What Happened to Elephant Chat After Shark Tank?

What is Elephant Chat?

Elephant Chat was a plush elephant that could be placed in a room if someone wanted to have a serious chat or debate with their spouse.

It’s a play on the phrase “elephant in the room.” It was created to have those awkward conversations that are typically avoided yet should be had.

Amanda and Jason Adams, who reside in McKinney with their infant, Koa, developed Elephant Chat, software designed to help couples speak more effectively when presented with difficult issues.

Jason Adams of McKinney and his wife, Amanda, turned their love story into a business opportunity.

Who is the founder of Elephant Chat?

Amanda and Jason Adams established Elephant Chat in McKinney, Texas, with their newborn, Koa. The couple met later in life and joined their two households, including children.

They quickly realized that there was ALWAYS something to talk about, and that the “elephant in the room” was always “stalking” them. Elephant Chat was designed to facilitate uncomfortable encounters.

In an acrylic “communication cube,” a silver cube covers a stuffed elephant. Put the cube in a conspicuous place in your house.

When you’re ready to discuss anything, remove the silver cover, showing the elephant, and wait for your friend to be ready. All you have to do now is express yourself.

Elephant Chat, as the website puts it, helps to break the ice and “tame the elephant in the room.”

The pair is launching a Kickstarter effort to raise funds for the injection molds needed to produce the boxes. They’re about a third of the way to their $13,120 goal.

What Happened to Elephant Chat at Shark Tank pitch?

On September 16, 2016, Elephant Chat creators Jason and Amanda Adams sell their discussion starting tool in Shark Tank episode 506 on ABC. They were looking for a Shark to help with production financing.

Jason and Amanda start with a segment at home. They met a year ago on a blind date and married six weeks later.

They revealed Amanda’s pregnancy and “integrated” their families. Elephant Chat was motivated by the notion that communication is critical when merging existing families.

They claim that the product was developed out of a desire to help couples bond and admit that they have spent more than $100,000 on it.

When they entered Shark Tank, they asked for $50,000 in return for a 20% stake in their company worth $250,000.

Elephant Chat, they claim, was intended for those “they need to chat” times. Rather than “attacking” a spouse with something that irritates them, they bring out the elephant to show that there is a problem.

Despite the fact that neither of them is a therapist, they realized that their product works for them. According to Daymond, they should know the rules: “one person is correct, and the other is the spouse!” Each piece costs $22 to manufacture.

Lori argues that creating stuffed animals is inexpensive and wonders why they spend so much money on tooling. Lori objects to the price and exits.

Jason insists they’ve made progress with marital counseling, but Kevin thinks paying $59 for a plush animal is a rip-off, so he’s out. He says, “Come talk to Robert after they’ve been married for 23 years,” and goes out.

Daymond claims he’s going because he doesn’t want to be with me. Mark believes they are in the conflict resolution sector, but not where they should be; he also out. The couple then quits the pitch without concluding a deal.

What Happened to Elephant Chat After Shark Tank?

Jason and Amanda left Shark Tank without a deal, and their elephant in the room quickly grew too huge.

Because the couple split, the Elephant Chat box is no longer for sale.

The social networking platform went offline in 2013, and while the website is still live, a “buy now” page implies that the Elephant Chat cube is no longer for sale.

Although the plush elephant in a plastic cube was a novel idea for stimulating conversation among couples and families, the price was eventually too high. This elephant was too big for even a Shark to devour, and the company is no longer in business.

Competitors of Elephant Chat

Elephant in the Room was a similar product to Elephant Chat; however it was oriented toward businesses rather than families and was out of supply at the time.

Net Worth of Elephant Chat

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $250,000. Since the company went out of business in 2013, the net worth of the company is unknown.

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Elephant Chat FAQs

What exactly is Elephant Chat?

Elephant Chat was a plush elephant that could be placed in a room if someone wanted to have a serious chat or debate with their spouse.

Who is the inventor?

Amanda and Jason Adams are the inventors of Elephant Chat.

How much were they asking on Shark Tank?

They were asking for $50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in their firm, which was worth at $250,000.

Did they have the deal on Shark Tank?

No, they did not have a deal at the time of the pitch.

Is Elephant Chat still in operation?

No, they are no longer in business.

Where was Elephant Chat located?

Elephant Chat was based in McKinney, Texas, in the Adams’ house.

When did Elephant Chat go out of business?

Elephant Chat went out of business in 2013; hence the company’s total value is unknown.

How much is the elephant currently worth?

The plush elephant is no longer available for buy online. There is no known valuation at this moment because Elephant Chat has gone out of business.

How long has Elephant Chat been available for purchase?

The product is no longer listed for sale on the company website; however it was still operational at the time of publishing.

Is Elephant Chat a scam?

No, Elephant Chat was not a scam.

What exactly does Elephant Chat do?

Elephant Chat was a method designed to help couples speak more effectively when confronted with challenging issues.

What is Elephant Chat made of?

Plush was used to create Elephant Chat.

What Elephant Chat colors were available?

Elephant Chat was available in only one color: black.

Who was Elephant Chat’s intended audience?

Elephant Chat’s target market was couples with children.

How much did Elephant Chat cost?

Elephant Chat is priced at $22.

Was Elephant Chat shipping their product?

Elephant Chat did not provide their product to the consumer.

Was Elephant Chat available online?

No, Elephant Chat was not accessible through the internet.

Will elephant talk help improve marriages?

No, they don’t believe Elephant Talk will help couples.

Where did Elephant Chat come from?

At the moment, the Elephant Chat production plant is unknown.

Elephant Chat aired on what episode of Shark Tank?

Elephant Chat debuted in Season 5 Episode 9, which aired on September 16, 2016.

Elephant Chat is available for purchase where?

Elephant Chat is no longer available for purchase online.

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