What Happened to Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser After Shark Tank?

What is the Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser?

Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser is a gadget that converts any beer into a smooth and creamy nitro-style flow, lifting your bottles and cans to new heights. For a larger capacity, choose the Fizzics Original, which can hold up to 64 oz.

The Fizzics machine transforms carbonation into tightly compressed, constant Micro-Foam bubbles, resulting in a smoother, creamier, and frothier beer, similar to a newly poured draft beer or a small brewery keg.

Philip Petracca and David McDonald, the company’s founders, want every beer to taste as it came straight from the tap. Fizzics does this by using sound wave technology to simulate a tap beer experience.

Who is the founder of Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser?

The firm was founded by Philip Petracca and David McDonald of New Hope, Pennsylvania. After musing aloud about why beer tastes better from a tap, the pair went on a year-long journey to develop the Fizzics Technology Platform.

By trial and error, they researched, examined, and refined their concept. They used IndieGoGo to crowdfund it and raised almost $250,000!

The gadget works by adding ultrasonic wave pressure to any beer to increase its flavor. Pour any beer up to 64 ounces into the vessel to instantly improve the taste.

The waves increase the beer’s carbonation and create a rich, creamy head. It works with any type of beer and allows customers to customize the amount of carbonation to their taste.

To draw beer from the Fizzics machine, a tap-like lever is utilized. Cleaning is simple: simply run clean water through the machine and remove the anti-microbial mat on a regular basis for cleaning. It runs on four AAA batteries and costs around $165.

What Happened to Fizzics’ Home Beer Dispenser at Shark Tank Pitch?

Phil Petracca and David McDonald present Fizzics, a patent-pending technology that enhances the flavor of any beer, in Shark Tank episode 1, the season 8 opener. Petracca and McDonald were most likely searching for a Shark to help with production and marketing

Phil and David entered the Shark Tank pitch, seeking for $500,000 in exchange for a 4% stake in their company, which worth $12.5 million.

Phil and David entered the Shark Tank pitch, seeking for $500,000 in exchange for a 4% stake in their company, which worth $12.5 million.

They tell their story and present samples. Each Shark was given a conventional drink as well as a beer from the machine, and they all agreed that the Fizzics beer was superior.

Mr. Wonderful was delighted with the merchandise but not with the cost.

When the lads stated they had generated $3.2 million in sales in less than a year, the Sharks were astounded. They also benefit from high profit margins: they retail for $199 yet only cost $38 to construct.

Following lengthy debate about price, Robert makes an offer of $500,000 for 8% equity shares in the company.

Kevin repeats the same statement, claiming that he can outsell all of the Sharks.

Barbara decides that it’s all too good to be true and exits. Daymond was perplexed as to why they’re here considering they’re cash flow positive. He goes out as the Sharks continue to argue over each other.

Lori is interested because she feels it would sell well on television. She offers the same services that Robert and Kevin provide.

Mark makes an offer of $800,000 for a 10% stake in the company and asks Lori if she wants to partner up.

Phillip responds with $2 million for 16.67% equity shares, Mark and Lori accept, and the pitch ends with a deal.

What Happened to Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser After Shark Tank?

After the show aired, the deal with Mark, Lori, and Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser was finalized, and the guys left the pitch with a deal.

The day after the episode aired, they debuted a smaller, less expensive counterpart on QVC. They eventually made their way into retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Brookstone, Amazon, and others.

Phillip left the company in 2017 to establish his own craft brewery in Colts Neck, New Jersey. In March of 2019, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

According to a press statement, the company “emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 26, 2020 by successfully completing a debt restructure and following the reorganization plan confirmed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.”

As of December 2021, the firm is still in existence; however Mark and Lori are no longer involved. The annual revenue of the corporation is roughly $4 million.

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Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser’s Competitors

Kegerator Beer Cooler is a comparable product to Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser.

Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $12.5 million; following Lori and Mark’s investment, the company was valued at $12 million.

Since then, the firm has done successfully, with annual revenue of $4 million expected in 2021. This signifies that the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser FAQs

Why does beer taste better from tap?

Brewers use yeast that has a certain taste that when taken out and fermented, becomes beer. The same thing happens with soda. When soda is made, it undergoes a process called fizz.

This usually happens because of carbonation. If customers have ever had a drink where the carbonation popped out of the bottle, it is the same deal as this. However, with beer, there are other qualities that make it different from regular sodas or seltzers.

How does Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser work?

Fizzics taps can be used for any sort of beer. There are several stories about this, some credible and some not so credible. One of these stories is that the tap uses sonic technology to enhance the taste and carbonation in a beer.

What do I have to do after I buy Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser?

After customers buy it, they need to first clean out all the dirt accumulated over time in its container.

What is the difference between Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser and Kegerator Beer Cooler?

The main distinction is that Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser uses tap lists as opposed to keg lists. That means that one container does not work for all kinds of beer. On the other hand, Kegerator Beer Cooler can be used for all types of beer, including light beers and craft beers.

How shall I clean Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser?

There are several ways to clean it out. Some people prefer to use hand soap and warm water while others prefer to go with a washing machine.

Either way, they have to clean the tap out on a regular basis; otherwise, it will not function properly.

Is Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser easy to operate?

It is easy to use if customers read the instructions beforehand. They need to press the button down gently in order for the beer to come out of the tap.

What the difference is between tap and keg beer?

There is a difference between tap and keg beer. The main difference is that kegs are used in the manufacture of beer, while taps are used to dispense it.

Will Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser last for a long time?

The product will last for many years if customers take good care of it. However, there are some people who claim that their unit broke down even before they had a chance to use it.

How often do I need to clean it?

Customers have to clean out the tap after unscrewing the cap. They can also use it for several days before they clean it.

However, if they do not unscrew the cap or put pressure on it for a few days, then there is a risk that the mechanism will be damaged.

Can it be used for other types of drinks?

It can be used for all types of beverages. It is also quite versatile, and it can be used in combination with cans as well as bottles. They just need to put the right kind of liquid into the unit in order to get a drink. This will become more convenient if they have parties at their home frequently.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

The product is delivered at no cost. The shipping time is also pretty good and does not take up a lot of time. Customers can have the product within their home within a few days of ordering it.

What kind of cleaning products should I use?

Customers should use mild soap and warm water to effectively clean out the product. If they want to use a washing machine, then they must make sure that the cycle is not too long. In addition, they must be careful so as not to make a dent or scratch on the machine.

What is the return policy of Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser?

Customers have to wait for a long time before receiving their refunds. In some cases, it took a few months for them to get it, which is not satisfactory at all.

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