What Happened to Controlled Chaos After Shark Tank?

What is Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is a singular, one-of-a-kind product/brand that fills the natural gas in the hair and allows curls to set without frizz.

For numerous years, Alanna York, who owns a hair salon in Portland, Maine, has sold her own hair care line. Her hallmark item is a styling crème made particularly for curly hair.

It’s also non-greasy and makes hair bigger and more voluminous. The cream is also a source of contention. It’s a unique and appealing product.

There is only one issue. York maintains that her product is entirely natural and has no synthetic chemicals or fillers.

All of the materials she uses are obtained from nature. She creates her own shear butter and coconut oil, for example, without the use of any chemicals or additions.

Who is the founder of Controlled Chaos?

Alanna York founded Controlled Chaos, owns a hair salon in Portland, Maine, and has had her own hair care line for numerous years. Her hallmark item is a styling crème made particularly for curly hair.

For many years, York has sold hair care products through her business. For a few years, she had been experimenting with all-natural, vegan hair care products to market to stylists when she decided to focus her branding and message on the tumultuous world of curly hair.

Controlled Chaos maintains its claim to be an ecologically sustainable and cruelty-free company, believing that all parts of one’s life should be treated with respect and love.

This is reasonable if York was running a business, but not for a product she is offering as an alternative hair care treatment for curly hair.

York thinks that all areas of a person’s life should be addressed with respect and affection. A week before the episode aired, her social media presence and website were not even up and operating!

What Happened to Controlled Chaos at Shark pitch?

In episode 13 of Season 7 of Controlled Chaos on Shark Tank, Alanna and Maureen pitch their idea to the Sharks in order to get inventory and market penetration.

Maureen and Alanna entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $50,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in the firm, which worth $250,000.

They begin by asking whether you’ve ever heard of a bad hair day, but have you ever heard of a bad hair life? They’ve been teased their entire lives because of their wild curly hair. Unlike other curl products, Controlled Chaos does not leave hair crusty.

Curls are not a curse, as the Sharks illustrate by rubbing their hands through their hair with both types of curly gel. Controlled Chaos offers a more laid-back tone.

They’ve made $300,000 in sales to hair salons. In 2007, they had a distribution deal, but their distributor required a big quantity of products. Last year, they generated $85,000 in sales.

They stopped advertising and selling because they ran out of money, but Alanna thinks she’s a natural businesswoman, which Mark disputes.

Kevin asks sarcastically how the pitch was going after Alanna reveals she has committed more than $300,000 to it. Every year, the salon generates more than $1 million.

Lori feels that every salon owner want their own brand; why market just one product? Alanna has a purchase order with a national distributor if they change the packaging.

Kevin claims to have curly hair but that it was fairly short, and he’d like to know what they’d do with the money.

Mark reacts to Alanna’s conviction in her product by saying, “I don’t invest in believe, I invest in DO.”

Kevin states that half of all women have curly hair and that the product is fantastic, but the curls are too chaotic.

Kevin provides $50,000 for 50% stock shares after a little gap, but he was uninterested in any extra goods.

Mark tells them to say yes before they are persuaded otherwise. Lori proposes $51,000 in return for 50% ownership of the firm. Barbara provides $50,000 in exchange for 51% ownership of the firm but just one-third of the revenue; she believes in them.

Lori updated her offer to $60,000 for 50% equity shares and promises to be able to shift a lot of products; she will also help with package designs.

Robert exits after declaring that he has three strong offers. Alanna claims she’s been watching QVC for two years in her head and accepts Lori’s offer. They eventually left the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Controlled Chaos After Shark Tank?

Lori’s deal never came to fruition as the two left the pitch with a deal. In the two months following the first air date, Controlled Chaos sold about 10,000 units of curl crème. Other goods in her range performed admirably as well.

To deal with the increased sales volume, the company constructed an independent distribution facility and hired a large number of new employees.

Arrangements for retail distribution, including Canadian distributors, are in the works. Online sales have also increased significantly. Alanna looks to have reclaimed command of her business!

As of December 2021, she is still in business and has an Amazon store. The yearly revenue of the corporation is $3.5 million.

Controlled Chaos’s Competitors

Controlled Chaos has a slew of competitors on the market. These include, among others, Scientifically Prove, DigixArt Studio, Strengths in Numbers Game Studio, Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, and What IF STUDIO.

Controlled Chaos’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $250,000. Because the firm has been operating well in sales, with annual revenue of $3.5 million in 2021, the company’s net worth might have been higher.

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Controlled Chaos FAQs

How to Use Controlled Chaos?

Apply a small amount of the mousse to wet hair. Section hair, detangle and apply additional mousse as needed to ensure sections are saturated. Scrunch or finger-comb sectioned curls through the mousse. Let hair dry naturally or with a diffuser.

For touch-up styling, apply a small amount of the mousse throughout damp hair. Scrunch sections with fingers, then let air dry (with a diffuser) or blow dry as desired.

Does Controlled Chaos Work?

The formula on the market is designed to moisturize, soften and add shine to your hair. The ingredients include water, vegetable glycerin, hydrolyzed oats protein, avocado oil, glycerol stearate (an emollient), stearic acid (a fatty acid), soybean protein and other elements that are meant to moisturize and improve the condition of your hair.

What is Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is a curl crème that aims to improve the look of your hair. The product was created and produced by Maureen Kelly and Alanna Weiss.

Where to Buy Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is available for sale on Amazon as an add-on item, selling for $22.30. The product might also be on sale from the brand’s official website, controlledchaosbeauty.com.

What is the Cost of Controlled Chaos?

The price for a 1.4 ounce bottle of curl crème is $22.30 for Controlled Chaos, with free shipping offered on Amazon. The product might be available from the brand’s official website as well, controlledchaosbeauty.com.

How to Use Controlled Chaos?

Apply a small amount of the mousse to wet hair. Section hair, detangle and apply additional mousse as needed to ensure sections are saturated.

Does Controlled Chaos Work?

Controlled Chaos is supposed to contain ingredients that moisturize and improve the condition of the hair.

Is Controlled Chaos safe foe hair?

The product is free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates. It is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Controlled Chaos has been created with certified ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals that might damage the hair.

Who are the target audience of Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is marketed to the target audience of women with curly hair. The product is not meant for people with straight or wavy hair.

How Does Controlled Chaos Work?

Controlled Chaos is a curl crème and a styling product intended for those who have curly hair. The beauty of the product is that it can be applied to wet hair, but it can also be used as a styling aid by straightening the ends of the curls while they’re still moist.

How do I make payment to Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos accepts payments via major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. The company uses Secure Payment Verification (SPV) to prevent fraud.

Can I cancel my purchase?

The company allows shoppers to return purchases within 30 days of receiving them, even if they aren’t defective or broken.

Customers can also return a product for any reason within 45 days after receiving it; the manufacturer doesn’t ask for proof of purchase in order to process a refund.

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