What Happened to Heidi Ho after Shark Tank?

What is Heidi Ho?

Heidi Ho is a vegan cheese substitute. Heidi Lovig, a gourmet entrepreneur, created the product to remedy a perceived problem with vegan cheese products.

Since its inception in 2011, when Lovig and partner Lyssa Story learned they weren’t the only vegans dissatisfied with the market’s alternative cheese options, Heidi Ho’s popularity has expanded dramatically.

Heidi Ho is also free of gluten, soy, and corn. Chia seeds and hazelnuts are used in a purée that may also include red potatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, onions, and cashews.

Who is the originator of Heidi Ho?

Heidi Ho was developed in response to a need for vegan cheese that culinary expert Heidi Lovig sought to fill. Heidi Ho has been available in the nation’s major retail establishments since its launch in 2011.

Lovig discovered that they were not the only vegans who were disappointed with the substitute cheese choices on the market.

As a result, Vegan Cheese was revived and flavorfully resurrected. Lovig is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who honed her vegan cooking skills in Hawaii.

She is a great believer in using locally sourced, sustainable, organic foods, including Heidi Ho cheese, in her cooking.

When she was employed as a vegan consultant at a restaurant in the Portland area, she came up with the concept of vegan cheese.

The cheese options were high in carbohydrates and oil, and they were also unpleasant.

She set out to create delicious all-natural vegan cheeses. Heidi Ho established the Heidi Ho cheese line as a result, which includes Chia Cheese Sauce, Spicy Chia Cheese, Feta Crumbles, Smoked Gouda, and Monterrey Jack.

All Heidi Ho cheeses are free of soy, gluten, dairy, and corn. They are suitable for vegans, lactose-sensitive people, and gluten-free people.

Heidi Ho cheeses are now available in a few Whole Foods locations in the western United States, as well as other independent health and natural food stores.

What happened to Heidi Ho’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Heidi, like any other entrepreneur, hoped for Shark Tank investors to help with distribution and funding to fuel expansion.

Heidi entered the Shark Tank $125,000 for a 20% stake in her business, which is worth $625,000. She speaks on the subject of authentic cheese. Heidi reveals the Heidi Ho and tells how she prepares it. She gives out some samples, which the Sharks like.

Lori asks Heidi where she buys it, and Heidi says that it is part of her Whole Foods strategy. Heidi has made $140,000 in sales in the last year. Heidi is on the point of exploding and needs the help of a Shark.

She illustrates how she changed her diet after being an obese child as child. Robert wonders why it isn’t a vegan product. Kevin and Mark both enjoy real cheese.

Lori is so taken with it that she offers $125,000 for 30% ownership of the company, which is valued at $416,667, and says she would help with packaging.

Kevin departs, but Lori advises Heidi that she may listen to other propositions at her own risk. Meanwhile, Mark, Barbara, and Robert back out of the deal.

Finally, Heidi accepted Lori’s offer of $125,000 in return for 30% equity shares, bringing the deal to a close.

Heidi Ho After Shark Tank: What Happened?

Following the pitch celebration, the deal with Lori was finally finished. Heidi Ho dramatically extended her retail distribution. Consumers feel thrilled after trying the product for the first time.

Heidi Ho made $140,000 in sales in the 12 months leading up to her appearance on Shark Tank.

In the four months since the show aired, sales had risen to $750,000. Lori emerges when Heidi is filmed doing an in-store presentation.

Lori admires Heidi’s social conscience and works ethic, and the products are now available in 500+ Whole Foods Market locations.

Heidi expanded the collection with Beer Cheese, Smoky Bourbon Dip, and Queso. She gets her cheese from Costco in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition, the company creates private-label merchandise. Blue Horizon, a firm that invests in plant-based food businesses, as well as a number of other Shark Tank startups, invested in the company in an undisclosed amount.

The company is still in business in 2021, with annual revenues of $5 million.

Heidi Ho’s competitors

Heidi Ho’s main rivals are The Nutrition Group, SAGE, Ter Beke, and Ben & Jerry’s.

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Heidi Ho’s net worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $625,000, since then the company has had an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Heidi Ho FAQs

What is Heidi Ho?

Heidi Ho is a vegan cheese company, run by vegan entrepreneur Heidi Lovig. The company was launched to provide an improved non-dairy cheese alternative to vegans, lactose-intolerant individuals, and those with gluten allergies. Its products are also allergen-free and free of corn and soy.

Who is Heidi?

Heidi Lovig is the founder of Heidi Ho. She is also a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and has been a vegan for over two decades.

Where can I buy Heidi Ho?

Customers can purchase the products that are available at 1,500 retail locations, including several Whole Foods stores in California, Oregon, and Washington. They can also purchase the product online via Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Pantry. It’s also available via eBay and Vitacost.

Is Heidi Ho vegan-free?

The company is vegan, so it is suitable for those who are vegan, lactose-intolerant people and those with gluten allergies.

Is Heidi Ho gluten-free?

The company is gluten-free and also suitable for people who are lactose-intolerant.

What products are available?

Heidi Ho has a wide selection of products, including their original Chia Cheese Sauce and their Smoky Bourbon Dip. They also have Heidi Ho Spicy Chia Cheese and Heidi Ho Feta Crumbles. They can purchase the products at charity shops, local flatbread restaurants, and grocery stores.

What are the ingredients of Heidi Ho?

The ingredients of Heidi Ho Chia Cheese Sauce are water, organic soybeans, organic rice flour, salt and yeast extract. The ingredients of Heidi Ho Smoky Bourbon Dip are water, organic soybeans, organic rice flour, salt and yeast extract.

Heidi Ho’s product is made from natural sources and without preservatives. The company is also certified by the Vegan Certification Program (VCP) as well as the Non-GMO Project Verified.

How many flavors are there in Heidi Ho?

Heidi Ho’s product is made from natural sources and without preservatives. All of the flavors come in an eight-ounce glass jar and can be purchased online at Amazon.

Does Heidi Ho have a side effect?

The company is suitable for vegans, lactose-intolerant people and those with gluten allergies. Therefore, it is unlikely to have any side effects.

Does Heidi Ho contain milk?

They do not contain dairy products. They are also free from corn, soy and nuts. Their product is also certified by the Non-GMO Project Verified and the Vegan Certification Program (VCP).

Is Heidi Ho made in California?

The company is based in Seattle, Washington.

How many calories are there in Heidi Ho?

Heidi Ho’s product is made from natural sources and without preservatives. Their product is suitable for vegans, lactose-intolerant people, and those with gluten allergies.

The company is also gluten-free. Each serving of the Chia Cheese Sauce contains 80 calories, while the Smoky Bourbon Dip contains 90 calories. Each serving also contains 8g of fat and 1g of dietary fiber.

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