What Happened to Hire Santa After Shark Tank?

What is Hire Santa?

Hire Santa is a company that enables clients to simply find a professional and insured Santa. Before hiring any Santa, they are thoroughly vetted to guarantee that they are, in fact, professionals.

Hire Santa was the brainchild of Mitchell Allen. Prior to launching Hire Santa, Mitch was a Partner at Lead Rival and the Chairman of the Debt Education and Certification Foundation (a position he still holds). Mitch is the CEO of Hire Santa (Head Elf) and also runs other businesses.

Their beard is also scrutinized to ensure its genuineness. The website also provides other comparable services, such as arranging for Santa to appear in advertising or malls to encourage shoppers with his friendly demeanor.

Who is the founder Hire Santa?

Hire Santa was launched in 2012 by Mitchell Allen. Allen, a professional Santa for Hire, founded the business around six years ago. Hire Santa is a professional Santa directory that clients may use when they require a Santa for a special event.

Allen meticulously vets his Santas. Each Santa has undergone a background check and is insured. Clients pay a set-up fee to find the right Santa, but there is no fee for Santas to join the Hire Santa team.

Customers include shopping malls, Christmas parades, company or home parties, and advertising specialists. Hire Santa Santas are highly trained professionals with authentic beards.

Playing Santa is a lucrative business. Santas at shopping malls are paid $30-$75 per hour, whereas private events pay $150-$300 per hour. One Santa demanded $500 per hour for appearances on Christmas Day.

Professional Santas spend an average of $1000 on their costumes, and many of them attend Santa School. A skilled professional Santa makes over $7000 throughout the holiday season, with some making more than $15,000.

To use Hire Santa, first fill out a form on their website. Then you’re partnered with a Santa, who has the option of accepting or declining the assignment.

Santa is hired and paid directly by the consumer. The company has put Santas all around the world! The firm’s website provides everything you need to dress up as Santa, in addition to delivering Santa for an event.

There are Santa outfits, boots, beards, and accessories available. There are also Santa’s helpers, Mrs. Santa, reindeer, snowman, and bunny clothes available. Every year, Allen’s firm earns around $100,000 in revenue.

What Happened to Hire Santa pitch on Shark Tank?

Mitch Allen brings some Christmas cheer to the Tank in episode 7 of Season 10 as he pitches Hire Santa, the 2018 Shark Tank Holiday Special, to the Sharks to help him make more holiday money.

Mitch entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking for $200,000 for a 10% stake in his firm, which worth $2 million.

He comes around twenty Santas, and the mood was upbeat until it’s time to pitch. He tells the Sharks that he’ll make roughly $550,000 this year based on $1.2 million in sales.

A big chunk of his money came from a deal he signed with a “huge outdoor retailer.” While the Sharks are in a festive mood, they aren’t much interested in business. Lori dislikes the seasons and prefers to spend her time outside.

Mark isn’t interested in what he thinks is a staffing agency, so he’s out. Barbara argues that it only makes money for a limited period of time, so she goes out as well.

Kevin decides to make a $200,000 offer for 50% ownership shares utilizing his “something great platform” database.

Mitch attempts to respond, but Kevin remains unimpressed. Daymond attempts to interfere, but Barbara returns and offers $200,000 for 50% equity shares until she has her money back, at which time she reduces to 10% equity shares.

Mitch concurs, and Santa looks to be having a Merry Christmas! Finally, the pitch resulted in a deal.

What Happened to Santa Hire After Shark Tank?

After the program aired, “Hire Santa has signed multiple large clients as a result of participating on the show,” according to the company website. Barbara’s transaction was completed.

In addition, the company is working with other Shark Tank graduates to “help bring the Season to life in new and unique ways.” Santa makes his way back to the Tank for Season 11’s Holiday Special, where we’ll get an update on the situation.

Mitch, Barbara, and a swarm of Santas visit Bloomingdale’s in New York in the latest episode. The firm will offer Santas for the main New York site.

Barbara and Mitch meet with a store executive to “close the deal,” then observe Santa auditions. In 2018, Mitch reported $1.4 million in sales.

Mitch utilized Barbara’s money to hire marketing staff and to form agreements with Great Wolf Lodge and others. He also made amends with Barbara.

Since pandemic-related lockdowns destroyed retail Santa displays in most regions, demand for Santa outweighed supply in 2020. Hire Santa advertised a Zoom visit with Santa for $49, which is much cheaper than Santa’s regular hourly rate.

They also have pre-recorded video messages available. Their website says that they wish to keep that service, so they have another revenue stream!

They’re still in business in 2021, and Santas around the country are eager to get back to work for Christmas 2021.

Hire Santa’s Competitors

In the market, the firm has a slew of competitors. Santa Speaking, rokokomedia.com, R.T. Clown, Santa Claus, Warble Entertainment Agency, Perfect Parties USA, and Actors Access are some of them.

Hire Santa’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million; following Barbara’s investment, the company was valued at $400,000.

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Hire Santa FAQs

What’s the minimum number of Santas needed for a party?

The minimum is one. The firm states that each Santa costs between $5,000 and $7,000 per event.

How many Santas can be hired at the same time?

As many as sixteen- that’s four Santas to a group, per party. They can work during different times or hours.

What else can I do with Hire Santa?

Hire Santa offers a number of Christmas items and accessories, including Christmas wreaths, candy canes, digital cards, gifts that keep on giving, truffles and chocolates, and so much more!

How much does it cost to hire a Santa?

The price for one hour is between $135 and $175, which includes travel fees. The fees are determined by the distance from the event to the nearest location where a Santa is working at that moment.

What are the deadlines for calling a Santa?

The last call for response is made 48 hours before the event. The fee for working at an event is $135 per hour.

Will there be enough Santas near my location?

The firm gives priority to Christmas-related events, so it’s very likely there will be enough Santas near the location. If they don’t have a Santa available within a reasonable distance, they’ll consider working with one of their preferred vendors to find them a nearby Santa.

Can I book Santa for the whole day or week?

Yes, the fee for hiring Santa for an entire day is $650.

Is Hire Santa a full-service agency?

Yes. If customers choose to be assisted by an event coordinator, they’ll take care of everything, from finding a nearby Santa to making sure every detail is covered. This service has a fee of $200 per hour.

What is the cancellation fee?

If customers cancel their booking within 48 hours, they’ll be charged $135.

What is needed to hire a Santa?

The firm requires the location, date and time of the event, plus a space which is at least 25 feet by 30 feet in dimensions and must have a hard floor (preferably concrete).

What if I have problems with my wife or wife-in-law while I am with the Santa?

The firm doesn’t allow customers to bring their partner (husband, wife, or wife-in-law) and they charge $100 in case of an incident.

What happens if there’s a fee increase?

The firm is willing to update prices as needed. If an increase is, however, required due to significant changes in the market and demand, customers will be notified with a minimum of seven days’ notice.

How can I check for last-minute discounts?

Visit their website frequently for the latest deals!

How do I make payment to Hire Santa?

Several options are available, but the most common payment is cash. The firm accepts money orders, checks, and other forms of payment.

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