What Happened to Crio Bru After Shark Tank?

What is Crio Bru?

Crio Bru is made similarly to coffee, but with the aroma and flavor of dark hot chocolate. It is made from cocoa beans and has no sugar, salt, cholesterol, caffeine, or other harmful components.

It also includes theobromine, a natural stimulant that is milder than caffeine but lasts longer in your system and has the same mood-boosting effects.

Dr. Eric Durtschi and Jon Fotheringham created Crio Bru. Eric is a chiropractor who graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic with honors.

Prior to starting the firm, he had a successful practice in Missouri for four years. He continues to work at Crio Bru and has been elevated to CEO.

Who is the founder of Crio Bru?

Dr. Eric Durtschi and Jon Fotheringham founded Crio Bru. Eric is a chiropractor who graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic with honors.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Utah. He worked as an account executive before to founding the business. He was the CEO but stepped down a few years ago and now works in management for Adobe.

It all started in the founders’ garage for their friends, toasting cocoa beans on an outside grill. Eric had some knowledge of the coffee industry and considered him a connoisseur after years of traveling and tasting various types. Jon was also a coffee connoisseur.

Durtschi’s father worked for Russell Stover, the boxed chocolate juggernaut. That’s where his love of chocolate and cooking recipes using cocoa came from.

After earning a Doctor of Chiropractic, he wondered, “What if cocoa beans could be brewed just like coffee beans?” That was the start of the business.

Crio Bru takes its name from the Criollo bean, which is often regarded as the “best” chocolate bean available. Fresh brewed cocoa is a super food: it has few calories, no sugar, fat, dairy, salt, cholesterol, and only a trace of caffeine. It is also high in antioxidants, theobromine, and other vitamins and minerals.

What Happened to Crio Bru’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

In episode 26 of Season 5, Jon Fotheringham and Dr. Eric Durtschi introduce Crio Bru, a roasted cocoa drink that you brew like coffee, to the world and the Shark Tank. Fotheringham and Durtschi are looking for the Sharks to help with national retail distribution.

Jon and Eric entered the Shark Tank seeking for $1 million investment in exchange for a 10% stake in their business, worth $10 million.

The Sharks were dissatisfied with the valuation. Before handing out samples, the men make their pitch and recount their story.

The product was disliked by three Sharks, which was the worst thing that can happen to a food or beverage company. Robert shouted, Mark yelled “OH!” and grimaced, and Daymond also made a noise.

These three Sharks were quickly quit. Barbara and Kevin were eager to follow in a brief segment. Finally, the two exited the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Crio Bru After Shark Tank?

Many people appreciate the Bru, despite the Sharks’ disdain for it. The company is still in business, and you can buy their products online at their website, through e-retailers like Amazon, and in stores all around the world.

They’ve expanded their product portfolio to include a variety of roast flavors as well as branded goods. Eric continues to travel the world in search of new culinary concepts. Durtschi is CEO until December 2021, and their annual revenue is $3 million.

Crio Bru’s Competitors

In the market, the Crio Bru is up against a slew of competitors. Callebaut, Cacao Barry, Kara’s Cupcakes, Pronatec, Cargill Germany, Lindt Chocolate World, Guittard Chocolate, and the International Cocoa Initiative are among them.

Crio Bru’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $10 million during and after the pitch, and since then the company has a net worth of $15 million as of December 2021.

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Crio Bru FAQs

How does it taste?

Crio Bru tastes like caramel-y hot chocolate. It is creamy, smooth and sweet with a hint of spice.

What ingredients are in it?

Crio Bru has just the right amount of cocoa powder, sugar and spices to give it the desired taste. There is no dairy, salt, cholesterol, caffeine and all other harmful ingredients found in regular hot chocolate.

Does it contain fat or cholesterol?

There is no fat or cholesterol found in Credo Bru!

How long does it take to drink?

It takes 15 minutes to get the full benefits of Crio Bru.

How do you brew it?

The instructions say simply, “Pour hot water over a teabag in a mug or bowl and rinse teabag with hot water.” This will yield the perfect, creamy tasting tea with a subtle cocoa flavor.

Can you drink Crio Bru daily?

You can! It has all the benefits of a cup of coffee or tea without any caffeine.

What is the health benefit of drinking Crio Bru?

Credo Bru aids in digestive health, cardiovascular health, healthy circulation, increased energy and reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. Also, it helps improve your immune system and metabolism!

What is the best way to enjoy it?

The best way to enjoy Crio Bru is hot or warm.

How long can Crio Bru be stored?

Crio Bru should be stored in a cool dry place away from light and moisture. Refrigerate after opening. Once opened, it can be stored at room temperature and will last for 1-2 weeks only!

Does Crio Bru contain dairy?

No, Crio Bru does not contain any dairy or cholesterol.

How much caffeine is in Crio Bru?

There is a dose of natural stimulant in Crio Bru because the dark chocolate flavoring contains small amounts of caffeine. However, it has no calories, sugar or fat. Not only that but it’s also 100% free of dairy and cholesterol! That makes too many creams or things with added sugar and fat that are full of unhealthy stuff.

Does Crio Bru help with weight loss?

Studies have shown that those who drink the cocoa beverage on a regular basis lost an average of 3 pounds within the first three months.

How does Crio Bru help us detoxify?

Crio Bru aids in digestive health and improves circulation by stimulating colon and lower intestine activity.

Is Crio Bru good for the heart?

Crio Bru improves cardiovascular health by feeding the cells with antioxidants that are found in dark chocolate.

Where can I buy Crio Bru?

Customers can purchase Crio Bru on their official website or they could check at specialty and natural food stores for the nearest and most convenient location of their choice.

What is the expiration date of Crio Bru?

The “Best By” date is indicated on the package and carton.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Customers can pay by cash, check or credit card.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Orders placed at the Amazon marketplace are typically delivered within 3-5 business days depending on their location.

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