What Happened to Cow Wow Cereal Milk after Shark Tank?

What is Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Cow Wow Cereal Milk was a brand of single-serve, ready-to-drink flavored milk cartons that tasted like the bottom of a cereal dish. Cow Wow has nine essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, and protein, and just 6g of organic cane sugar.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk has bottled that cereal milk and made it more nutritious. Cow Wow is aimed towards young, developing children, and Chris and Tiffany encourage them to try it by telling them a story.

When a dairy farm ran short of hay, the farmers raided the cupboard and fed grain to their cows. The next morning, when they milked their cows, the milk tasted sweet and lovely, just like cereal milk.

Organic milk cartons with single servings include milk that tastes like the milk at the bottom of a cereal dish. Cow Wow, with flavors like Fruity Trudy and Peanut Butter Bessy, is sure to please even the pickiest kids when it comes to milk.

Who is the founder of Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Christopher Pouy, a former advertising copywriter aiming to capitalize on a childhood love, launched Cow Wow Cereal Milk in Los Angeles.

Chris and Tiffany were disappointed with the conventional flavored milk on the market and believed that children needed additional flavored milk alternatives.

That’s what prompted them to flavor their all-natural product with “the most significant section of the bowl.” Each Cow Wow contains a high concentration of vitamins, is low in fat, and is USDA certified organic.

Kids now have another healthful choice when they’re on the go. It is widely available in Kroger, Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Quality Food Center, Smith’s, Dillon Stores, Baker’s, King Soopers, City Market, and Fry’s locations in the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest.

What Happened to Cow Wow Cereal Milk at Shark Tank pitch?

Chris Pouy and Tiffany Panhilason choose to present Cow Wow Cereal Milk on Shark Tank Episode 516. They were looking for a strategic partner to help with increasing distribution as well as an investment to help support manufacturing.

Chris and Tiffany arrived on Shark Tank in seeking of a $250,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in their business, worth $2.5 million.

Tiffany gives out samples of the flavored milk; while Chris points out that each serving has 20 grams of sugar, compared to 14 grams in plain milk.


The vast majority of Sharks believe that “cereal milk” is something that “everyone appreciates.” Daymond John dislikes it since he is lactose intolerant.

They’re currently available at Bristol Farms and certain Albertsons stores. They have an additional $100,000 offer on the table.

When the pair argues that the food does not need to be refrigerated but is in the refrigerated section for flavor improvement, Mark Cuban expresses worry.

Cow Wow competes with larger companies that provide flavored milk and have enormous expenditures. Mark Cuban went out because he believes the obstacles are too significant.

Daymond John is concerned about child obesity and believes that the calorie count per dish is excessive. He’s out

Chris highlights that Cow Wow includes no artificial ingredients and has the “cleanest label in flavored milk” on the market, with the lowest sugar proportion. Lori Greiner does not like milk. She’s also goes out.

Steve Tisch likes the concept and branding, but he doesn’t like for the flavor. He’s also goes out.

Cow Wow has “no chance in hell” of gaining market share in the already crowded flavored milk sector, according to Kevin O’Leary. Cow Wow leaves the Tank without a Shark deal.

What happened to Cow Wow Cereal Milk after it was shown on Shark Tank?

Chris said after exiting the Shark Tank stage that the Sharks were “just too ancient” to appreciate Cow Wow’s appeal.

The Shark Tank effect improved sales, and the pair was able to sign a contract with Kroger as a result of the program. The product was then distributed at other merchants in the Midwest, Northwest, and Southeast.

It’s no longer available on Amazon, where it garnered a lukewarm response. Tutti Fruiti earned just two reviews, one of which was five stars and the other was one star. Cow Wow may appeal to mothers looking for a lower-sugar substitute for their children’s favorite flavored milks, but the market for sweetened “healthy” drinks is modest.

The Sharks may be “too old” for Cow Wow, but this is one opportunity they would have been foolish to turn down. During its peak, the milk was sold in 900 stores across the country. Chris shut down the firm in 2014, not long after the show aired.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk’s Competitors

Nesquik was Cow Cow Cereal Milk’s main competitor.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $2.5 million during and after the pitch; however, the company went out of business in 2014, therefore the company’s net worth is unavailable.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk FAQs

What exactly is Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Cow Wow was a brand of single-serve, ready-to-drink flavored milk cartons that tasted like the bottom of a cereal dish. It contains six to eight organic cane sugars and is prepared with 100% Grade A milk.

It’s available in nine varieties, including Chocolate Cookie Milk and Peanut Butter Bessy.

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Who is the inventor?

Christopher Pouy and his wife, Tiffany Panhilason, invented Cow Wow Cereal Milk. The headquarters of the corporation are in Los Angeles, California.

How much were they seeking on Shark Tank?

They wanted $250,000 in return for a 10% stake in the firm, which was worth $2.5 million.

Were they able to close the deal?

No, there was no deal on Shark Tank.

Is Cow Wow Cereal Milk still in operation?

After the pitch, Chris and Tiffany announced that they will be discontinuing production of Cow Wow in 2014.

Is Cow Wow, as well as any of their other tastes, available on Amazon?

Cow Wow is not available on Amazon.com or any of the other stores listed on the company’s website.

Where was Cow Wow Cereal Milk located?

Cow Wow was sold at over 900 retail locations around the country, including Albertsons and Bristol Farms, as well as online at Amazon.

What is the sugar content of Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

The sugar amount of Cow Wow varies by taste. Several include less sugar than regular milk products, while others contain more. The quantity of saturated fat and calories in the product are listed on the top of the carton.

What stores sell Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Cow Wow was offered in the United States at Target, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and other shops.

What is the net worth of Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

The net worth of Cow Wow Cereal Milk is not available.

Was Cow Wow Cereal Milk delivered?

The goods had been shipped and were ready to be delivered to the customers.

Where can I find out how many times Cow Wow Cereal Milk has been seen on Shark Tank?

Cow Wow has been seen 696 times on Shark Tank episode 516 as of 2019.

Was it safe to drink Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Cow Wow is completely safe to consume. It features no artificial ingredients, a clear label, and only one gram of sugar per serving.

What was Cow Wow Cereal Milk’s tagline?

The tagline for Cow Wow is “like milk, but better.” It has the taste of your favorite cereal. Chocolate Cookie Milk and Peanut Butter Bessy are two of the nine flavors available.

What were the components in Cow Wow Cereal Milk?

Cow Wow contains 100 percent Grade milk, seven to eight organic cane sugars, and no artificial additives.

How did Cow Wow Cereal Milk taste?

Once the product is ready to consume, the flavor does not change. The taste varies depending on the flavor. They came in cartons of six to eight separate 32-ounce portions, and you could drink one without combining it with anything else.

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