What Happened to Esso Watches After Shark Tank?

What is Esso Watches?

Esso Timepieces was a company that produced watches with negative ions, which were said to improve people’s equilibrium as well as decision-making abilities by counteracting the positive ions that most electronics emit.

Essentially, the negative ion technology used in Esso Watches promises that wrist pain and balance may be eliminated by releasing a small, negative “electric” current. Many people believe in “technology,” yet there are just as many, if not more, which do not.

Watches that claim to contain negative ions in order to repair the wearer’s energy field and so improve balance.

Who is the founder of Esso Watches?

Ryan Naylor, a search engine marketer who now claims to be developing Ion watches to help with balancing, established Esso Watches.

He’s exactly the kind of man I’d like to work with to help me attain more balance because he allegedly became an expert while working in Search Engine Marketing.

Ryan is a graduate of Utah State University’s John Huntsman Entrepreneurship Institute and presently works in online recruitment, specializing in blue collar jobs like trucking. Ryan seems to prefer working in recruitment than advertising Ion watches.

Negative ion technology is, at best, unproven science and, at worst, a dubious health promise. Ryan encourages Lori to try on a watch, and she believes that wearing it improves her balance.

Many others swear by identical bracelets, although most believe this is due to the “placebo effect.”

What Happened to Esso Watches at Shark Tank pitch?

Esso Watches founder Ryan Naylor went on Shark Tank in episode 302 to tout the benefits of his negative ion technology watches.

Naylor entered the Shark Tank seeking a $35,000 investment in return for a 20% stake in his company worth $175,000.

Previous Esso Watch sales exceeded $120,000, resulting in a $70,000 return on a $10,000 investment. He usually sells them online, and they may be found on Amazon. Ryan approached the Sharks for help in increasing retail distribution and purchasing additional items.

The Sharks pulled Naylor apart. Lori saw the health claims made about negative ion technology as a potential issue in the lack of independent testing.

Daymond and Robert do not trust Ryan’s claims. Mark Cuban has maintained his anti-health-claims stance, refusing to sell an NBA-endorsed product at his venues.

Kevin offers to invest if Naylor admits the firm is a scam; Naylor refuses, so Kevin exits. Ryan finally walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Esso Watches After Shark Tank?

Whether you believe in negative ions or not, Esso Watches were athletic, thrilling, and inexpensive. Naylor leveraged his appearance on Shark Tank to boost his sales on Amazon and his own website.

Since the original air date and a summer re-run, the company website has remained offline. Mark Cuban’s anti-negative ion technology campaign continues.

Esso Watches is no longer in business, and the corporate domain is now held by EXXON Mobil. Given that the site receives no traffic, it’s unclear why EXXON Mobil needs this domain name.

Naylor founded VIVAHR in 2017. It is a software hiring firm. He is also a published author and a public speaker.

Net Worth of Esso Watches

The company value was $175,000 during and after the pitch; however, the firm has since gone out of business, therefore the company net worth is unavailable.

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Esso Watches FAQs

What exactly are Esso Watches?

Esso Timepieces was a company that produced watches with negative ions, which were said to improve people’s equilibrium and decision-making abilities by counteracting the positive ions that most devices emit.

Who is the originator?

Esso Watches was founded by Ryan Naylor.

How much did Ryan ask for in his Shark Tank pitch?

Ryan was asking for a $35,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in his firm, worth $175,000.

Did he have the deal?

No, he didn’t have the deal at the time of the pitch.

Is Esso Watches still in operation?

No, the firm is no longer in operation.

Esso Watches was situated where?

Esso Watches was headquartered in Utah, USA.

What exactly is the Esso Watches website?

Esso Watches’ website is no longer operational.

What are the social media accounts for Esso Watches?

Esso Watches do not have any social media presence.

Was Esso Watches a scam?

No, Esso Watches was not a scam.

What is the net value of Esso Watches?

Esso Watches’ net worth is currently unknown.

Were Esso Watches beneficial for your health?

Esso Watches were not healthy for your health.

What does Esso Watches mean in Hindi?

The phrase Esso Watches does not exist in Hindi.

Are negative ions harmful?

Despite their name, negative ions are neither negative nor dangerous. Positive ions are harmful to the human body, whereas negative ions are beneficial. In fact, the highest concentrations of negative ions may be found in clean, natural air.

Is ionized air healthy?

The negatively charged ions produced by air ionizers are not harmful, and they attract and trap charged particles in the air, including potentially hazardous particles, which can cause throat discomfort or respiratory ailments if left untreated. As a consequence, the air will be safer for a healthier environment.

Is it possible for positive ions to have an influence on humans?

This is because we are surrounded by positive ions emitted by electromagnetic fields generated by computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices, which can impair brain function and suppress the immune system, resulting in symptoms such as anxiety, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headaches, irritability, lack of energy, and poor health.

Was Esso Watches delivering its goods?

Esso Watches, on the other hand, was not sending its merchandise.

Was the product manufactured by the company?

No, the company did not manufacture its own goods.

Was Ryan Naylor’s watch effective?

It works as stated, however it’s just a watch with a negative ion technology health claim. There is no convincing evidence that it has any influence on human health or balance.

Where were Esso Watches made?

Esso Watches were made in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States.

Who was Esso Watches’ CEO?

Ryan Naylor was the CEO of Esso Watches.

Who are Esso Watches’ owners and investors?

Esso Watches’ owners/investors are unknown at this moment.

How much did Esso Watches earn?

There has been no disclosure of the amount of money generated by Esso watches.

How does the business earn money?

Esso Watches is a non-profit organization. The items are no longer available for purchase, and the firm no longer exists.

Is it feasible to communicate with Ryan Naylor?

It is entirely feasible to make touch with Ryan Naylor.

Was Esso Watches too expensive?

During the pitch, Esso Watches were not pricey.

Who is the current owner of Esso Watches?

EXXON Mobil presently owns the corporate domain.

Ryan Naylor, where are you now?

Since his Shark Tank pitch, Ryan Naylor has been running a software firm. He’s also the author of many books and a public speaker on entrepreneurship, technology, the environment, and the future.

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