What Happened to Clean Sleep after the Shark Pitch?

What is Clean Sleep?

Clean Sleep is a 16-foot truck outfitted with equipment that cleans beds of dust mites, dead skin, and bed bugs.”

The truck uses UV light, dry steam, a vacuum, infrared heat, and antibacterial nanotechnology to disinfect a mattress in 15 minutes.

A box truck transports the cleaning apparatus to your location. Clean Sleep caters to both residential and commercial clients. They help to construct clean, sanitary operating rooms and patient rooms in hospitals.

They offer hotel and motel services. Clean Sleep is on hand to save the day wherever bed bugs may hide.

Who Created Clean Sleep?

Michael Ingle, a Dallas, Texas-based entrepreneur, created Clean Sleep. Michael recalls skipping home at the age of fourteen with only $120 in his pocket.

He then moved into his grandparents’ home, which was a watershed moment in his life. He observed that there are two types of people in the world: those who see events unfold and those who instigate events.

Michael aspired to be someone who could bring about change. He began working for Boeing at the age of sixteen and moved through six different engineering divisions.

Michael understood after five and a half years that working for someone else was not for him.

What happened to Clean Sleep on Shark Tank?

Michael comes on Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 18 looking for $1.5 million in return for 15% of his company. This suggests a $10 million valuation. He starts by claiming that Clean Sleep will change the way you sleep at night.

Michael follows with a sequence of images that demonstrate how each mattress functions as a massive sponge, absorbing bacteria, dirt, and human waste.

After that, Michael introduces the Clean Sleep mattress cleaning machine, which he says is 99 percent effective in removing bacteria, viruses, mildew, dust mites, and bed bugs from mattresses.

UV light, dry steam, and power vacuums are used in the 15-minute operation.

He is now in charge of two trucks. When the product is displayed, Robert seems impressed.

Michael recalls falling asleep on his mattress roughly eight years ago, when his bed linens were still drying, and being surprised by how filthy it was.

He recommends cleaning a home customer’s mattress every six months.

The company works with 30 hotels and has saved one of them $100,000 by washing and disinfecting their mattresses instead of replacing them.

People, he claims, often change their sheets but never clean their mattresses.

Robert inquires about the service’s pricing, to which Michael says that the standard charge is $89.95.

Mr. Wonderful thinks it’s ridiculously cheap.

Robert is interested in the prior year’s sales. Michael says he is currently in the process of selling his first franchise for $435,000. In the previous eighteen months, Michael’s automobile sales alone topped $100,000.

In his first year in operation, he made $75,000 in sales and broke even. Lori suggests he sell the equipment to hotels.

Michael narrates his life. When he was 14, he ran away from home and called an aunt in San Antonio for a place to stay.

She took him to his grandparents, and it was then that he realized there are those who witness events and those who make them; he wanted to be the latter. Boeing employed him, and he obtained a “Masters in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.”

Mark adds that leasing the equipment to hospitals and conducting a trial program would be another source of revenue for the company.

Mark likes the idea and says he’d be interested if you asked for $150,000 for another vehicle; he’s gone, but Michael tells him he’ll be a client.

Robert argues that there are two sorts of proofs of concept: technical and business and the longer Michael spoke, the less he liked the company; he leaves.

Barbara claims she has a long way to go before seeing a return; she has left. Lori thinks it’s fantastic, but it’ll take a long time; she’s leaving.

Mr. Wonderful claims that he must pay $1.5 million to find out what he does not know, and so he is out.

Michael departs the shark tank, taking all of the good with him.

What Happened to Clean Sleep Following the Shark Pitch?

Despite the fact that Michael and his company, Clean Sleep, did not get a contract on Shark Tank, he has not given up on his goal of becoming a household brand and expanding the business across the United States.

In the Texas area, he has begun franchising and contracting with hotels.

While the Sharks did not take an interest in Clean Sleep, the company has acquired a footing in the hotel service business.

He has the ability to utterly dominate his area in the future.

This company was still in business in April 2021, with annual sales of $2.7 million.

What is the Net Worth of Clean Sleep

Michael comes on Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 18 looking for $1.5 million in return for 15% of his company. This suggests a $10 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Clean Sleep?

Clean Sleep does not have any competitors.

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Clean Sleep FAQS

1. What is the annual revenue of Clean Sleep?

The annual revenue of Clean Sleep is $2.7 million as of April 2021.

2. Has Clean Sleep done any franchise deals for hotel services?

Clean Sleep has done franchise deals for hotel services in the Texas area, with 12 hotels to its name as of April 2021.

3. What is Clean Sleep’s website?

The website of Clean Sleep is www.cleansleep.com

4. How much was Michael Ingle seeking in the Shark Tank?

Michael was seeking $1.5 million in return for 15% of his company in the Shark Tank.

5. How much they get from the Tank?

Michael departs the shark tank without a deal from the Sharks.

6. When was clean sleep aired on Shark Tank?

Clean Sleep appeared on Shark Tank on February 19th, 2016

7. Who is the company’s CEO?

Michael Ingle is the CEO and founder of Clean Sleep Inc.

8. What are the products/services of Clean Sleep?

The products/services of Clean Sleep include mattress cleaning machines and bedsprings care.

9. What happened to Clean Sleep after the Tank?

Clean Sleep has expanded its operations, franchising in the Texas area along with contracting with hotels.

10. Where is clean sleep located?

Clean Sleep, headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, provides mobile mattress cleaning and sanitizing services for commercial, residential, and government clients.

11. What were the revenues of clean sleep in 2018?

The revenues of Clean Sleep in 2018 are $1.9 million.

12. How clean sleep services charges?

The charge for cleaning and sanitizing hotel mattress is $89.95.

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