What Happened to Hot Mama Gown After Shark Tank?

What is Hot Mama Gowns?

Hot Mama Gowns are maternity gowns that make pregnant women feel both stylish and comfy. With her product, there are now a range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of parents.

Hot Mama Gowns are 100% organic cotton hospital gowns. They are designed to maintain the wearer’s dignity while making breastfeeding simple and inconspicuous.

Hot Mama Gowns was created by Deidrea Haysel. By day, she is a pharmaceutical salesperson, mother, and wife who must manage her company while still caring for her family.

During her postpartum hospital stay after giving birth to her kid, Deidrea Haysel observed this personally.

The hospital gowns that are issued to all patients throughout their stay are unattractive and downright uncomfortable.

Who is the designer of Hot Mama Gowns?

Hot Mama Gowns was founded by Deidrea Haysel. By day, she is a pharmaceutical salesperson, mother, and wife who must manage her company while still caring for her family.

Haysel was inspired while she was in the hospital with her child. The shapeless, medicinally scented, and uncomfortable hospitals gowns made it hard for her to nurse her daughter and made her feel unpleasant during her postpartum stay.

She was forced to wear two robes in order to disguise herself. As soon as he was freed from the hospital, Haysel began producing organic cotton garments.

Frustrated by the scarcity of maternity apparel alternatives, she created Hot Mama Gowns in sizes 2-24 to better accommodate the wide range of women’s body sizes and shapes. She auctioned off her first collection on eBay.

Haysel, who resigned her job and enrolled in business school, found it difficult to transition into a full-time business. For several months, she was unable to break even.

Haysel chose to have a fashion designer create the company’s products to make them more attractive.

What Happened to Hot Mama Gowns at Shark Tank?

Haysel approaches the Shark Tank investors in episode 6 of Season 2 of Hot Mama Gowns on Shark Tank to raise her order size, cut expenses, and aid her in acquiring distribution and bringing her business to the next level through a strategic partnership.

Haysel entered the Shark Tank seeking for $30,000 in return for a 20% stake in Hot Mama Gowns, which worth $150,000.

She displays two models, one in a traditional gown and one in her own design. She begins her presentation by describing her own experience and expressing her passion for the concept, but when the Sharks begin to question the market potential, she has all the answers.

According to Haysel, the maternity clothing market is worth billions of dollars and is increasing at a 12% annual pace. Her own sales, on the other hand, are modest.

She had generated $11,500 in sales in her first two years of company. Daymond John immediately throws her worth into question.

She discloses that she has around $20,000 in supplies and was debt-free. She claims that she sold her gowns without advertising and that retailers are calling her to stock them.

Barbara Corcoran was skeptical, but Haysel was optimistic, noting that she was bound by the need for a distributor.

She hasn’t gone to the Sharks for a simple investment; she’s looking for business connections and distribution channels to help her firm grow.

Robert Herjavec was perplexed as to how she expects to build a marketing program with the funds she has requested.

Kevin O’Leary believes she only has a “idea” rather than a business. He believes that there is a “long road” between having an idea and starting a firm, and he is hesitant to take it. He exits.

Barbara Corcoran was perplexed as to why she hasn’t considered providing a “one-size-fits-all” answer. Haysel points out that she offers a wider range of sizes than the average maternity clothing business.

Daymond John claims that Haysel “has all the answers.” He also exits. Her refusals to reply to questions about the cost of obtaining clients, as well as her stubbornness in arguing with the Sharks, are working against her.

Kevin Harrington believes she is only working “half-time” on the business and wants “full-time money.” “I can’t get over my part-time situation,” he admits. He also went out. Only Barbara Corcoran remained in the room.

Barbara Corcoran was delighted with the sales thus far, but she feels Haysel is too “close-minded,” but she was willing to make a $30,000 bid for 40% equity in the business on the condition that Haysel produce three sizes, small, medium, and large.

Haysel considers a 40% equity stake to be excessive. Haysel quits Shark Tank without a deal as Barbara Corcoran withdraws her offer.


What Happened to Hot Mama Gowns After Shark Tank?

Haysel expressed unhappiness following the Shark Tank episode, but she rejected Corcoran’s offer because she didn’t feel narrowing the size range served the brand’s mission.

Despite her loss on Shark Tank, Haysel continued to grow her company slowly through internet sales and physical locations.

Her price point was reduced from $119 to $69-89 per gown, and Hot Mama Gowns are still available on her website. In 2013, the firm discontinued operations.

Hot Mama Gowns’ Competitors

While there were numerous maternity clothes businesses that specialize on delivering stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive solutions for expecting women, Hot Mama Gowns’ main competitors are Begg Maternity and Tilly’s Maternity.

Hot Mama Gowns’ Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $150,000. Since then, the firm has ceased operations, and so the current net value is unavailable.

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Hot Mama Gown FAQs

What was the target market of Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown was for all ages. They are designed for pregnant women with their own designs and patterns, pre-partum, post-partum, and nursing. They are really useful for mommies who want to deliver at home instead of in the hospital.

Why did Hot Mama Gown close down?

They closed down because they couldn’t find a way to simplify their business model.  They failed on their first business plan, which was getting into a distribution market.

What did Hot Mama Gown does?

Hot Mama Gown’s main goal is to offer unique products for all genders. They sell maternity clothes which are made from organic cotton and are manufactured in the United States.

What was Hot Mama Gown made of?

Hot Mama Gown is made of 100% linen.

How long does it take to make a Hot Mama Gown item?

It takes 2 months for every item to be perfected, so it takes 2 months for every Hot Mama Gown item that’s designed.

What was the cost of Hot Mama Gown?

A one-piece Hot Mama gown, which is the most common type they sell, costs $69 to $89.

What was the best thing about Hot Mama gown?

The fabric used in the making of Hot Mama Gown is organic cotton. They are manufactured in the US, which makes them eco-friendly and locally produced.

What was the return policy of Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown offers free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

What was the best thing about the Hot Mama Gown product?

Hot Mama Gown offers stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive solutions for expecting women.

What kind of Hot Mama Gown item did Hot Mama Gown sell?

Hot Mama Gown offers nursing gowns in different colors and patterns.

How did Hot Mama Gown be wash?

Hot Mama Gown is washable in machine washer and dryer.

What was the shipping cost of Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown is free shipping for all purchases.

Who is a client of Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown serve pregnant women and nursing mothers who want to give their baby a stylish, comfortable and quality clothing.

How long was Hot Mama Gown last when used?

Hot Mama Gown last for approximately 2 years.

What is the main product of Hot Mama Gown?

The main product of Hot Mama Gown is nursing gown.

What were the payment methods accepted by Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown accepts all major credit cards.

What were the advantages of buying from Hot Mama Gown?

Hot Mama Gown offers free shipping with every purchase. They are eco-friendly as they were locally produced and organic cotton is used.

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