What Happened to Go Oats After the Shark Tank pitch?

What is Go Oats?

Go Oats are a delicious combination of oats and milk that has been carefully sweetened and rounded into ready-to-eat bites that can be consumed at any time of day.

Go Oats are made with all-natural components such as milk, cane sugar, sweet cream butter, and natural flavours.

Because they include no added preservatives, they are popular with clients of all ages.

Who Founded Go Oats?

Go Oats was designed by Nahum Jeannot, the former head chef. Nahum is still at the helm of Go Oats, working tirelessly to establish the firm as a national brand.

Nahum ate oats for breakfast nearly every day of his childhood.

He’s a gourmet at heart, having graduated from Walnut Hill College’s Restaurant School in Philadelphia in 2011 and worked in a number of positions as a cook.

In 2015, he made his first oatmeal balls while working as a cook at a Hyatt Regency hotel.

He wanted a fun finger breakfast meal, so he looked to his all-time favourite breakfast cuisine for inspiration.

He felt he’d hit on something spectacular, so he spent the next few years creating the product in a commercial kitchen.

The four flavours available are blueberry, maple brown sugar, cran-walnut, and cinnamon.

He sells Go Oats in over 60 Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest and East Coast.

He also sells in Heinen’s markets and on Amazon.

Jeannot just took first place in SCORE DC’s Perfect Product Pitch 2020 competition.

For two years, he was trained by the group, and he credits the experience with helping him establish his company. People appreciate the product, which has gotten several favorable reviews.

Jeannot is now asking for Sharks help to take Go Oats to the next level.

What Happened to Go Oats at the Shark Tank pitch?

Nahum comes to Shark Tank with a $150,000 offer for a 10% share in his firm.

He tells his story and makes his proposition.

When the Sharks sample the oats, they like them.

In 2017, sales were barely $13,000. In 2018, they were $57,000. By 2019, he was earning between $54,000 and $57,000.

He sells them in stores for $2.66, creates them for $1.35, and sells them for $4.99 at retail. According to Mark, this is inadequate.

Barbara shows her interest in making a proposal.

Barbara makes a 25% offer of $150,000.00.

If she sells, she’ll help him get into the big box stores. Nahum is open to hearing different suggestions.

Barbara says she’ll consider a counter-offer.

He asks if she’ll bring another Shark in, and she says emphatically “no.” Barbara presents a 20% compromise, but Nahum responds with 15%.

They finish the deal.

What Happened to Go Oats After the Shark Tank pitch?

Barbara’s deal was never finalized.

As of July 2021, the products will be sold nationwide at Costco, Whole Foods, Dawson’s, Gelson’s, Sprouts, and Heinan’s.

Online sales will be paused for the summer and restart after Labour Day in 2021, according to the website. The company’s yearly revenue might approach $1.2 million.

What is the net worth of Go Oats?

Go Oats secured a contract on Shark Tank worth $750,000 for his company.

Who are the Competitors of Go Oats?

There are no competitors identified for Go Oats.

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Go Oats FAQS

Is Go Oats healthy?

Go Oats are both nutritious and tasty. They include fibre, calcium, antioxidants, and protein.

Who is the Go Oats Founder?

Nahum Jeannot, a former head chef, designed Go Oats.

On October 23, 2020, Go Oats debuted on Shark Tank. Nahum Jeannot, the company’s founder, struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake.

Where is go Oats located?

Go oats is part of the Grain and Oilseed Milling Industry and is based in Alexandria, VA.

What are oats made of?

Oats are cereal grains derived from the cereal plant Avena Sativa.

Can Go Oats be microwaved?

Microwave Go OatsTM for 30-60 seconds, depending on your microwave’s power.

However, for the greatest results, place them in the oven, toaster oven, or air fryer.

What happened to Go Oats after Shark Tank?

Go Oats experienced the Shark Tank boom following the show’s premiere in October 2020.

On Amazon, all of the flavours were sold out, and additional orders from their website had to be waitlisted.

Is Go Oats still in business today?

Go Oats is still very much in business today.

How much is Go Oats worth now?

There has been no update on Go Oats’s current net worth. Corcoran’s investment has increased the value of Go Oats to $750,000.

What are the Go Oats flavours?

Go Oats contains milk, cane sugar, sweet cream butter, and natural flavouring. Blueberry, cran-walnut, cinnamon, and maple brown sugar are the flavours.

Which episode did Go Oats appeared on Shark Tank?

Go Oats made an appearance on Shark Tank in episodes 2 and 12 of Season 12.

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