musical presentation of his cat-drawing enterprise, replete with dance sequences that had Mark Cuban bouncing in his seat.

When Gadlin’s dancing routine is through, he gets to work. “I’m sure you’re wondering how this imbecile ended up on Shark Tank,” he continues. “Well, let me tell you, in today’s economy, there’s a market for dumb, and I’m bubbling with it.”

Not the most enthralling pitch the Sharks have heard thus far, but he does have a point.

Customers may describe a cat and a scene to him, and he’ll draw it for about $10. He can draw around 1,000 drawings every week. Kevin O’Leary goes right to work, enquiring about sales.

Gadlin has sold around 1,200 drawings in a year, earning somewhat more than $9,000.

Kevin O’Leary was interested in what he would do with the funding. Gadlin plans to expand the product line to include greeting cards and other items.

Kevin O’Leary seldom invests in artists since the business depends on the artist’s creativity as well as his or her continuous health and ability.

Because of its size, Kevin O’Leary believes the corporation was “uninvest able.” He exits. Robert Herjavec also exits because of the low earnings in the first year.

Mark Cuban was taken with the idea and offers $25,000 for 33% equity shares in the company, more than doubling the initial investment request.

Gadlin approaches Cuban and requests that he draw one of every 1,000 cats. Mark Cuban agrees, and the deal was sealed not just with a handshake, but also with a dance performance.

What Happened to I Want to Draw a Cat for You After Shark Tank?

After the show aired, the deal with Mark was finalized, and Steve left the pitch with a deal. I Want to Draw a Cat For You went on to become one of the most odd and successful businesses to appear on Shark Tank.

In the four years since his website’s inception, Gadlin has developed 18,794 individual pets for customers. He also sold cat tee shirts and other amusing items.

In season three episode 315, Steve’s business was mentioned in an update segment, where he had already paid Mark Cuban back, had a large workforce, and was suffering from terrible writer’s cramp!

Gadlin said in January 2015 that he will be discontinuing his cat-drawing business to focus on his new television show, Steve Gadlin Star Makers, which airs on WCIU-TV.

His website and social media, on the other hand, show that Gadlin is still painting cats for admirers who request them, implying that the firm isn’t as dead as he claimed. After all, cats have nine lives.

In June 2021, Steve launched his business, sketching cats for $9.95 — the same price he charged when he first went on Shark Tank. Over 21,000 cats have been sketched by him.

Steve created a Kickstarter campaign for The Fart Pedal, a guitar pedal that converts music into fart noises, in September 2021.

As of January 2022, the firm was still in operation, with Steve stating, “I’m trying something new.” In 2022, I plan to draw one cat painting every day. You may schedule a cat drawing here, but be sure you get the day you want before it’s gone!

Drawings will be available for $10 and will be shared on Twitter, Instagram, and my website. At the end of the year, I’ll donate the $3,650 raised through cat drawings to a non-profit or another artist (TBD) to help them with their amazing project.

Spending money on cat paintings in 2022 will help promote creativity in 2023 and beyond! Interested? Make your reservation now! Hey, I hope your holiday was fantastic and that you have a wonderful New Year.”

I Want to Draw a Cat For You’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $40,000; following Mark Cuban’s investment, the company was valued at $75, 758. Since then, the firm has continued to operate, and hence the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

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I Want to Draw a Cat For You FAQs

What’s the current state of the business?

Steve currently has over 21,000 cat paintings in stock. I Want to Draw a Cat For You is still in operation, and Steve continues to work on new paintings and products.

How does I Want to Draw a Cat For You work?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You is the product of Steve’s creativity and willingness to help anyone, no matter how odd or unusual their requests are. Customers describe their pets, and Steve will draw their pet on paper.

Steve has created several other products — including cat art shirts — to go along with the original business.

Is I Want to Draw a Cat For You a subscription plan?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You is a subscription-based business, and customers may schedule their cat drawings online.

How does I Want to Draw a Cat For You make money?

The company earns money by offering cat drawing services and products for sale.

What’s the valuation of I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You was valued at $40,000 on Shark Tank. After Mark Cuban invested, the firm was valued at $75,758.

What are the earnings of I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

Steve has earned around $9,000 from his cat drawings in one year. The company earns more when customers purchase products, such as cat art shirts and greeting cards.

How does I Want to Draw a Cat For You make money?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You makes money through selling cat paintings and other products.

Is I Want to Draw a Cat For You available internationally?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You cannot be shipped internationally.

What are the shipping charges for I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

The company does not charge for shipping, since the company is made up of one person, and hence it wouldn’t be cost effective to ship anything.

How is the business model of I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You is a subscription business, and Steve charges customers $10 per painting.

How much time does it take to draw a cat-painting?

According to Steve, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to paint a cat-painting on paper.

Who are Steve’s competitors?

Steve doesn’t have any competitors. He won’t even allow other artists, who want to copy his work, on the site.

Where is I Want to Draw a Cat For You based?

I Want to Draw a Cat For You is based in Chicago, Illinois.

What inspired Steve Gadlin to start I Want to Draw a Cat For You?

Steve Gadlin started I Want to Draw a Cat For You after he was asked by a few people, including his mother, to draw cat-paintings for them. He found the challenge fun, and grew more interested in drawing cats after each painting.

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