What Happened to Hoppy Paws After the Shark Tank?

What is Hoppy paw?

Hoppy Paw, a firm that sells stamping kits that enable parents to create reindeer and bunny footprints for their children’s Christmas presents, will make its Shark Tank debut on December 12, 2014.

Who is the Founder of Hoppy paw?

Hoppy Paws was founded by Trina Barkouras over two decades ago when she constructed an Easter Bunny “paw print trail” for her children.

The route terminated at their Easter baskets after winding its way around the home.

Her neighbours embraced the concept and began inquiring about where they might obtain the materials necessary to create paths for their children.

What Happened Hoppy Paws at the Shark Tank pitch?

Trina opens with an “at home” section in which she discusses her rough upbringing and how Hoppy Paws came to be.

She entered with a goal of $50,000 and a 10% share. This implies a valuation of $500,000 of the Company.

She is resplendent in antlers! She educates the Sharks on the product and distributes samples. Barbara inquires about the powder’s biodegradability, which Trina asserts is the case.

Trina has been in business for less than 90 days! She is prepared with all appropriate packing and merchandise.

Trina adds that she obtained her emancipation at the age of sixteen and has been living alone since then. The initial production run cost $50,000.

Trina said that she picked up the samples the previous day. She has invested a total of $150,000 in everything.

Mark refers to Trina as a BEAST, and he wishes his salesmen has her drive!

Robert like her narrative, but is unsure whether it would sell, and therefore withdraws.

Lori feels Trina is a hero, but is skeptical about the product.

Trina delivers a strong pitch. She assuages Lori’s concerns about the packaging matching those of egg colouring kits and confesses herself smitten with Trina.

Kevin asserts that include a female deer hunter in his portfolio has always been a goal.

If another Shark matches him, he will contribute the first $5000. Mark has decided to make a $5000 contribution.

Barbara inquires and says how much her children liked this sort of activity.

She is prepared to swap $100,000 for a 50% stake in the firm.

Trina enquires about financing purchase orders and Barbara’s willingness to move to 51% – 49%.

Barbara indicates that she will do so if she receives 50% of future recommendations. Trina accepts the invitation!

Barbara accepted a $100,000 contract in exchange for a 49% ownership in the business.

What Happened to Hoppy Paws After the Shark Tank?

Hoppy Paws generated over $1 million in revenue in 2014 and was in the top ten best-selling toys on Amazon. Trina was able to expand Hoppy Paws manufacturing from her garage to a production facility following her appearance on Shark Tank, and she designed a Santa’s Boot print set.

Although Corcoran urged that Barkouras cut the number of product lines on Shark Tank, Hoppy Paws has already introduced a new St. Patrick’s Day stamping kit – the Leprechaun shoe decal pack is $4.99.

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Barbara and Trina were eventually successful in completing their acquisition, despite the company’s major issues.

They were introduced at Target in time for Halloween in 2016. Although Shark Tank aided in sales, this firm never completely took off.

The enterprise ceased operations in February 2019.

What is the Net worth of Hoppy Paws?

She entered with a goal of $50,000 and a 10% share. This implies a valuation of $500,000 of the Company.

After accepting Shark’s offer of a $100,000 contract in exchange for a 49% ownership in the business, Hoppy Paws was revalued at $204,081.63.

Who are the Competitors for Hoppy Paws?

There are no known competitors for Hoppy Paws.

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FAQS of Hoppy Paws

What is Hoppy Paws?

As the company’s name implies, it was founded to generate amusing foot prints for youngsters. It is a product line that utilizes paint to create character footprints in a variety of styles.

Who are the founders?

Trina Barkouras is the founder and CEO of Hoppy Paws.

How much funding did the business require to get started?

Trina stated that she invested $105,000 in the production.

How do you use Hoppy Paws?

This product line employs paint and stencil designs to create character footprints. To adhere the stencil to the floor, one must use packaging tape.

How did Trina get the idea of Hoppy Paws?

She created an Easter bunny “footprint trail” twenty years ago. The route terminated at their Easter baskets after winding its way around the home.

How sales have been?

The business has been doing rather nicely. They sell their items online and through a range of merchants. It features a reasonably high-quality product that is simple to utilize for any youngster.

How much were she paid by the Shark Tank team?

Hoppy Paws received $100,000 in exchange for 49% ownership of the Company.

Did the makers of the product have a difficult childhood?

Trina comes from a chaotic family, which enabled her to launch her business.

What are some of the factors that affect the earnings of Hoppy Paws?

As with any product, demand is heavily impacted by the team’s performance. The firm is working diligently to spread the word about itself so that more people become aware of them.

They are improving their marketing efforts in order to improve their market share in their sector.

What is the total cost to set up this company?

The whole cost of starting the firm from scratch is estimated to be between $15,000 and $25,000.

Can a startup company afford a product like this?

Because the product is both enjoyable and unusual, it might be an excellent fit for a startup.

What are some of the other products this startup has?

Additionally, they sell stamp sets for decorating cookie sheets.

Who is the target audience for Hoppy Paws?

This product is aimed towards children in certain age groups.

The firm does not wish to exclude anyone who wishes to have some fun while having their feet painted. Additionally, they offer a product with unicorns on the package, which was made by an adult enthusiast.

What happened to Hoppy paws after shark tank?

This company’s stakes rose following its appearance on Shark Tank. It was able to increase sales and raise further capital. The product is currently accessible at select stores around the country.

Where is Hoppy Paws located?

The business is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

What was business model for Hoppy Paws?

This company’s business approach is to offer their product both online and in overseas marketplaces. They are working diligently to ensure that they are prepared to ship to every location in the world. Their primary market is the United States.

How did Barbara and Trina get along after the shark tank episode?

At initially, relations between the two ladies were tense. The connection was severed when Trina’s father died unexpectedly after a heart attack.

Why did the deal fall through?

Following the collapse of the agreement, Shark Tank producers invited both ladies to return. Barbara pressed Trina for an increase in equity, which Trina refused.

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