What Happened to Daisy cakes After Shark Tank pitch?

What is Daisy cake?

Daisy Cakes is a dessert business with a southern twist and a personal touch.

The firm, which is situated in South Carolina, bakes each cake by hand, fresh to order, and ships it all over the United States.

The business presently offers four-layer cakes and “Cake in a Jar” Minikins, as well as gluten-free and vegan versions.

Among the flavours available are Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, South Carolina Peaches and Cream, and Chocolate & Marshmallow Fluff.

They also have a recipe book accessible on their website for individuals who want to try their hand at baking.

Who Founded Daisy Cakes?

Daisy Cakes was founded by Kim Nelson.

Kim resigned her job at a small business in May of 2009.

My parents gave me $93,000 to start the firm.

I made a website and went out to get a professional mixer, supplies, cake pans, and shipping containers.

By June, Kim had taken over Daisy Cakes on a full-time basis.

Kim Nelson, proprietor of Daisy Cakes, made it to Shark Tank prime time with a cake recipe passed down from grandmother to grandmother.

Her sweaty Southern charm, relentless work ethic, and forethought drew the Sharks in.

Once she was focused, she dished up her wonderful delicacies, all the while watching Shark after Shark gulp up every last crumb on each platter.

Kim used to sell her cakes on her website, wrapping them in dry ice and shipping them all over the world.

She was also striving to get her handmade lemon curd on Whole Foods Market shelves.

The recipes were passed down to her by her mother and Great Aunt Daisy, hence the name.

What Happened to Daisy cakes at the Shark Tank pitch?

Kim came to the Tank looking for a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 25% ownership in the firm.

Daisy Cakes make a good profit: they cost $18 to make and $44 to sell.

In the three months preceding up to filming, she sold around $27,000 in products.

Kim makes all of her cakes in the United States, including the materials, packing, and shipping containers.

The Sharks’ major fear is that Kim will be able to meet increased demand as a two-person business.

Mr. Wonderful and Kevin Harrington both agree the firm is too small to thrive and will demand too much work; they are leaving.

Daymond and Robert reach an agreement and depart, leaving Barbara Corcoran behind.

Despite the fact that all of the lads have left, Barbara discovers that they have finished their cake! She likes Kim (and the cake) and believes the commitment to manufacturing in the US is a great idea.

Barbara offers Kim $50,000 in exchange for a quarter-share of the firm and a one-dollar-per-cake royalty until her investment is repaid.

Barbara accepts Kim’s offer, and the two ladies begin strategizing ways to help Daisy Cakes grow.

What Happened to Daisy cakes After Shark Tank pitch?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Kim obtained commercial kitchen space and began creating Daisy Cakes by the TON.

Barbara has repaid her investment by selling more than $100,000 every month.

Daisy Cakes have been purchased in all 50 states, and the brand’s popularity is growing.

This is one of Barbara’s most profitable deals to date.

It just goes to show that if you want to win over a Shark, give them cake!

Kim provided an update on Daisy Cakes, stating that it had been difficult to outsource her recipes. The corporation sustained a $165,000 loss as a result of a contract bakery’s mistakes.

Daisy Cakes have sold well since she relocated production closer to home, where she can keep an eye on things.

Kim has put the firm back on track and profitable.

She’s closer to her production plant, and previous quality control difficulties are no longer an issue.

In 2019, she opened a second bakery in Las Vegas to reduce shipping costs for orders from the west coast.

She is still in business, with an annual income of $4 million as of July 2021.

What is the Net Worth of Daisy cakes?

The net value of the company is estimated to be $3 million.

Who are the Competitors of Daisy cakes?

Daisy cakes does not have any competition.

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Daisy cakes FAQS

What year was Daisy Cakes started?

Daisy Cakes began in 2009.

Where is Daisy Cakes’s headquarters?

Daisy Cakes’ headquarters are in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

How long do Daisy Cakes last?

1 week stored at room temperature Refrigerate for 2 weeks. Three months in the freezer

What is the price of a daisy cake?

Daisy Cakes are $44.50 each.

How did Daisy Cakes do after shark tank?

Nelson went from selling 2,000 cakes each year to selling 2,000 cakes in a single day after appearing on “Shark Tank.”

Where is Daisy Cakes from?

Kim Nelson developed Daisy Cakes in Pauline, SC, following the traditions and recipes passed down to her by her mother Geraldine and Great Aunt Daisy.

What is the size of a Daisy Cake?

Their cakes are larger than 8 inches in diameter and over 4 inches in height, and they feed 16 to 20 people.

How are Daisy Cakes prepared?

Daisy’s cakes are completely hand-sifted, baked from scratch using all-natural ingredients, and topped with a whole lotta Southern love.

What is their current shipping schedule?

Currently, they ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

They are only able to accept online orders for the following week due to increased demand and to ensure that their cake is created and transported with care.

Please call their office if they want expedited service, and they will try their best to accommodate them.

Do they ship to other countries?

They are now only shipping to the United States.

Do they ship to P.O. Boxes?

For the time being, they may only ship to actual addresses, as needed by their freight business.

Daisy Cakes takes corporate orders.

Daisy Cakes make wonderful year-round presents for their staff and clients.

There are corporate discounts available. They may reach them by phone at 877-316-CAKE (2253) or 864-595-7440.

They will gladly discuss customized price and delivery with them.

What is Daisy Cakes Cancellation Policy?

To change, postpone or cancel their order is not a problem.

Simply provide them with 48 hours’ notice to make the modifications, and they will provide them a full refund.

No changes can be made once the order has been shipped.

Did Daisy cakes secure a deal with Sharks?

Daisy Cakes struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who agreed to invest $50,000 in return for a 25% stake in the firm in order to appear on the show.

Have there been any lawsuits?

Kim Nelson continues to use recipes passed down from her mother and aunt. She has no pending patents or trademarks.

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