What Happened to Goumikids After Shark Tank?

What is Goumikids?

Goumikids is a company that offers appealing, functional, and long-lasting baby products. Linsey and Lili founded the firm.

Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo worked for huge corporations in the fashion and clothing industries before deciding to start their own company, Goumikids.

Goumikids, which specializes in infant and newborn clothing and accessories, produces mittens, booties, and sleepers with a two-part closure.

This holds the goods on the newborn safely and securely, avoiding clawing or heat loss from their extremities. The fastening also prevents the garment from coming off accidently, allowing it to be used as a blanket.

The goods are easily machined washable, dryable, and reusable.

The creators developed each item with their intended clients in mind, ensuring that it is both appealing and practical.

Who is Goumikids’ originator?

Lindsey and Lili, both from Portland, are the developers of Goumikids, which they created in 2012 for a personal reason. The firm creates clothing and nursery items with the goal of use and sustainability in mind.

Lily and Linsey, two new mothers, were sitting at the kitchen table, talking about baby stuff. They want clothes that are stylish, functional, and long-lasting.

They couldn’t find anything that satisfied all three of their requirements, so they decided to make their own.

They launched Goumikids in 2010 with the goal of conquering the world of newborn fashion. Along the way, they developed altruism.

A NICU nurse contacted them and asked them to put their baby gloves through their paces to help prevent unintended estuations in premature neonates.

The gloves eliminated the problem by 84%! The March of Dimes currently provides mittens to NICUs worldwide. So far, they’ve distributed over 12,500 pairs of mittens and boots to newborns in need.

They sell a wide range of items, including booties and mittens, onesies, hats, sleepers, gowns, and more.

Their tops all have gloves built-in, and their bottoms have reinforced knees. They are pleased that their clothing is “organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.”

The company operates a well-stocked Amazon Store and sells baby clothes in hundreds of mom-and-pop baby stores around the country.

What Happened to Goumikids during their pitch on Shark Tank?

Linsey and Lili chose to present their product to the Sharks in episode 17 of Season 11 of Goumikids on Shark Tank in order to assist them advance to the next level with large box distribution.

Linsey and Lili entered the Shark Tank seeking for $1 million for an 8% ownership in their firm, which worth $12.5 million.

They convey their story and offer examples. They expected $2.5 million in sales in 2019 and $5.8 million in total lifetime sales.

The Sharks are all dissatisfied with the pricing and are concerned about the company’s future.

Linsey and Lilli indicate a desire for a higher price for a higher quality product, but Mark, Lori, and Barbara exit.

Daymond offers $1 million in return for a 30% stake in the firm. Kevin provides a $1 million loan at 9% interest for 24 months, as well as a 10% share in the firm.

They want a Shark, even though they have a lower-interest loan that they haven’t drawn on, so they accept and leave the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Goumikids After Shark Tank?

After completing the deal with Kevin during the pitch, it never materialized.

Despite the fact that this episode aired during the Covid-19 epidemic, sales climbed after it aired. They are unaffected by a reduction in physical store visitors because they earn 90% of their sales online.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to the Covid-19 relief efforts. The company’s yearly revenue is expected to exceed $900,000 by December 2021.

Goumikids’ Competitors

Buzz Vertical, Summit Semiconductor, DICIA, PacificEast, and KRYPTIQ are the Goumikids’ main opponents.

Goumikids Net Worth

During the pitch, the business’s valuation was $12.5 million; since then, the company has been performing well in sales, with yearly revenue of more than $900,000 in 2021.

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Goumikids FAQs

What are the Goumikids products?

The company sells baby clothes, sleepers, hats, booties, mittens, and more.

What is Goumikids made of?

Goumikids products are made of anti-microbial material (40% bamboo, 60% cotton), and the items are machine washable and dryable.

How long do they stay in business?

Goumikids’ business model is designed to be sustainable, never short on cash flow, and long-lived.

Where is Goumikids located?

Goumikids is located in Portland, Oregon.

Are Goumikids durable?

Yes, their products are incredibly durable.

How can I buy from Goumikids?

Buyers can order from their Amazon Store and purchase directly from their official website.

Is Goumikids recycling?

Yes, the products are made from recycled material.

How can I donate to Goumikids?

Goumikids has helped many babies all over the world by offering their products, which is a wonderful thing! One can make donations by way of shopping at Amazon and by visiting the company’s website or donating through PayPal.

What is the return policy of Goumikids?

Goumikids are designed for one-time use, but if customers find that their baby has outgrown their little outfit or mittens, they can contact them for a return or exchange.

Can I personalize my Goumikids products?

No, their items aren’t personalized. They just prefer to keep things simple and functional.

Do Goumikids ship internationally?

Yes, they do ship internationally.

What is the cost of Goumikids?

Goumikids offer products at a fair price.

Can Goumikids be washed?

Yes, people can wash their items in the machine with cold water, and then line dries them. By doing this, they won’t shrink or lose their shape.

How do the prices on Goumikids compare to other competitors?

Goumikids’ product is their main goal and they achieve that goal by making their products quickly and often. They can afford to trim costs in order to keep prices low, so they are able to stock inventory in bulk and pass the savings along to customers.

How do I make payment to Goumikids?

To make payment to Goumikids, customers can use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Do Goumikids have specialty items?

The company sells many different products and they offer more than just baby clothes.

Where can I buy from Goumikids?

Goumikids products are available on Amazon.com, on the official website, and all over the internet for online shopping and outside sales of their goods.

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