What Happened to Doc Spartan After Shark Tank?

What is Doc Spartan?

Doc Spartan is a company that manufactures and sells male, female, and animal hygiene products. Underarm deodorants, scented and unscented soaps and scrubs, beard care oils, butter, and soaps, skincare products, and pet care products are among the goods available.

Doc Spartan was founded by Dale King and Renee from Portsmouth. The desire to develop natural things with healing benefits inspired the company’s concept. Furthermore, they should only make these items available to their family, friends, and clients.

It then grew in response to the opioid addiction issue in both Dale’s and Renee’s hometowns of Portsmouth. They realized that addiction is simply the first step toward total recovery while working with people in recovery.

The next step was to locate job and a steady source of money. As a consequence, they decided to expand their product manufacture and hire more personnel.

One of their first employees was a young man who had overcome addiction but faced an uncertain future.

Who is Doc Spartan’s creator?

Doc Spartan was created by Dale King and Renee from Portsmouth. PSKC Cross Fit, Dale’s cross-fit facility, was where the two friends first met.

Dale was a member of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Renée is the wife of a retired military helicopter pilot.

Dale once asked Renée, a mother of three, to make some ointment for the gymgoers that could also be used as first aid in the field for cuts and scrapes.

Doc Spartan’s signature product is Combat Ready Ointment. It heals cuts and scratches that may occur when working out or doing hard labor.

Combat Ready ointment comes in a huge jar, a chapstick-style dispenser, and a roll-on deodorant dispenser. Doc Spartan’s product range has expanded to include all-natural deodorants, soaps, scrubs, and beard care items.

All of their products are natural blends of coconut and essential oils. The items are moderately priced and may be purchased online through Amazon, on the Doc Spartan website, and in certain retail locations.


What Happened to Doc Spartan’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Dale and Renée decided to offer their idea to Shark Tank investors in Season 8 Episode 16 in order to broaden their retail reach.

Renée and Dale entered on Shark Tank in seeking of $75,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership in their firm, which worth $500,000.

Dale questions the Sharks about how many times they’ve cut themselves. He even asks Kevin O’Leary about paper cuts from counting $100 notes!

Doc Spartan, they add, is a natural first aid ointment that cures swiftly. Dale then begins to offer samples while mocking the Sharks.

They tell the story of how they made their goods for the first time. When Robert Herjavec asks how it works, Dale shows him before and after photos of a cut, which impresses the Sharks.

They notify Robert Herjavec that they wish to see their product in stores’ first aid sections. It’s only been accessible in a few gyms, tattoo shops, and online thus far.

It’s only been accessible in a few gyms, tattoo shops, and online thus far. A tin of ointment costs $0.95 to manufacture and $9.99 to sell. They’ve made $56,000 in sales in 11 months.

The package perplexes Lori Greiner. Mark Cuban feels they haven’t done enough research and quits.

Daymond John thinks Lori Greiner was more knowledgeable about testing and claims than the other Sharks; he isn’t, therefore he exits.

Lori Greiner expresses her displeasure and exits as well. Kevin O’ Leary says he likes the product but it isn’t investable, so he’s out as well.

Robert Herjavec, Dale, and Renée are all fans of the product. He offers $75,000 in return for 25% of the company’s shares.

Dale counters with a 20% stake, but Robert Herjavec declines. Dale responds by saying that if they accept, Robert Herjavec will buy the first beer.

Robert Herjavec agrees, and they clinch the deal, exiting the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Doc Spartan After Shark Tank?

The deal with Doc Spartan and Robert was finalized after the Shark Tank episode aired. They sold about 4000 units in the first week after the first telecast date.

They’re collaborating with Robert to get their products into PX stores on military bases. They also attend a lot of trade shows.

They’ve redesigned their Amazon storefront and added more personal care products. The company is still in business in November 2021, with$1 million yearly revenue.

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Doc Spartan’s Competitors

A1 Skincare competes with Doc Spartan.

Doc Spartan’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the company was valued at $500,000; following Robert Herjavec’s investment, the company was valued at $300,000. The firm’s estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Doc Spartan FAQs

How did Doc Spartan get its name?

Doc Spartan was created by the King family from Portsmouth, NH, USA. The company got its name by combining Dale’s and Renee’s last names. In addition, Renee had a passion for treating cuts and deep wounds effectively when she was working with soldiers in her hometown of Portsmouth, NH.

Who are the major competitors for Doc Spartan?

A1 Skincare, Competitive Edge Labs, Global Healing Center Inc., and The Honest Company compete with the company in terms of the customer base and scope.

How many products does Doc Spartan have?

Doc Spartan has a large selection of personal care products and oils with their wide range on Amazon. The four main product lines are Combat Ready Ointment, Combat Ready Deodorant, Combat Ready Body Wash, and Seal It Skin Protection Spray.

How does Doc Spartan work?

The company has a lot of products that work on multiple levels to heal the body in various ways. Combat Ready Ointment and Combat Ready Deodorant have multiple active ingredients that aid in healing and repairing wounds.

Seal It Skin Protect Spray, on the other hand, works as a barrier protection agent to minimize the chance of getting skin infections or infections, in particular.

What is Doc Spartan made of?

Doc Spartan products are made with coconut and essential oils.

Are Doc Spartan products made in the US?

All of Doc Spartan’s products are made in the US and are sold exclusively on Amazon.com.

How did Doc Spartan launch its first product?

The company launched its first product, Combat Ready Ointment, at an MMA gym called Tuff Truck Fitness Center.

Since then, it’s expanded to the gyms and tattoo shops. In addition, they’ve expanded to selling their ointments in retail stores on military bases and at college campuses.

What is a tin of Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment worth?

A tin of Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment retails for $9.99 on Amazon.com.

What colors does Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointments come in?

The company’s combat ready ointments are currently available in Green, Black and Pure White.

Is Doc Spartan safe to use?

Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment is a safe to use product with no known side effects.

What is Doc Spartan return policy?

Doc Spartan has a 30-day return policy for customers who are unhappy with the product.

What is Doc Spartan shipping cost?

Shipping is free for customers.

Do Doc Spartan products contain parabens?

Doc Spartan does not contain parabens or other harsh chemicals.

What are the ingredients used in Doc Spartan products?

The ingredients used in the company’s products are essential oils, coconut oil, and a few common candies (candy canes).


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