What Happened to eCreamery after Shark Tank?

What is eCreamery?

eCreamery is a traditional ice cream shop that offers unique flavors that customers may customize. Visitors to the restaurant can choose their own taste for their dessert. This implies that consumers may get a selection of ice creams in a single dish.

Abby Jordan and Becky App created ECreamery, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska. They both worked at Borsheim, a high-end jewelry company.

To match any of the ice cream or gelato flavors, they also have a cookie assortment, including ice cream sandwiches.

Who are the creators of eCreamery?

Abby Jordan and Becky App created eCreamery, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Abby and Becky were inspired by their mutual love in e-commerce and food, which they discovered while working at Borsheim.

They wanted to combine luxury presents and a pleasure without costing an arm and a leg, so they transformed an old pharmacy into an ice cream shop with backing from Dundee Venture Capital’s Mark Hasebroock.

Abby and Becky’s selling argument for Hasebroock was that by customizing it, they were offering a new experience to the way something that everyone wants to acquire gets acquired.

They both worked at Borsheim, a high-end jewelry company. Abby worked in the Marketing and Corporate Gift department at Netshops before becoming a store manager, leading their online corporate gift fulfillment program.

Becky developed advertising strategy and marketing for the company as a Senior Marketing Specialist. This gives them skill in crafting a flavor of their choice, as well as in creating titles and packaging. People took attention after a significant lot of work was put on their online marketing and exposure.

eCreamery is currently giving a limited-time offer of exotic summer flavors including churro cheesecake and lemon cookie crunch.

What Happened to eCreamery During Their Shark Tank Pitch?

Becky and Abby came to Shark Tank seeking $250,000 for a 33 percent stake in their firm after testing the market for their products and determining the company’s worth to be $757,756. They go on to allege that the company’s revenues have totaled less than $2 million since its founding in 2007.

They expect to make $750,000 in 2012, with a profit of around $60,000. They encourage the Sharks to boost manufacturing and freezer capacity in order to fulfill the rising demand for their products.

Robert likes the idea, but he doesn’t like that another investor spent $600,000 for eCreamery and owns 70% of the firm.

Kevin likes the idea and offers $125,000 for a 25% ownership in the firm, but he wants another Shark to participate in the deal. Meanwhile, Daymond, Robert, and Barbara have backed out of the deal.

Mark likes the idea, but he’s worried that other ice cream shops may duplicate it and deliver nearby for less money.

Kevin would not invest without the presence of another Shark, so he has eventually withdrawn his offer, and Abby and Becky have exited the presentation without a deal.

What became of eCreamery after Shark Tank?

Following the failure of the sale during the pitch, Abby and Becky are more worried about the company’s success than with anything else.

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, the company performed exceptionally well in all categories; they also raised their inventory from 800 pints to over 6,000 pints.

e Creamery had another successful Christmas season in 2012. In 2014, Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney stopped there for ice cream.

They added an ice cream truck to cater parties and special events. The firm extended its in-store and online activities.

In 2021, they’re still selling on Amazon, and the company’s yearly revenue is $2 million.

eCreamery’s competitors

The market is crowded with rivals for the firm. Gelazzi, Grom, Berliner, Specialty Distributor, Paciugo, Marble Slab Creamery, Haagen-Dazs, Little Man Ice Cream, and Amorino are among them.

eCreamery’s net worth

During the Shark Tank pitch, the valuation was $757,756. As the company’s revenues have climbed, the valuation has also increased in 2021.

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eCreamery FAQs

Who will you deliver to and how far does this service reach?

eCreamery’s ice cream is available in Omaha, Nebraska, and its delivery reaches to four cities within a 100 mile radius of Omaha: Lincoln, Falls City, Kearney, and Fremont.

Is eCreamery gluten-free?

They offer gluten-free ice cream, and their online menu is available for those with food allergies.

What other flavors of ice cream do you carry?

Besides the custom flavors like Churro Cheesecake and Cookie Crunch, which make them famous, they also offer other flavors like coffee vanilla ice cream and brownie batter. These are available in pints or cones throughout the metro area.

How do you receive a customized order?

Customers can receive custom orders by filling out an online form on their website.

Who is eCreamery’s target market?

The aim of eCreamery is to provide everyone an affordable alternative to ice cream. They do not have a specific age group, but they cater more toward older people, families with kids, women, and busy professionals.

How do I make payment to eCreamery?

People can pay online by credit card, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. They also offer a personal check service through the company’s website.

Where do I pick up my order?

Customers can either pick it up from the store or have it delivered. When ordering through their website, people have to provide their address and email address for delivery later.

How long will eCreamery take on delivery?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of the payment day, and they are shipped the same day for in-store pickup.

What is the shipping cost of eCreamery?

If people are picking up their orders in the store, they do not need to pay shipping costs. If they’re having it shipped, they should expect to pay anywhere from $2.50 up to $10 depending on the number of flavors and weight.

Is eCreamery vegan-free?

eCreamery’s ice cream uses a custom recipe that is vegan friendly.

What are the ingredients use to make eCreamery?

The ingredients include milk, cream, sugar, vegetable oil, and eggs. All the ingredients are sugar-free.

Are eCreamery’s ice cream flavors healthy?

Customers can enjoy their ice cream without worrying about lactose or refined sugar. Their ice creams use milk from local dairy farms and base their recipe on natural ingredients.

Can I make food allergies known to eCreamery?

Customers can tell the company if they have food allergies. They can also let eCreamery know if they’re allergic to anything else.

Can I use my own container to pick up my order?

The ice cream is delivered in a reusable container with a handle. Customers will be able to fill the containers themselves with ice cream or add ice cream for their kids.


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