What Happened to DNA Simple After the Shark Tank pitch?

What is DNA Simple?

DNA Simple is a business that pays individuals $50 in exchange for submitting their saliva for medical research.

Who founded DNA Simple?

DNA Simple was founded by Oliver Noel.

As a medical student, Noel seen the problems that researchers have while collecting samples from study participants.

Noel developed DNA simple in 2015, an online database that links researchers, scientists, and patients across the United States with interested volunteers.

Donors only need to register on the DNA simple website, which takes less than two minutes. Researchers contact DNA simple for the qualities of folks that they require.

Once a donor is matched to a research, DNA simple will send a collection kit along with a $50 check once the sample is collected. That closes our debate.

You may receive $50 merely by permitting your saliva to be used in medical research laboratory testing, as promised.

What Happened to DNA Simple at the Shark Tank pitch?

Noel aims to benefit from this market by serving as a type of intermediary for DNA samples.

Users must first register on the company’s website and provide some basic medical information.

Then they go through a list of studies and apply to the ones that interest them.

If you are accepted for a research, you will be given a saliva kit and $50.

You are compensated for delivering the sample.

In contrast to other DNA companies, there is no price for sending a sample.

Many firms that provide DNA data to customers retain the right to sell your data to research groups; you, as the data source, have no say and receive no compensation.

Your data is kept confidential and is only used for the studies in which you want to participate with DNA Simple.

The study of bio-rights and DNA sampling is a complicated, carefully regulated, and fast developing topic of study.

Mr. Noel’s company gives contributors the authority and generates money by serving as a middleman.

Donors provide samples, DNA Simple compensates them, and the data is subsequently sold to the study’s sponsor. Noel believes that a Shark can help him manage expansion and gain market share in a constantly changing industry.

He walks in with the intention of exchanging $100,000 for 12.5% of his firm.

He believes that pandemics will occur in the future, and that scientists will be able to identify them only via the use of DNA.

Before giving out free samples of his kits, he explains what he does and how his firm works. A study match nets the charity $155 in revenue.

The kits cost $12.50, and he, of course, gives the client $50. He’s already matched 500 studies, earning $30,000 in sales.

The Sharks have been impressed by Oliver’s ability to intelligently answer all of his queries.

Richard makes a $100,000 bid for a fourth of the firm. Mark bursts in with a $200,000 offer for a 20% share. Mark agrees with Oliver’s 15% counter-argument.

What Happened to DNA Simple After the Shark Tank pitch?

The start-up has 130,000 samples in its database by the end of 2017, owing in part to Shark Tank coverage.

Their target of 100,000 people was exceeded.

They hoped to have more than a million samples by 2018.

They have started taking samples from Canada.

It was weird to hear Noel predict the 2020 pandemic! The firm is still in existence and has a market capitalization of $1.3 million as of June 2021.

What is the Net Worth of DNA Simple?

The firm is worth $1.3 million as of 2021.

Who are the Competitors of DNA Simple?

DNA Simple does not have any competition.

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Who founded DNA Simple?

DNA simple was founded by Oliver Noel.

How does DNA Simple works?

Donors sign up on the internet and supply some basic medical information.

Then they go through a list of studies and apply to the ones that interest them.

If they are accepted for a research, they will be given a saliva kit and $50. They are compensated for delivering the sample.

Where is DNA Simple located?

DNA Simple is headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Great Lakes Region of the United States.

What is the net worth of DNA Simple?

The corporation is worth $1.3 million as of June 2021.

When did DNA Simple Shark Tank Episode air?

On November 17, 2017, Season 9 Episode 10 aired.

Did they make a shark tank deal?

Yes, Mark Cuban agreed to contribute $100,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the firm.


What’s DNA Simple’s Business Model?

They’re paying them to spit in a tube… Researchers receive the samples they require, and they are compensated for their efforts. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What were the Sharks’ offers for DNA Simple?

Shark Guests Richard Branson was the first to make an offer, then Mark Cuban stepped in and finalized the transaction with the inventor of DNA Simple.

Did DNA Simple get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Mark Cuban made a surprising and significant offer to DNA Simple.

What happened to DNA simple after Shark Tank?

The publicity from the Shark Tank broadcast, as well as advice from Mark Cuban, undoubtedly aided DNA Simple in moving their firm ahead.

How much is DNA Simple worth now?

Interestingly, Mark Cuban’s $200,000 investment for 15% interest in the firm improved the value of his company by more than $500,000.

DNA Simple is now worth at least $1.3 million as a result of Cuban’s investment.

Is DNA Simple still in business today?

Yes, the company is still in operation.

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