What Happened to Cozy Bug After Shark Tank?

What is Cozy Bug?

Cozy Bug was a company that made pillowcase gowns that were more sophisticated and colorful for small girls to wear.

The company was founded by Aly Lessor of Los Angeles, California. Aly Lessor is a mother who values traditional clothing.

She wished to put her own take on traditional Southern pillowcase gowns, making them more beautiful and colorful for little girls to wear.

Aly reinvented a simple childhood wardrobe staple into something all her own. Zulilly’s Cozy Bug brand had a sluggish start.

All of the pillowcase costumes she made were from scratch, and it began as a hobby for her and her daughter, but it quickly turned into much more.

Who is the founder of Cozy Bug?

Aly Lassor founded Cozy Bug in Los Angeles, California in 2012. Aly Lessor, a Cozy Bug business owner, creates pillow case dresses or pillow case dress inspired clothes.

Pillowcase dresses have long been a favorite of artisans, especially in the South.

Women have been making pillowcase gowns for years; Aly just upscale the concept and began selling her Cozy Bug ensembles on Zulily and, eventually, on her own website.


Cozy Bug gowns, named after Lessor’s child, are available in a range of vibrant colors and patterns. The outfits may grow with the child due to the adjustable ribbons. Aly is also developing a line called Dance Bug.

A portion of the company’s profits are contributed to purchase livestock for impoverished African villages and to aid African women who have been abused.

What Happened to Cozy Bug’s pitch on Shark Tank?

Lessor desires to expand and grow her company. Not just for own growth, but also to help other women in need. That is why she opted to pitch her Cozy Bug firm to Shark Tank investors in Season 4 Episode 5.

Aly entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in her company, which valued at $200,000.

She claims to have sold $300,000 worth of dresses in a single month. Cozy Bug gowns cost $6 to make and sell for $28 to $40.

Aly also sells accessories for garments. Mark feels she was trying to accomplish too much and should focus on the clothing; he exits.

Robert isn’t a fashionista and has nothing to give; he also went out.

Mr. Wonderful offers $50,000 for NO equity, but he wants a $2 royalty on each dress until he’s paid back, then $1 every dress for the rest of his life.

Lori offers $50,000 in exchange for 30% stake and pledges to make Aly a billionaire.

Daymond proposes to Lori and informs Aly that his fashion experience is more valued than hers.

Daymond and Lori were fighting back and forth. Lori writes a check on the spot and threatens to revoke her offer.

Aly accepts Daymond’s offer of $50,000 for 30% equity shares and exits the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Cozy Bug After Shark Tank?

There was absolutely little news about Cozy Bug once the deal with Daymond was concluded in the months after this event.

The website continued to sell gowns, and they might occasionally be seen on Zulily, but there was little post-Shark Tank hype.

The company’s Facebook page is empty, their Twitter profile hasn’t tweeted once, and the website, which looks to have been somewhat re-vamped, had no Shark Tank news until Aly appeared on a CNN News “Making it in America” piece on February 21, 2013.

She described how the business was growing with the assistance of its new partner, Daymond John. On February 22, 2013, Daymond and Aly appeared on The View together, indicating that they are on the mend.

Since then, the company’s website has been completely redesigned, and Shark Tank references can be seen everywhere.

In an episode 712 update piece, Daymond hosts Bombas, Myself Belts, Sun-Stanches, and Cozy Bug in an entrepreneur workshop on expanding internet sales.

Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito is cooking for the group and advising them on social media. Firms, he claims, must constantly engage followers in order to grow revenue.

They have a nice meal, and Daymond reveals that these companies have achieved more than $11 million in sales since appearing on Shark Tank. He feels they are all progressing to a higher level.

Cozy Bug gowns are now available at Walmart and on Overstock.com, demonstrating Aly and Daymond’s success.

Aly left the firm in October 2015 to start Mom365, a newborn photography company with over 1900 infant photographers around the country.

Cozy Bug’s Competitors

Girls’ Sheets Gowns is a company that sells comparable items.

Cozy Bug’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $200,000; following Daymond’s investment, the company was valued at $166,667. Because the firm has been closed since October 2015, the net worth of the company is unknown.

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Cozy Bug FAQs

Where was Cozy Bug based?

Cozy Bug started in Los Angeles, California. The company first opened its doors at 221 Oxnard St. in Los Angeles on August 9, 2012, a couple of months after Aly Lessor founded it.

Who was the investor for Cozy Bug?

The investor for Cozy Bug was Daymond John of FUBU fame.

What are the dimensions of Cozy Bug costumes?

Cozy Bug gowns are adjustable, according to the website. The gowns have an approximate length of 26 inches and they’re approximately 44 inches long when a child is wearing them.

What was Cozy Bug gowns made of?

Cozy Bug gowns are made of 100% cotton.

How are Cozy Bug gowns different?

Cozy Bug gowns are not just modern pieces of apparel; they’re comfortable, practical plus-sized articles of clothing made from old t-shirts and vests.

Who was the Cozy Bug model?

The Cozy Bug model was Aly Lessor’s own two-year-old daughter.

Was Cozy Bug reusable?

Yes, Cozy Bug gowns are a second hand product and are considered reusable.

Was Cozy Bug washable?

The company recommends washing Cozy Bug articles in cold water and drying them on low heat.

Was Cozy Bug durable?

The garments were said to be durable and comfortable, according to the website.

Can you customize Cozy Bug costumes?

No. What you see is what you get.

Is Cozy Bug a licensed product?

The company was contracted by apparel companies to create a new line of trendy dresses. The firm is also available in stores across the United States, such as Walmart and Overstock.com.

What was the shipping cost of Cozy Bug?

Cozy Bug sells for $28 in the United States, with free shipping.

What was the return policy of Cozy Bug?

Cozy Bug products were shipped from the United States and came with a 60-day return policy.

How were Cozy Bug costumes worn?

The costumes cost between $6 and $28 and are meant to be worn as outerwear in the home.

What were the payment methods accepted by Cozy Bug?

The business accepted all major credit cards.

What was the weight of a Cozy Bug gown?

The weight of a Cozy Bug article of clothing depends on the size and design. It ranges from approximately 16 to 24 ounces, or 0.5 to 0.7 kilograms.

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