What Happened to HoopMaps After Shark Tank?

What is HoopMaps?

HoopMaps is smartphone software that makes it simple to find pickup basketball games in your area. HoopMaps provides the location of the games, the start time, and who is taking part.

Donte and Dominic Morris are twin brothers who invented HoopMaps because they couldn’t find a casual basketball game. After finishing a three-month coding school, Donte was able to build software.

HoopMaps simplifies the process of finding, joining, and creating basketball games. HoopMaps is an Android and iOS app that allows users to find nearby pickup basketball games.

It provides a list of pickup games as well as information on where the game is, who is playing, and when it is happening.

The location-based software simplifies the process of finding games, sharing them with friends, and meeting new people.

Who is the founder of HoopMaps?

Donte and Dominic Morris, the twin brothers who invented HoopMaps, were looking for a casual basketball game.

After finishing a three-month coding school, Donte was able to build software. The idea for the app came to the two brothers as they were looking for opponents for a pick-up basketball game.

It’s essentially a scheduling tool with a social networking component, allowing users to jump immediately into the game. It’s not difficult to understand.

Within the software, you may create, map, or search for a game. To find a game, launch the app and look for blue-colored games. The orange games have already started.

To begin a game, simply input the date, time, location, and length. You may invite other users using the app or other social networking sites like Facebook.

They have over 10,000 subscribers and are continually growing since their beginning in the spring of 2016. As the program grows in popularity, there are also overseas users. It’s an excellent example of a social planning and networking activity.

What Happened to HoopMaps’ pitch on Shark Tank?

Donte and Dominic Morris anticipate scoring when they pitch HoopMaps, their software that makes it simple to find a pick-up basketball game, in Season 9 Episode 9.

The two graduates of California State University, Sacramento have big goals for their software, and they’re hoping a Shark will help them get there.

Donte and Dominic entered the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in their company, which was worth $2 million.

They explain how the program works and make their pitch before calling Alex and Mark to the stage for a “pickup game.” Alex is unable to make a shot, however, Mark makes two three-pointers.

Kevin was instinctively drawn to numbers. They’ve had 50,000 downloads but have no paying clients. The bulk of users are from New York City, and around 10,000 people use the app on a daily basis.

When Alex expresses questions about their valuation, Donte says that it is based on their app’s domination of Google search. The main goal is to charge $8.99 a month for a premium service that will allow clients to find more games.

Barbara asks how they plan to monetize if the premium service fails, and the answer was advertising.

Lori believes she isn’t athletic, and she is the first Shark to exits. Kevin feels they were winging it when it comes to what works, thus he also exits.

Barbara sees no way to recuperate her losses and chooses to leave the business. Alex feels the firm was too little to invest in, therefore he also went out.

Mark was the final Shark to exits because he was opposed to the subscription model. Finally, the twins walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to HoopMaps After Shark Tank?

Appearing on international television shows such as Shark Tank and Sports Center gave HoopMaps a number of alternatives. The app drew 90,000 users from 11 countries other than the United States.

Mark helped them out by introducing them to Big3, an Ice Cube-founded 3 on 3 basketball league. They were also featured on Sports Center.

The brothers were able to collaborate with top-tier firms, establishing trustworthy and long-term economic partnerships.

The company is still “open” as of June 2021; however, the app is no longer functional. When downloaded it, it just displayed the logo for around thirty seconds before shutting off. The app appears to be no longer accessible.

Competitors of HoopMaps

HoopMaps’ main competitors include Vanta, Wilson Connected Basketball, and MatchUp.

HoopMaps’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $2 million during and after the pitch, but the company is no longer in business and hence the company net worth is unknown.

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HoopMaps FAQs

How do you make money?

They charge $8.99 a month for premium services. The premium service allows users to search in larger areas and find more games.

Who was the founder of HoopMaps?

Donte and Dominic Morris were the twin brothers who invented HoopMaps, which is an app that makes it simple to find a pick-up basketball game in your area.

Where was the headquarters located?

HoopMaps was based in California.

How did HoopMaps work?

The HoopMaps team advertised the app as an “all-time basketball fan can make his or her own basketball game.”

In addition, users have the ability to add in friends, assist them in their pickup games, and share their own games with others. The app is one of the most simple and efficient ways to find pickup games in your area.

How long was HoopMaps active?

HoopMaps was active for about three years and was estimated to have over 10,000 users.

Was HoopMaps a subscription plan?

Yes, the owners decided to go with a subscription plan for $8.99 a month, although the business is no longer operational.

How was the business model of HoopMaps?

HoopMaps’ business model was very simple, allowing users to search for games in their area and invite their friends or others. When Alex and Mark arrived, the brothers explained how it works.

Was HoopMaps a scam?

Absolutely not. HoopMaps was a legitimate business, although it is now defunct.

Was HoopMaps free?

No, the app cost $8.99 a month, but HoopMaps is no longer in business.

How did HoopMaps make money?

HoopMaps made money through the sale of their premium service, which enabled users to access more information about games in their area and search for other players who might be interested in your game.

Where can I find the app?

Users can find the app on Google Play Store and iTunes. It was open for download throughout most major countries around the world and allows users to find pickup basketball games through their smartphone or tablet.

What were the payment methods accepted by HoopMaps?

HoopMaps took Bitcoin and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How did you use HoopMaps?

HoopMaps’s app could be downloaded via a smartphone or tablet device.

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