What Happened to Father Figure After Shark Tank?

What is a Father Figure?

Father Figure is a company that sells helpful and fashionable clothing to new fathers. The paternity wear company’s clothing and accessories, which include bandana burp cloths and denim shirts, are designed to “support and encourage parents.”

Among the products provided are a Booker denim shirt, a Luca t-shirt, a water bottle, and bandana burp rags. Father Figure, a father fashion company, was founded and is led by Andrew Bentley.

A father figure can also help to establish personal boundaries between mother and child, encourage self-discipline, teamwork, and a sense of gender identity, provide a window into the greater world, and provide opportunities for both idealization and practical working-through.

Who is the founder of Father Figure?

Andrew Bentley is the founder and CEO of Father Figure, a fashion company for fathers. When his wife was pregnant, Bentley didn’t seem to find anything that spoke to him as a father-to-be.

After taking a leave from work to care for his newborn child, he discovered that there wasn’t much love for dads from companies that specialized to new parents.

Millennial dads are more involved in childcare than previous generations, but Bentley quickly realized that fathers were frequently forgotten, so he launched Father Figure.

Bentley believed that after ten years at Google, dads should be given equal time when it came to clothing. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his clothing firm.

The clothes are made in the United States. There are currently three products available: a denim shirt with soft moleskin sleeves and shoulders, a tee shirt with an extra shoulder cushion, and a muslin cotton bandana type burp cloth.

The clothing is made with baby’s comfort and dad’s coolness in mind. Bentley founded the group as a public benefit company, and it partners with Fathers Incorporated, a national “responsible parenting NGO” that teaches and campaigns on topics relating to modern fatherhood.

What Happened to the Father Figure at Shark Tank Pitch?

Andrew Bentley seeks a match for Father Figure, a “lifestyle business for parents,” in Shark Tank episode 2 seasons 9. Andrew is looking for a Shark to collaborate with and help him grow his business.

Andrew entered the Shark Tank seeking for $80,000 for 15% stake in his company, which worth $533,333.

He brings in two dads with their infants, which softens up the Sharks.

Except with Kevin, the parents dress up as Sharks to protect the infants. After the quick fashion show, it was time to go back to work.

Andrew reveals that in the previous 11 months, he has made around $33,000 in sales. The Sharks were first ecstatic, but their excitement quickly dimmed when they found that all but $2500 of the sales came from the Kickstarter campaign.

Daymond inquires about price and shows concern about the denim shirt’s $76 production cost (it retails for $128).

Lori was the first to quit, citing Daymond’s concerns. Mark then expresses his belief that Andrew has not proven a necessity. Kevin exited in Mr. Wonderful mode, stating, “There’s nothing here, it’s on its way to zero.”

Daymond went out because he was afraid that a “Google guy” wouldn’t be able to sell his own things online.

Sarah wasn’t sure what paternity clothes were for, but she went out as well.

Andrew ultimately walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Father Figure After Shark Tank?

The business was unable to get a deal on Shark Tank, leaving founder Andrew Bentley empty and unsure whether to proceed.

However, as a consequence of the attention, sales increased, which Andrew found personally fulfilling and inspired him to continue working on the firm.

For a time, he remained engaged and pushed growth forward, but his job as a parent and family man gradually reduced the amount of time and effort he could give to the enterprise.

As a result, Father Figure production ceased in early 2018, and the official website is no longer available.

In July of 2019, this company went out of business. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andrew works as a Project Leader at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Performance Lab.

Father Figure’s Net Worth

The firm value was $533,333 before and after the pitch; however, the company went out of business in 2019 and hence the company’s net worth is unavailable.

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Father Figure FAQs

Does Father Figure have a website?

The official website is not available anymore. Previously, they had used the following domain address: www.fatherfigureusa.com

How much did a Father Figure shirt cost?

A bandana burp cloths were available for $20, Luca t-shirts for $46, and denim shirts for $76.

What other products are selling under Father Figure?

Father Figure had provided a wide range of products including bandana burp cloth, bandana bib, Luca t-shirts, Booker denim shirt and water bottle.

What was Father Figure made of?

The company provided 100% cotton and 100% cotton denim shirts for fathers.

What is the net worth of Father Figure?

The net worth of this company is currently unavailable. It was previously $533,333 as stated by Andrew Bentley during his pitch on the Shark Tank show.

What is the status of Father Figure?

The firm is no longer operational as it went out of business in early 2019.

Was Father Figure a scam?

The firm was not a scam. It went out of business in early 2019.

What happened to Father Figure after Shark Tank?

The company was unable to get a deal on Shark Tank and had shut down in early 2019.

Can I purchase Father Figure online?

Currently, the official website is no longer available, and thus it is not possible to buy the products online.

Was Father Figure shipping?

The firm had provided free shipping across the United States for all its products.

How many products did Father Figure have?

The company had provided a wide range of products including bandana bib, Luca t-shirts, Booker denim shirt and water bottle.

What was Father Figure doing in Shark Tank?

The company was seeking $80,000 as an investment in exchange for 15% stake in their business. They got $533,333 instead of asking for money. The founder Andrew Bentley walked away without a deal.

What was the return policy of Father Figure?

The firm provided 30 days return policy. The customers had to contact them to get a Return Merchandise Authorization number before they could return their products.

What were the payment methods of Father Figure?

The company had provided credit and debit cards, bank transfer, PayPal and Checkout. The firm had also provided Apple Pay and Android Pay as payment options.

Was Father Figure offered affiliate program?

No, the firm did not have affiliate program.

Where did Father Figure ship from?

The firm had provided shipping to United States for all its products.

Was Father Figure a pyramid scheme?

No, it was not a pyramid scheme as it was not a scam or an illegal business or money-making scheme. It is a legitimate company under US law and Andrew Bentley himself says that the business is legal in the United States and Andrew had not been sued by anyone.

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