What Happened to Chirps After Shark Tank?

What is Chirps?

Chirps Chips is a company that sells products with milled cricket powder. Its tortilla chips, for example, include the powder, as well as soy and grain.

According to the Chirps website, cricket powder is a great source of fiber, amino acids, protein, and prebiotics.

Laura D’Asaro, Rose Wang, and Meryl Natow founded Chirps. Most people are disgusted by the idea of eating bugs, but Chirps Chips are trying to change that.

Chirps Chips, a high-protein snack, are made using cricket flour. The chips are not only delicious and gluten-free, but each bag has 5g of protein per serving and is made from humanely harvested bugs.

Who is the founder of Chirps?

Laura D’Asaro, Rose Wang, and Meryl Natow founded Chirps. At Harvard University, Laura and Rose shared a dorm room.

Laura was a business student, whereas Rose studied psychology. Laura went on to get a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.

Meryl Natow, another Harvard alum and partner at Six Foods, does not appear onstage for the pitch.

Following Wang’s return from a trip to China, when she experienced and relished her first insect cuisine, a fried scorpion, the three friends began cooking bugs obtained from a local pet store.

Their findings motivated them to create Six Foods, which seeks to give Americans with insect-based delicacies.

Some Americans like the thing, or at least the notion; in 2014, they raised more than $70,000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Six Foods uses milled cricket flour to manufacture Chirps Chips and Chirps Cookies. Crickets are abundant in magnesium and provide all nine essential amino acids.

They’re also far better for the environment: a pound of cricket protein takes only one gallon of water to produce, whereas beef uses about 2000 gallons to produce the same amount of protein.

The corporation’s most challenging task is getting Americans to try its products. While billions of people across the world regularly consume a wide variety of insects, the practice has yet to catch on in the United States.

On the company’s website, a bag of Chirps costs $6.99. Six Foods is working on other cricket-related products, such as a bug burger.

What happened to Chirps during their pitch on Shark Tank?

In episode 14 of Season 8 of Chirps on Shark Tank, Laura and Rose chose to pitch their concept to Shark in order to assist them join big grocery chains.

Laura and Rose entered the Shark Tank presentation asking $100,000 in exchange for a 7% stake in their company worth $1.4 million.

They begin by exploring the challenges of persuading Americans to consume these sorts of food. Following that, there was a discussion of the long-term viability and protein power of crickets.

Their Chirps chips were an easy way to transmit bugs across the community. If it works, they can add bugs in it.

Even though each chip includes one bug, it tastes like any other chip. They hand out samples.

Barbara thinks the chips smell strange when they open the bag, but they’re delicious.

When Mark inquires about their business, they say that they have recently signed with two natural food wholesalers and have around 100 locations.

Sales are $200,000 this year, with a predicted $1.5 million due to placement in museums, zoos, aquariums, and theme parks.

Mark, who invested in Chapul, was very interested in the company and has offered $100,000 for 20% ownership shares, but he needs an answer right now.

Rose and Laura counter offer with $100,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership in their company, which Mark accepts, and they walk away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Chirps After Shark Tank?

Laura and Rose agreed to leave the pitch after the show aired. They finished their deal and expanded their distribution. In 2019, the company was awarded $20,000 at the SNAC Tank in Orlando, a Shark Tank-style competition for snack food entrepreneurs presented by Barbara Corcoran.

Since the deal with Mark, Chirps has released new products such as cupcake and cookie mixes, as well as cricket protein powder.

On a happier note, Chirps chips were used to make 5000 pounds of nachos, helping to break the Guinness World Record for largest nacho platter!

As of November 2021, the firm was still in existence. They even wrote a book for children! Their annual income is projected to be one million dollars.

Competitors of Chirps

Cosmonet Solutions, SCT Informatica, QuicSolv, and PRIMUS Techsystems are among Chirp’s main rivals.

Chirps’ Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $1.4 million; following Mark’s contribution, the company was valued at $666,667. The company’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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Chirps FAQs

What do Chirps do?

Chirps make chips and cookies out of cricket flour.

Why did Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang start Chirps?

The friends were experimenting with crickets to make new food ideas. They selected cricket chips because the idea was too good not to pursue.

Where is Chirps based?

Chirps are based in California.

How are the bugs harvested?

The bugs are not purchased, but found at local pet stores.

Are there any risks of consuming bugs?

Insects can be very uncomfortable to eat, and they can carry parasites. There is a risk of contamination with bacteria and bacteria that cause food poisoning.

People with allergies should also stay away from insects as they carry different allergens than other foods do. As many people like them or hate them, consuming insects violates cultural norms.

How is Chirps different from Chapul?

Chirps are a revolutionary new snack food with a chip alternative that actually tastes good! It’s different from Chapul because it uses cricket flour to make cookies and chips, which taste more like regular foods rather than the crickets themselves.

The cookies and chips are made with 100% cricket protein. Not only do the insects contain all nine essential amino acids, but they are also good sources of protein.

Why do crickets taste better than regular chips?

The cricket flour raw material is dried and milled into a fine powder, which is not different from other common foods.

The end result is a neutral, savory cricket-flavored chip with creamy texture. This snack food has an interesting texture that is crispy on the outside, but it’s soft like a tortilla because the insects are ground in whole form.

How are these bugs caught and processed?

The local pet store supplied bugs to the entrepreneurs.

What makes Chirps better than potato chips?

The chips are made with 100% cricket protein. They are healthier, more sustainable, and more nutritious than potato chips. They’re also high in protein and fiber and low in calories.

What is Cricket Flour made from? What’s in it?

Crickets have a similar anatomy, protein structure, and all nine essential amino acids to those of other animals.

The cricket flour is made from the insects’ collagen and chitin, which are edible protein molecules. The insects are dried, ground into a fine powder, and baked into chips or used to make chocolates.

How much does Chirps cost?

The company has been developing a variety of new products such as cookie and cupcake mixes. The official product selling price is $6.99.

How long does it take to develop?

The product is made in a large-scale facility, so the process of creating the cricket chips and cookies takes eight hours.

Where are they distributed?

Chirps’ products are available from local pet stores, grocery stores, and online retailers all over the United States. They have also expanded overseas to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The startup partners with wholesalers for international distribution.

Is Chirps good for health?

Chirps are a 100% cricket protein snack food. It does not contain any genetically modified organisms, so it’s free from artificial flavors and colors. The cricket flour is rich in many essential amino acids, iron, calcium, and zinc.


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