What Happened to Freaker USA After Shark Tank?

What is Freaker USA?

Freaker USA is a firm that is proudly made in the good ol’ United States of America. It’s a beverage insulator that fits any can or bottle and keeps them cool while keeping your hands dry. It can range from a can of Coke to a Big-Gulp to a bottle of your favorite beer.

It also shields your hands from a burning hot cup of take-out coffee. It’s made of stretchy cotton and hand-knitted, and it comes in patriotic hues like red, white, and blue, but it also has different designs or logos.

They also serve as a wrist band while not in use. They also have a selection of socks to round off the look.

Zach Crain of North Carolina founded Freaker USA in 2011. He’d spent years as a hippy, traveling across the country and living in his car until he arrived in North Carolina. Zach keeps his CEO position and has expanded his company to recruit more employees.

Who is the founder of Freaker USA?

Zach Crain founded Freaker USA in North Carolina in 2011. It all started when Zach decided to take up knitting as a new hobby. He instantly began playing with the notion of knitting covers for drinking containers.

He reasoned that developing his own version of the koozie and selling it to local companies would be a successful venture.

Freaker USA was rated one of the top 12 Kickstarter campaigns of 2011, with over $60,000 raised. Freaker USA is basically a koozie made of knit fabric for drinking containers.

The inventive contraption can hold bottles ranging in size from 12 ounces to 2 liters and anything in between. Zach comes out as a wild and colorful guy who is definitely having a good time in the Shark Tank.

The Freakers are made in Troy, North Carolina. Zach and his team have been entrusted with “Freaking the World!”

What Happened to Freaker USA at Shark Tank pitch?

Freaker USA produces a line of knit beverage container covers that founder Zach Crain learned to make in a knitting class in Wilmington, North Carolina. Zach pitches the Sharks on his successfully financed Kickstarter endeavor in episode 406. Zach is looking for a Shark’s help with marketing and distribution.

Zach came to Shark Tank seeking $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his Freaker USA, which worth $2 million.

He discussed figures with the Sharks, but the clip emphasized his bizarre demeanor rather than the real business. Freaker USA made $350,000 in sales, with a $50,000 profit after paying everyone! The clip suggested that the Sharks believed Zach was nuts as he “beeped” and “whooped” his way through his pitch!

Kevin values the company at $400,000 and offers Zach $200,000 in exchange for 50% ownership of the company; Zach rejects, and Kevin exits. Barbara adores Zach but is skeptical about his worth; she quits.

Robert adores Zach as well, although he also goes out with him. Daymond, who is uninterested in the goods, he also out.

Mark likes the product and sees various opportunities, but he can’t stand Zach’s “whooping” and “beeping.” Mark exits, while Zach leaves with no deal.

What Happened to Freaker USA After Shark Tank?

Freakers are sold at eccentric, boutique-style stores around the United States, and college Freakers are on the way. While licensing is a key part of the Freaker USA plan, Zach is being careful.

He will not enter a new distribution channel until he is convinced that the company can handle it. Zach may look wild on Shark Tank, but he’s as insane as a fox!

In March 2013, Liberty Bottleworks formed a partnership with Freaker USA. Liberty Bottleworks makes recyclable aluminum bottles, and Zach Crain used one during his Shark Tank presentation.

This prompted Liberty’s owner, Tim Andis, to contact Zach. Currently, Freaker creates bespoke labels for all of Liberty’s bottles. Freakers are available on Amazon, the Freaker website, and the Liberty Bottleworks website.

Regrettably, Liberty Bottleworks and Freaker’s collaboration terminated less than a year later. According to Freaker, the deal was canceled after Liberty Bottleworks workers began selling counterfeit Freakers.

Freaker set out in early 2015 to make unique socks named Freaker Feet to compliment the Freaker designs. As the story develops, more information will be supplied.

They also made Slippys, which are little versions of the Freaker for cups and mugs. Their whole product line is accessible on their website and on Amazon.

Furthermore, the company sells through hundreds of gift shops. They also negotiated license arrangements with the NFL and DC Comics. Over the years, Zach and the gang have built a solid and profitable business.

As of January 2022, the firm was still in operation, with annual revenues of $6 million.

Competitors of Freaker USA

Euro Garages, Briscoe Group, Fine Hygienic Holding, and Glaze Trading are Freaker USA’s key rivals in the market.

Net Worth of Freaker USA

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million. Since the company is still in operation, its net value might have been higher than that.

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Freaker USA FAQs

What exactly is Freaker USA?

Freaker USA manufactures beverage drink sleeves out of recycled knitwear.

Who is the originator?

Zach Crain established the firm in 2011.

How much did Zach ask for on Shark Tank?

Zach was asking for $200,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

Was Freaker USA the one that got the deal on Shark Tank?

No, Freaker USA did not strike a contract with the Sharks.

Is Freaker USA still in operation?

Yes, Freaker USA is still in operation and has expanded.

Is it safe to make a purchase from Freaker USA right now?

Yes, it is now safe to buy from them because they sell recycled knitted materials.

Where is the headquarters of Freaker USA?

Freaker USA’s headquarters are in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What are the goods of Freaker USA?

Freakers are beverage drink sleeves that have been crocheted with colorful designs over a can or bottle.

What is the total amount of money raised by Freaker USA?

On Kickstarter, the startup has raised $60,000 so far.

What is its business model?

Revenue is generated through product sales and distribution.

What is Freaker USA’s vision?

Their mission is to become the global leader in attractive beverage cozies that protect hands from chilly beverages, are long-lasting, and can be reused indefinitely.

Who is the company’s CEO?

Freaker USA’s CEO is Zach Crain.

Where can I get Freaker USA merchandise?

Freakers are available for purchase on their website, Amazon, and in tiny shops around the United States.

Which Shark did Freaker USA pitch on Shark Tank?

Tim Andis approached Freaker USA about teaming with Liberty Bottleworks to promote their goods and eventually licensing the logo to be printed on bottles.

Is Freaker USA offering shipping?

Yes, Freaker USA shipping is available.

What is the Freaker USA shipping cost?

Freaker USA charges just $3.00 for shipping.

How can I keep track of my Freaker USA order?

Customers will get an email with a tracking code that will notify them when their package has been updated.

How long does it take to get a Freaker order?

It takes about a week for the package to arrive.

What is Freaker USA’s return policy?

If a consumer is dissatisfied with the product’s quality, they can return it in new condition.

How much does it cost to return Freaker USA?

Returns are free with a minimum order value of $25.00.

Where can I locate Freaker USA’s return address?

The return address may be found at the bottom of the invoice.

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