What Happened to Earth Log after the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Earth Log?

Earth Log was a ready-made fire log composed of wax and recycled paper. These eco-friendly fire logs come in three sizes.

Because they burn hotter, they produce less smoke, making them excellent for consumers with allergies or respiratory issues. Their ash is quite easy to get rid of.

Who was the Earth Log’s Creator?

Tom Sanetti is a native of Huntington Beach, California, and a graduate of Cypress College.

In the early 2000s, he was a managing partner at High in the Desert and a vice president at Eagle American Investments LLC. In 2011, Sanetti was named CEO of American Green Products, a post he still occupies today.

After struggling to find a way to burn his piles of junk mail, Tom Sanetti eventually combined scrap paper with scrap candle wax to make fire logs.

He only made fire logs for his own use and to share with acquaintances, who then pressured him to sell them.

He then went on to advertise his fire logs, which are made completely of recyclable materials, and made deals with major retailers.

His goal was to create a product that would help reduce the environmental impact of an endless supply of junk mail, and he wanted his product to be made in America.

New products are on the way, including a citronella log (to keep the bugs away).

What Happened to Earth Log on Shark Tank?

Tom makes his appearance on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 10 in quest of $160,000 for a 20% ownership in Earth Log. This translates into a $800,000 valuation. He goes over his belongings.

Mr. Wonderful claims to buy ten boxes of fireplace logs each year and wants to know how he can recognize his logs from the others. Earth Log is less expensive and smells better.

He then hands each Shark a piece of the Earth Log, complete with packaging.

A case of six costs around $22, whereas the competition costs about $1 more each log.

They’ve sold $200,000 in four years, including $50,000 last year. Tom recounts his four-year journey from the kitchen table to large-scale production.

Mr. Wonderful believes it’s a commodity and questions why he hasn’t sold it to a big box store. He claims to have a four-store Costco deal, but he is unable to fulfil the orders.

Albertsons has provided him with a letter of intent to open 3200 stores around the country. Tom is in charge of manufacturing. He requires the funds to automate manufacturing and order fulfilment.

Mark loves the concept, but he believes Tom has to do more work to transform Earth Log into a full-fledged corporation, but spending an investor’s and the investor’s team’s time in anything more than phone talks would be a lot of work. Mark has left.

Nick agrees with Mark, adding that developing a brand around Earth Log would require a lot of work, and he’s out.

Daymond agrees with Mark and Nick; it’s just too early for an investor to lock up his money, and he’s also out of the deal.

Mr. Wonderful tells the story of how he gave up half of his firm in order to sell it for $4 billion, and then he goes.

Lori is the final Shark remaining, and she compares Earth Log to the product “Screen In.”

Screen In started in a garage, and with Lori’s help, they increased sales to $1 million in less than a year.

She likes Earth Log and will make an offer – but it will be modest, considering the amount of work required to bring Earth Log to the point where it can produce enough things to sell to large retailers.

Her offer is for $160,000 in exchange for a 35% stake in the company. Tom accepts the offer without hesitation.

What Happened to Earth Log Following the Shark Tank Pitch?

Following Shark Tank, Sanetti made a video to keep consumers and interested parties up to speed on the company’s growth.

While Earth Log has built and maintained connections with large retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods.

Lori’s contract fell through, and the company went bankrupt in 2018.

What was the Net Worth of Earth Log?

Tom makes his appearance on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 10 in quest of $160,000 for a 20% interest in Earth Log. This translates into an $800,000 valuation.

Who are Earth Log Competitors?

Earth Log competitors Duraflame XtraTime Firelog and Kingsford Charcoal are two alternatives to Earth Log.

What Happened to Little Elf After Shark Tank?

What happened to Easy Treezy after Shark Tank pitch?

Earth Log FAQS

1. What are the ingredients in Earth Log?

Earth Log is a ready-made fire log composed of wax and recycled paper. These eco-friendly fire logs come in three sizes.

2. Is it eco-friendly?

Yes! The logs are made from recycled paper.

3. Are they safe?

According to Tom Sanetti, the fire logs have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and have been certified as safe to use indoors. He notes that Earth Log will burn cleaner than conventional fireplace logs.

4. Does it clean the air in their house?

Yes! According to Sanetti, the Earth Log doesn’t emit nearly as much smoke, making it a good product for those who suffer from dust allergies and asthma.

As a corollary, Sanetti notes that there are no chemicals or bio-accumulate dioxins in the fire logs, proving they are safe to use indoors as well.

5. How environmentally friendly are Earth Logs?

Earth Log’s website claims that they are more environmentally friendly than a conventional firelog because they leave much less ash behind and take less energy to dispose of them.

6. Who founded Earth Log?

Tom Sanetti is a native of Huntington Beach, California is the inventor of Earth Log.

7. How much was Tom Sanetti looking in the Tank?

Tom Sanetti was looking for $160,000 in exchange for 20% of Earth Log.

8. How much did Tom Sanetti end up getting in the Tank?

Tom Sanetti settled for $160,000 in exchange for a 35% stake in the company from Lori Greiner.

9. What happened to Earth Log?

Lori’s contract fell through, and the company went bankrupt in 2018.

10. Where can they buy Earth Log?

The product has been discontinued.

11. When was Earth Log featured on Shark Tank?

Tom appears on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 10 on November 21st, 2014.

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