What Happened to EZPZ After Shark Tank pitch?

What is EZPZ?

EZPZ sells a colourful placemat and plate that may be ordered with or without sections. Silicon is used to make these suctions for new-borns and toddlers on a table.

This encourages self-eating without making a mess. Silicone spoons, forks, and cups are also available for new-borns and toddlers. Silicon is a flexible and soft substance that may be utilized in the mouth.

For Lindsey Lauran, a mother of three children, mealtime was a nightmare.

A large mess required a long time to clean up. She was certain that there has to be a more effective way of feeding youngsters.

Lindsey started looking into the matter and was surprised to find that there was nothing she could buy to help her.

She chose to establish her own necessary product while simultaneously supporting millions of mothers.

She began her career in boutiques and has since amassed a fortune in the millions.

Who is the founder of EZPZ?

EZPZ was founded by Lindsey Laurain.

What happen to EZPZ at the Shark Tank pitch?

Lindsey Laurain, a Kickstarter “momtrepreneur,” doubled her $35,000 funding goal to bring the EZPZ No Mess Happy Mat to market in the autumn of 2014.

She pitches her company to the sharks in a Shark Tank episode. CPSIA certified, FDA approved, and BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free, the mats are BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free.

The EZPZ may also be used in the microwave and dishwasher. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, Lindsey was able to get the tools she required for mass manufacturing and execute a large-scale production run.

The EZPZ, which was initially introduced in early 2015, has a large fan base and is currently selling well on Amazon.

Laurain anticipates strong demand as a result of her participation on Shark Tank, and plans to offer a “small mat” and a cup in 2016.

Will it be easy for a Shark to invest in EZPZ? Lindsey entered the Shark Tank seeking for $1 million in return for a 5% stake in her firm, worth $20 million.

She asks who has been watching toddler meals and shows a video of her kids acting slobbishly.

She created Happy Mat to solve the problem. The Happy Mat adheres to surfaces and revolutionizes the feeding industry. In a recent video, she has happy, neat children. She gives out samples.

Barbara agrees with Robert and Lori that it’s adorable. Lindsey pays $6 to make it, $24.95 to sell it, and $12.50 to wholesale it.

Kevin is interested in sales, and Lindsey claims she intended to ask for five times the amount! She’s made a $1.2 million profit on 85,000 pieces.

She hopes to make $30 million this year; the program was a hit, and an Australian distributor has placed a monthly order for a container full.

She made a profit of $140,000, which she calculated by projecting out five years. She has met with German companies that are interested in buying her.

The product is available at Nordstrom and 200 other stores. She sells 500 mats every year in each store.

Kevin says he’s ready to rip her to shreds! Robert believes she was data-deficient and erratic.

He’s out because he’s looking for facts, not fiction. Lori’s patent was problematic, so she’s out.

Kevin states that as an investor, he is solely responsible for any risks. He offers $1 million in return for 5% of her sales the next year; if she does not make $10 million, he gets 20%.

Robert argues, after a little pause, that Kevin was already putting all of the risk on her shoulders.

Mark argues that he would never strike a deal with her no matter what because he would go nuts! Barbara declares that she believes in her.

If she achieves her objectives, she will earn $1 million at a cost of $250,000. Kevin claims he’ll help with legal concerns because the case will be dismissed and he’ll defend it.

When Barbara says she’s thinking about changing her offer, Robert presses Lindsey to make a decision. She expresses her desire to move on.

Robert believes Kevin gave her precisely what she asked for and questions why she said it if she wasn’t serious.

Barbara says that her self-doubt aided her success since it constantly caused her to halt, and that her judgement card aided her success as well.

Lindsey says no, citing that the deal didn’t feel right. According to Robert, great entrepreneurs live on paranoia.

What Happened to EZPZ After Shark Tank pitch?

After the program aired, Lindsey was chastised for being a “gold-digger” on Shark Tank and for being unprepared.

In Europe, she began and continues to distribute her product globally.

For distribution, she teamed with buybuyBaby, Target, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Crate and Kids.

She also had an Amazon store. By the end of 2017, the company had reached its $10 million sales goal. As of May 2021, the company is worth $20 million.

Net Worth of EZPZ 

During the pitch, the company valuation was $20 million. As of May 2021, EZPZ has a net worth of $20 million.

Competitors of EZPZ

The Happy Mat is a well-known international brand. Although comparable items are accessible, the company stands out as one of the most successful.

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Who is the EZPZ Founder?

EZPZ was founded by Lindsey Laurain.

Is EZPZ still in operation?

Yes. EZPZ is still in operation.

How much money did EZPZ raise on Kickstarter?

Through Kickstarter, EZPZ was able to raise $35,000.

Why did EZPZ founder go on Shark Tank?

EZPZ’s creator appeared on Shark Tank to seek investors for the company.

Do EZPZ mats adhere to the table with suction?

Yes! All EZPZ mats are self-sealing and cannot be released by tugging on the plate or bowl as long as air cannot enter below the mat.

What material are EZPZ products made out of?

EZPZ products are composed of 100% food-grade silicone that has been quality tested by a third party (FDA approved and CPSC certified).

Is EZPZ is the original inventor of these products?

They are, indeed! Our innovative items are all composed of high-quality, food-grade silicone that sticks to the table.

Are EZPZ goods safe to use in the microwave, oven, or dishwasher?

In the microwave, all of our silicone items are safe. They’re also oven-safe (up to 350 degrees).

They can be washed in the dishwasher, but we’ve found that rinsing with warm soapy water works just as well (if not better).

What’s the best method to keep EZPZ items organized?

Smarter storage is possible with EZPZ products! Mats may be stacked in a cutlery drawer or fit in most kitchen cupboards. There will be no more mismatched dishes or plates.

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