What Happened to FireFighter Turnout Bags After Shark Tank?

What is FireFighter Turnout Bags?

Firefighter Turnout Bags was a company that took recycling to a whole new level by repurposing used firefighter gear. Old, abandoned firefighter turnout suits are converted into a variety of one-of-a-kind bags. Firefighter Turnout Bags assisted fire agencies in reducing their carbon footprint while also boosting money.

Nicole Rasor, the creator and CEO of Firefighter Turnout Bags, enjoys the creative aspect of her company but had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. However, the success of her Firefighter Turnout Bags propelled her into the commercial world.

Who is the founder of FireFighter Turnout Bags?

Nicole Rasor, the founder and CEO of Firefighter Turnout Bags, enjoys the creative aspect of her company but had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur.

However, the success of her Firefighter Turnout Bags propelled her into the commercial world. Niki learned to sew throughout her difficult youth in order to customize thrift shop clothing.

Niki began collecting old uniforms and refashioning them into purses, packs, duffel bags, and other goods since firefighters must change their turnout gear (outer coats) every 10 years. She will even do custom work if you supply the materials.

Niki launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign in late 2014 to expand her business, but it turns out she didn’t need it. She ships Firefighter Turnout Bags all over the world and even has her own little warehouse.

Niki was the first to design this type of handbag, and her success spawned a wave of “knock-off” companies.

Firefighter Turnout Bags range in price from $30 to $150, depending on the kind. The only impediment to sales is a shortage of antiquated material handling equipment.

What Happened to FireFighter Turnout Bags at Shark Tank pitch?

Niki and Matt Rasor want to obtain an investment from a Shark as they propose Firefighter Turnout Bags in Shark Tank episode 816, American Heroes. They want a Shark to help them take their business to the next level.

Niki and Matt entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $250,000 for a 33% stake in their company, worth $757,576.

They begin by describing how the firm got its start by utilizing Matt’s old equipment. As they deliver samples, the Sharks begin to ask questions.

Kevin was interested in how they will scale. Niki believes she has no problem finding material. Niki responds to Mark by stating that she used to have a warehouse but has now downsized to operate from the basement.

She expressed her desire to return to the warehouse since she now understands what she didn’t know before.

Niki admits she made mistakes, but she still sold $194,000 worth of goods and profited around $70,000. The average bag costs $130 and can be produced for $60.

She claims they were almost $30,000 in debt. Kevin states that she need the services of a business manager.

When questioned, she states that she want to use the funds to purchase fabric rolls in order to ease manufacture. Making bags out of old equipment isn’t something that can be mass-produced.

Mark tells her not to use fabric, and Daymond agrees. He appreciates the quality, but he expended too many resources to make it work; he’s out.

Mark views it as a product rather than a brand, therefore he’s out as well. Kevin was also out since he feels the firm isn’t ready for a $250,000 investment.

Robert enjoys the actual bags, but not the fabric bags. Nonetheless, he offers $500,000 in exchange for complete control of the firm.

Lori observes both the high-quality, genuine bags and the lower-priced cotton bags. Lori proposes $250,000 in return for 50% ownership of the firm. After a brief moment of hesitation, Niki accepts, and they leave the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to FireFighter Turnout Bags After Shark Tank?

Lori’s deal was never completed after the show aired, and Niki left the pitch with a deal. Niki went back to her warehouse and started making bags out of new firefighter cloth.

Her “in stock” Probe line includes everything from phone cases to wallets to backpacks and other accessories. She still crafts customized bags out of both recycled and new materials.

Niki claimed that she intends to close the firm on February 15, 2021, so that she may spend more time with her family.

Net Worth of FireFighter Turnout Bags

During the pitch, the firm’s value was $757,576; however, the company went out of business in February 2021, hence the company’s net worth is unknown.

FireFighter Turnout Bags FAQs

What exactly are FireFighter Turnout Bags?

Fireman Turnout Bags was a firm that repurposed used firefighter gear, taking recycling to a whole new level. Firefighter turnout suits that have been retired are repurposed into a range of one-of-a-kind bags.

Who is the inventor?

Nicole Rasor, the inventor of Firefighter Turnout Bags, was an entrepreneurial businesswoman despite her early reluctance to do so. Rasor became an entrepreneur as a result of the popularity of Firefighter Turnout Bags.

How much were they seeking on Shark Tank?

They were seeking for $250,000 in exchange for a 33 percent ownership in their firm, which was worth $757,576.

Did The FireFighter Turnout Bags Shark Tank Work?

Yes. Lori Greiner offered a $250,000 investment in exchange for 50% ownership of the firm.

Is FireFighter Turnout Bags still in business?

No, the firm ceased operations in February 2021.

Where was FireFighter Turnout Bags located?

The business was based in the United States.

What are the products that FireFighter Turnout Bags offers?

Firefighter Turnout Bags sells bags, backpacks, and other accessories created from repurposed firefighter gear.

When is the next FireFighter Turnout Bags Shark Tank Update scheduled to air?

The recap for Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 816 airs

Was FireFighter Turnout Bags a scam?

No, despite the show’s representation of the industry, the corporation was real.

What material were Firefighter Turnout Bags made of?

The bags were created from repurposed fireman equipment.

What was the weight of the FireFighter Turnout Bags?

Each of the bags weighted between 1.25 and 1.5 pounds.

How much did FireFighter Turnout Bags cost?

Depending on the kind, the price ranges from $30 to $150. The usual bag was built from repurposed fireman gear and cost roughly $60.

What is the return policy for Firefighter Turnout Bags?

There was no explicit return policy accessible for the firm, however special orders are not refundable, and refunds on mass-produced bags are not guaranteed.

Was FireFighter Turnout Bags waterproof?

Yes. The bags are waterproof and abrasion resistant.

Is it still possible to purchase Firefighter Turnout Bags?

Firefighter Turnout Bags items are available on the website as well as at a variety of shops. Currently, the firm is not affiliated with any retail chains.

From where did FireFighter Turnout Bags ship?

The company’s shipping locations were in Chicago, Illinois.

Is it still possible to get FireFighter Turnout Bags made of firefighter gear?

No. All of the company’s bags are now made from new materials. The firm went out of business in February 2021, and the items were no longer manufactured or marketed at the time their website was taken down (the site is no longer online).

How many Firefighter Turnout Bags were manufactured per year?

The annual production of FireFighter Turnout Bags is unknown.

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