What Happened to HotShot After Shark Tank?

What is HotShot?

HotShot is a canned hot coffee beverage. There are five flavors available: caramel, chocolate, black, espresso, and French vanilla.

The coffee is brewed at 140 degrees and stays hot thanks to unique technology. Furthermore, the user will not be burnt when handling the coffee.

Danny Grossfeld founded HotShot USA. He was a successful entrepreneur before to creating HotShot USA. Danny is the current President of HotShot USA.

HotShot USA began from an inspiration that struck at any time, and this statement truly depicts how the firm was founded.

Who is the founder of HotShot?

HotShot USA was founded by Danny Grossfeld. His creativity may strike at any time, and this comment perfectly illustrates how HotShot USA came to be.

He’d given up and gone to what seemed to be a ‘cold coffee refrigerator.’ It wasn’t a refrigerator, though; it was a hot can of coffee. SA.

HotShot, the first ready-to-drink hot beverage brand in the United States, was founded in 2009 as a result of Grossfeld’s trip to Japan, where he discovered hot coffee in a can.

Canned hot drinks are a $14 billion industry in Japan, and HotShot intends to replicate that market share.

HotShot coffee cans keep their temperature at 140 degrees by utilizing a “HotBox,” a “heated refrigerator,” and a special insulating label over the metal cans.

Mr. Grossfeld distributes Hotboxes for both home and commercial use. The coffee itself is made from precisely roasted Arabica beans, providing consumers with a fresh roasted coffee flavor right out of the container. Among the flavors available are French Vanilla, Espresso, Caramel, and Hot Chocolate.

Grossfeld, who claims to have invested a million dollars in HotShot, sought but failed to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter last spring.

What Happened to HotShot’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Danny Grossfeld presents HotShot, hot coffee in an aluminum can, to the Sharks in episode 704. Grossfeld was looking for a Shark to help with production and distribution.

The pitch begins with a section labeled “at home.” Danny explains that his father runs a bankruptcy firm and supports his entrepreneurial endeavors.

He tells the tale of how he discovered hot canned coffee on a vacation to Japan; he wants HotShot to be as popular in the US as it is in Japan, and he wants to make his father proud.

Danny entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $300,000 in return for a 10% stake in his business, worth $3 million.

He claims to have created the ultimate in hot coffee convenience and that customers would never have to make coffee again.

Lori observes, “Ooh, it’s warm,” as he distributes samples. Danny observes that it would be really hot without his protective label.

Danny discusses his journey to Japan and “discovering” coffee in a can with the Sharks. He’s been working on the device for six years and has spent $2 million on it, but there have been no sales.

Chris Sacca believes he has no idea if Danny was pitching or going to therapy.

Kevin tells the story of Sisyphus, the man cursed with the task of moving a rock up a hill only to have it fall back down again.

Danny says that he was fascinated, but that he must put his interest to the test. He also adds that movie theaters were very interested in him.

According to him, the Japanese market for hot bottled coffee is worth $1.5 billion. “If you can’t make money in 36 months, went behind the barn and shoot it,” Kevin suggests. Kevin was the first Shark to exits.

Robert states that there were plenty of coffee places, so he goes out.

Robert states that there were plenty of coffee places, so he goes out.

Chris Sacca claims to have a competing business and goes out as well.

Mark claims exits as well, but he’ll do it through his Landmark Theaters.

Lori thinks there should be six outs. She was convinced that it will not work and that Danny should stop the bleeding. She eventually exits.

Danny finally left the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to HotShot After Shark Tank?

After this episode aired, the Hot Shot website was substantially overhauled, and Danny left the pitch without a deal.

The company claimed it was taking pre-orders for the HotBox, which will be available at movie theaters and convenience stores “soon.”

As of August 202, the company’s hot boxes could be seen in hundreds of locations around the country, including Walt Disney World!

The firm was still in operation in January 2022, with annual revenue of $2 million.

HotShot’s Competitors

In the market, HotShot has a slew of competitors. SameDayDelivery.com, Expedited Transportation, Shoptomydoor, Aloha Air Cargo, CrossCountry Freight Solutions, Vital Express, Comet Delivery, and Windy City Limousine are among them.

HotShot’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $3 million. Since then, the firm has done well in sales, with annual revenue of $2 million.

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HotShot FAQs

Are HotShot locations in Walt Disney World?

Yes, HotShot locations can be found in Walt Disney World.

What are the ingredients of HotShot?

HotShot is a caffeine-free canned hot beverage. The ingredients include water, Arabica coffee, canola oil and salt.

Can you freeze HotShot?

No, customers should not freeze HotShot because it will ruin the ingredients and its taste.

Does Hotshot client include franchisees?

Hotshot clients include franchisees who want to open their own stores by getting a patent from the company.

What is the duration of the HotShot expiration date?

The retailers set their own terms and conditions on the hot beverage and its expiration date.

Is it possible to drink hot coffee on an airplane?

Yes, customers can drink it in an airplane as long as they don’t spill any, but they can’t bring it with them in their carryon luggage. They should also not drink iced beverages such as soda and water with hot tabs, though!

Can you drink HotShot while driving?

No, don’t drink Hotshot while driving because they’ll be distracted and won’t know what’s going on. They should also not allow their kids to drink hot beverages as well.

Is HotShot safe to drink?

Yes, customers can drink Hotshot as long as they do it safely. Don’t drink it at night or when they’re going to bed. They should also not drink more than one can of hot beverage per day.

Is it safe to consume HotShot while pregnant?

No, HotShot is not safe to consume while pregnant because of the ingredients. The caffeine in the drink is harmful to their baby’s development, so avoid drinking this beverage while pregnant.

What are free shipping options for HotShot?

HotShot offers free shipping on orders over $25 on a three-month period.

Is it safe to drink hot water while pregnant?

Yes, customers can drink water as long as it’s not hot because the fetus is protected from the temperature.

What is the serving size of HotShot?

A serving size is one cup while drinking HotShot.

Is it safe to drink hot chocolate while pregnant?

It depends on a number of factors and should be consumed in moderation when a woman wants to indulge in a sweet treat during her pregnancy.

How many cups of coffee do you get from one can of HotShot?

One serving of HotShot contains 15 fluid ounces, so people get one cup out of one can.

What is the caffeine content in HotShot?

The caffeine level in the hot beverage is around 66mg per serving and 32mg per six-pack serving.

How many calories in HotShot?

A serving of HotShot contains around 70 calories. The calorie count may vary depending on the serving size.

How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

When it comes to regular coffee, the typical cup contains between 100 and 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost half the amount you get out of one cup of HotShot.

How much caffeine is in Coca-Cola?

A 12-ounce can of Coke has around 35mg of caffeine, and it contains about 124mg per can.

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