What Happened to Gotta Have S’more after Shark Tank?

What is Gotta Have S’more?

Gotta Have S’more is a company established in Los Angeles that makes S’Muffins. S’muffins are muffins that taste like S’mores, a classic treat made of graham crackers, chocolate, and melted marshmallows.

These S’muffins include a graham cracker crust, a dark chocolate coating, and toasted marshmallows on top.

The best time to eat S’Muffins was while they were still warm (about 5 to 8 seconds in the microwave). Gotta Have S’more was created by Carmen Lindner.

Who is the founder of Gotta Have S’more?

Carmen Lindner, the founder of Gotta Have S’more, had a successful career as an advertising sales executive before being laid off in 2008 owing to the economic downturn.

She was given a generous redundancy package, but her thoughts instantly wandered to the potential of starting her own business in an area about which she was even more passionate.

Carmen had spent years on her family experimenting with the perennial campfire favorite, the S’more, and had created her own version of the traditional delicacy over the years.

Her S’more was named the S’Muffins, and it had all of the parts of a S’more but was wrapped in a wonderful double chocolate muffin.

Carmen attended the Los Angeles Mixer in 2009, a business conference and networking event that provided entrepreneurs with the opportunity to interact and network with other business owners.

She cooked 1,500 S’Muffins for the Mixer, expecting them to be more than enough for the event’s 3,000 attendees, but the sweet sweets’ popularity astonished even her.

Carmen started the Gotta Have S’more Company in 2010 by making S’Muffins in her own kitchen. Carmen had meant to target corporate clients for large bulk sales, but customers who sampled S’Muffins kept coming back for more.

What Happened to Gotta Have S’more at Shark Tank pitch?

Carmen Lindner appeared on Shark Tank episode 416, asking for $75,000 in exchange for a 25% ownership in her company, Gotta Have S’more, which worth $300,000.

S’Muffins, her product, was presented to the Sharks. She hand out samples of her freshly made dark chocolate, caramel, and milk chocolate confections.

Kevin O’Leary was all business, even with a mouthful of delectable bliss. He inquires about sales, to which Lindner responds that she has earned $250,000 in the Los Angeles region in two and a half years.

Her end-of-year forecast is $165,000. She has gotten access to various bakeries and wineries in the region. O’Leary’s cargo costs $54 despite a cost of $9.95 per dozen and a sale price of $29.95 per dozen, prompting him to yell, “Stop the madness!”

On the subject of shipping costs, the Sharks crack a joke. Kevin O’Leary wonders, “If he’s the only one who thinks that’s insane?” That is, they could either FedEx these across the country or enroll their child in college.” He’s already gone.

To economize on transportation expenses, Mark Cuban believes she should continue to sell her Gotta Have S’more in the local Los Angeles market. “They’re so obsessed with S’Muffins that they can’t tell the difference between the dollars and the marshmallows. He’s out.

Robert Herjavec agreed with him. He did not believe he was necessary to convey the item and believes she was putting herself in an unnecessarily unpleasant predicament. He departed. Daymond John quickly follows suit, which is also exciting.

Barbara Corcoran said that the S’Muffins did not “taste like S’more.” Lindner exits the Shark Tank without a deal when the last Shark exits.

What Happened to Gotta Have S’more After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that Lindner was not a Shark, her customers continue to appreciate Gotta Have S’more. She was able to cut her shipping costs after appearing on Shark Tank and negotiating better deals.

She now sells holiday-themed S’Muffins as well as personalized muffins with the option of adding a logo to the top of each treat.

While the Sharks may not have a sweet tooth for Gotta Have S’more, the company thrives even without a Shark relationship.

Carmen is still in charge of the company, which has$5 million yearly revenue as of August 2021.

The company website was offline as of January 2022, and it looks that the firm may have gone out of business.

Competitors of Gotta Have S’more

Marshmallow Stuffing Company is a competitor of S’mores that sells similar items.

Net Worth of Gotta Have S’more

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $300,000. Since then, the company’s net worth must have surpassed that of pitch.

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Gotta Have S’more FAQs

What is Gotta Have S’more?

Gotta Have S’more is a company established in Los Angeles that makes S’muffins. S’muffins are muffins that taste like S’mores, a classic treat made of graham crackers, chocolate, and melted marshmallows.

Who is the founder?

Carmen Lindner founded Gotta Have S’more.

How much was seeking on Shark Tank?

Carmen was looking for $75,000 for a 25% stake in her firm, Gotta Have S’more, which was worth $300,000.

Carmen, did you get the deal?

She did not strike a deal with the Sharks on Shark Tank.

Is Gotta Have S’more still in operation?

Since January 2022, the company’s website has been unavailable. It may have gone out of business.

Where can I find Gotta Have S’more?

The headquarters of the corporation are in Los Angeles, California.

What is the S’muffins like to eat?

The S’Muffins comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or both. They have layers of brownie chunks and marshmallows and are made with a double chocolate muffin shell.

How much does it cost?

The S’Muffins is $29.95 for a dozen.

Is Gotta Have S’more available for shipping?

Yes, the firm ships nationally; nevertheless, she should attempt to introduce the product to other places where bakeries and wineries are more accessible.

How much does Gotta Have S’more delivery cost?

Carmen hopes to sell the product for $54 to the Shark Tank Sharks. But it would be prohibitively expensive because she would have to ship the product all over the United States.

What are Gotta Have S’more ingredients?

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and gooey caramel-flavored marshmallows are among the ingredients in Gotta Have S’more.

What are Gotta Have S’more sales?

As of August 2021, Gotta Have S’more has yearly revenues of $5 million.

Is it possible to cancel my Gotta Have S’mores order?

Yes, a customer can cancel an order at any time of day.

What exactly is the Gotta Have S’mores product?

It’s a muffin with chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow filling.

Is Gotta Have S’more good?

According to the majority of the product’s consumers, the product was excellent.

How can I make a payment for Gotta Have S’more?

Customers can pay with a credit or debit card.

What exactly is the Gotta Have S’more corporate website?

The company’s website is www.gotahavesmore.com; however it has been unavailable since January 2022.

Is gluten included in Gotta Have S’more?

Gluten is present in Gotta Have S’more goods.

Is Gotta Have S’more a vegan product?

Because it contains marshmallows, the product is vegan.

Is Gotta Have S’more kosher?

The product is not kosher because to the marshmallow component.

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