What Happened to Doughp after the Shark Tank?

What exactly is Doughp?

Doughp is a dessert that is served with every scoop of customized and self-love memories. Kelsey Moreira started it after confronting her alcoholism and being clean in September 2015.

Kelsey began her career in technology at the age of sixteen and spent a decade in product marketing.

She took the jump in 2017, quit from her job, and created Doughp; she continues to share her journey in the hopes of encouraging others.

Who is the creator of Doughp?

Doughp’s creator and CEO is Kelsey Moreira. She began her career in technology at the age of sixteen and spent a decade in product marketing.

She took the jump in 2017, quit her job, and created Doughp; she continues to share her journey in the hopes of encouraging others.

Kelsey was also a two-time entrepreneur, having run a wine club before launching Doughp. Doughp’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What happened to Doughp during his Shark Tank pitch?

After running her firm for a few years, Kelsey Moreira decided to pitch her ideas to Shark Tank investors in order to develop her company.

Kelsey entered the Shark Tank seeking a $450,000 offer in return for 10% equity shares of the company, worth $4.5 million.

Mark, Daymond, Kevin, and Barbara like Doughp’s dream, but they also struggle with reality. Lori makes a $100,000 bid for 30 percent ownership of the company.

Tisch also makes a $100,000 offer in return for 40% equity. Lori also made a counter-offer of $100,000 for 30% equity shares, while Tisch made the final offer of $50,000 for 20% equity shares.

Finally, Kelsey Moreira did not strike a deal with the Shark Tank investors.

What happened to Doughp after he was rejected by the Shark Tank?

Even though the Doughp business departed without a deal, the company gained confidence as a consequence of the fantastic things the investors said, and she was able to secure an outside investor just a few months later.

And, since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Doughp has reached a broader audience than they had previously.

Doughp created an edible cookie dough bar called Doughp on the Las Vegas Strip in 2019, earning the business the title of World Cookie Dough Domination.

In November 2019, the Doughp Company distributed roughly 30 boxes each month, down from 3,000 boxes per week in April. The growth has been astounding, with 50,000 online boxes in 2019 and 2.5 million in 2020.

In 2021, the company expects to generate $5 million in sales. Since then, the dessert company has donated over $20,000 to mental health awareness organizations.

One percent of profits are now contributed to the non-profit She Recovers, which helps over 325,000 women in recovery and substance abuse.

Doughp’s Partners

In the United States, the business has collaborated with over 20 charities, including the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Children’s Miracle Network, No Kid Hungry, and The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Doughp’s net worth

In 2021, the company’s valuation has reached $5 million.

Doughp FAQs

What is the name of Doughp?

Doughp is a three-step process that combines the functionality of a doughnut and the consistency of cookie dough.

Where is the headquarters for Doughp?

Doughp’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Does Doughp have a retail store?

Although Doughp does not have a brick-and-mortar retail store, the dessert company does operate several cafés in Nevada.

 What is the difference between the Doughp’s menu and cupcakes?

Doughp’s menu offers far more than cupcakes and doughnuts. The business serves cookies, fruit slices, waffles, brownies, and granola bars. In fact, during its nationwide expansion in 2019, Doughp served more than one million cups of coffee alone.

Does Doughp offer monthly subscription boxes?

Doughp does not offer a subscription box service like other dessert companies.

What are the ingredients uses to make Doughp?

Doughp’s ingredients include sugar, butter, salt, eggs, water, and artificial colors and flavors.

Where did the idea of Doughp come from?

Kelsey Moreira was motivated to create Doughp after developing her own self-love and anti-addiction recovery journey. Kelsey was searching for a dessert that “seemed fun” to eat without alcohol.

Is Doughp kosher-free?

Doughp is completely kosher-free. The dessert’s ingredients are always non-kosher certified.

What are the flavors of Doughp?

Doughp offers these flavors: “Classic”, “Chocolate”, “Strawberry”, and “Cinnamon”.

How many calories are in one Doughp cookie?

Each doughnut has roughly 230 calories.

Does Doughp sell gift cards?

Doughp does not offer gift cards to customers. However, the company began offering gift options on its website during the holidays in 2019.

Is Doughp safe?

Doughp is safe and has no side effects, as there are no synthetic chemicals used in the business.

Does Doughp contain gluten?

Doughp does not contain gluten. Although the dessert does not use gluten-free flour, the ingredients come from a non-GMO source.

Is Doughp vegan?

Doughp is vegetarian and vegan-friendly. All of the ingredients used to make the dessert are plant-based.

How do I pay for Doughp?

Customers can pay for Doughp using a credit/debit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

What kind of social media presence does Doughp have?

Doughp offers a variety of social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

How many locations are there for Doughp?

Doughp has over 140 locations in the United States and one location in Canada.

Does Doughp shipping?

Doughp offers standard delivery in the United States. Customers can choose from two-day, overnight, and next-day deliveries. The company also offers free shipping for all orders above $55, as well as free return shipping for US customers.

Which restaurants serve Doughp?

Doughp has expanded to over 100 locations nationwide. In 2019, Kelsey Moreira announced that the dessert business will be featured on the new FOX TV show Good Bones and Bad Bones.

How does Doughp taste?

Doughp tastes like a combination of doughnut, cookie, and a cake, depending on the variety. Each bite has the moist texture of a doughnut and a creamy consistency that is similar to vanilla buttercream frosting.


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