What Happened to Guardian Bikes After the Shark Tank pitch?

What is Guardian Bikes?

Guardian Bikes is a cutting-edge and safe braking system that protects bicycles from major accidents.

SureStop technology has been demonstrated to be both safe and beneficial for both children and adults riding bicycles. The company created a brake system that is fitted on their bikes to prevent wheel lock and falls over the handlebar.

Other ergonomic design elements add to their ability to keep passengers safe.

Who is the Founder of Guardian Bikes?

Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen created the patented SureStop braking system after the founders’ grandfather was wounded in a bicycle accident.

To reduce brake-related accidents, the SureStop braking system uses one lever rather than two, and it works by first applying brakes to the rear wheels and then dynamically applying it to the front wheels.

Guardian Bikes, located in Irvine, California, was founded in 2015 with the objective of developing safe bicycles for children aged six to twelve, using their proprietary SureStop braking system.

What Happened to Guardian Bikes at the Shark Tank Pitch?

There are three different models to pick from. A twenty-inch single-speed bike costs $319. A twenty-inch six-speed bike costs $399, while a twenty-four-inch seven-speed bike costs $419.

All versions include the SureStop braking system, which is “99 percent assembled.”

Brian and Kyle are searching for $500,000 in exchange for a 10% ownership in their firm.

They tell the Sharks their story and show them how the braking system works.

Mr. Wonderful is perplexed as to why they chose to manufacture bikes rather than simply license the technology. Chris Sacca enjoys it.

Barbara is the first Shark to go, believing that they require a great seller.

Kevin offers $500,000 in return for a 20% stake in the company if they cease producing motorcycles.

When Brian and Kyle’s attention is drawn to the other Sharks, Kevin departs.

Chris and Lori are the next people to show up.

Mark makes a $500,000 offer with three conditions: the technology must be unique, sales objectives must be met, and an in-house public relations professional must be hired. They both agree!

What Happened to Guardian Bikes After the Shark Tank pitch?

The Guardian Bikes appeared to be in excellent condition. Guardian Bikes now has a considerably greater internet presence as a result of Mark Cuban’s financial investment and the appointment of a public relations professional.

Guardian’s aims were met when the arrangement with Mark was concluded.

As of May 2021, the company is open for business and doing well.

They have not yet entered the adult bicycle market. The yearly income is expected to be around $1 million.

What is the Net Worth of Guardian Bikes?

During the Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes valued their company at $5,000,000 and accepted a $500,000 offer for 15% ownership. This raises the total worth to $3.3 million.

Who are the Competitors of Guardian Bikes?

In the realm of children’s bicycling safety, there are two rivals.

The creators of the Bicycle Anti-Panic Device and the Torker Bicycle Brake will compete against the Guardian Bikes.

The Bicycle Anti-Panic Device can be attached to any bike, and when a rider is ready to crash, they may touch a button on it, and it will slow down and lessen suffering in an impending accident thanks to its automated braking mechanism.

Guardian Bikes FAQS

Is Guardian Bikes really safer than traditional bicycle safety devices?

Yes, their technology is far superior to that of other bicycle safety equipment.

Are they different from other children’s safety devices?

They are identical to adult-sized bikes on the market, but Guardian Bikes have Sure Stop technology as an added safety feature.

This novel brake system is a game changer in braking technology, preventing wheel lock and falls.

Who is their main investors?

Mark Cuban has already agreed to invest in them.

Where can they buy Guardian Bikes?

They are available for purchase on their official website, www.guardianbike.com.

Where can they contact Guardian Bikes?

Guardian Bikes may be reached by email at [email protected] or by visiting their website at www.guardianbike.com. They may also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s the strongest bike in Guardian Bikes?

Because of its bigger wheels and stronger chassis, it is the twelve-speed model.

Do they have any distributors?

They exclusively sell their bikes on their website and on Amazon because they feel they can deliver a better experience for their customers.

They developed RideSizer, a tool on their website that assists parents in picking the correct size.

Is it possible to put training wheels on the bikes?

Their 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch bikes don’t have a long enough back axle to fit standard training wheels.

Because they believe there is a better and faster method to teach children to ride a bike, their bikes were designed to not work with standard training wheels.

Do they sell adult bikes?

They are now only focused on selling children’s bicycles.

Is it possible to put fenders on the bike?

The vast majority of fenders will not fit their bikes. This is because all of their motorcycles feature “micro brakes.” By using little brakes, they may use a brake lever that is easier for their child’s hands to reach.

Is there a kickstand on the bikes?

Yes, all of their bicycles include a high-quality aluminium kickstand.

Are Guardian bikes successful?

Guardian bikes are already a success, and they’re on the rise. Their yearly income is anticipated to be $1,000,000.

Are they manufactured in the USA?

All of their items are created in the United States. This lowers delivery costs while improving product quality.

Are Guardian bikes available in Canada?

Yes, Amazon Canada sells the Guardian bike. Go to www.guardianbike.com to learn more.

Is the SureStop braking system really better than hand brakes?

Yes! The SureStop, which is engaged by a foot-operated lever under the seat, allows Guardian Bikes to come to a complete stop in 4 feet.

Do Guardian bikes have pedal brakes?

Yes, all Guardian motorcycles are equipped with pedal brakes.

Does the SureStop technology have potential to be applied to adult bikes?

Yes, with additional improvement, Guardian Bikes will be able to deliver safer adult bikes.

Who founded Guardian Bikes?

Guardian Bikes was founded by Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen.

Is it possible for me to return the bike quickly?

Unquestionably! Even though 98 percent of their customers keep the bike, they accept returns up to 100 days after purchase.

If they need to return the bike, they’ll provide them packing instructions and arrange for FedEx to pick it up from their house.

Any returns are the responsibility of Guardian Bikes.

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