What Happened to Cheek’d After Shark Tank?

What is Cheek’d?

Cheek’d is an online dating experience that includes a personal contact prior to the courtship taking place online.

A subscriber would fill out an online form and then receive a stack of business cards with unique customized one-liners that they could then pass out to individuals they liked in a social setting.

If the message on the card was meaningful to the recipient, they can enter the card’s unique code into the Cheek’d website to access the card sender’s online profile.

As a consequence, if they are compatible, the platform will place them in a private chat room to continue their conversation.

Lori Cheek is the founder and owner of Cheek’d, which she established in 2010. Lori graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

She went on to work for a number of furniture-related companies, finally attaining to the rank of senior account manager. Lori is still the CEO of the firm today. She also has a personal website where she advertises speaking engagements.

Who is Cheek’d’s creator?

Cheek’d been started in 2010 by Lori Cheek in New York City. Lori graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

She then worked for a number of furniture-related organizations, finally advancing to the rank of senior account manager. Lori is still the CEO of the firm today.

Cheek’d offered two alternatives: paid and free. Subscribers paid $25 and received a pack of 50 business cards to throw around anytime someone caught their attention. Each card included a phrase on it, an internet code, and a link to the subscriber’s account.

Recipients may be able to read the provider’s profile. In addition to the cost of acquiring cards, there was a $9.95 monthly membership charge.

In 2015, the service was rebranded “Cheek’d” from “Cheek’d.” Instead of cards, the new program used Bluetooth technology to alert users when a qualifying person was within a 30-foot radius.

What Happened to Cheek’d’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Lori Cheek decides to submit her idea to the Sharks for cash and IT skills in episode 18 of Season 5 of Cheek’d on Shark Tank.

Lori entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking $100,000 in return for a 10% ownership in her company, which worth $1 million.

Her inspiration came from a friend who scrawled “Would you want to have dinner?” on the back of a business card and handed it to a gorgeous woman. He got a date, and the idea for Cheek was born.

The cards have a pickup line on one side, such as “I’m flirting with you,” and a unique code on the other that leads to the giver’s personal website.

The technique allows singles to interact with potential companions in a discreet manner, without instantly exposing too much personal information.

She gives each Shark a one-of-a-kind Cheek’d card. “I witnessed you teach me out,” Robert Herjavec adds.

Barbara Corcoran finds them amusing, but she is puzzled how they work. Users pay $20 for a “deck” of Cheek’d card, as well as $10 each month to maintain their code and profile up to date.

The Sharks are interested in statistics. At the time of aired, Cheek’d was available in 47 states and 28 countries. There were 4,500 active users, with 1,125 paid members.

Lori has made $56,000 with Cheek’d over the course of three years. She has invested $120,000 of her own money in it.

“My definition of a pastime was anything that doesn’t make any money in three years,” says Kevin O’Leary.

Lori is basically homeless now that she has vacated her apartment.

She was getting by “couch surfing,” or sleeping on the sofas of friends. She claims that her website has been “broken” for some time and that she has only recently straightened out the kinks.

Mark Cuban was unimpressed. “You fixed it after spending $120,000 on it?” “I have a rule that if someone comes in who is delusional, I have to tell them I’m out; I’m out.”

Kevin O’Leary tells the story of a little boy whose father pushes him, in true Mr. Wonderful way, to shoot his ailing dog. “Your dog is your bargain,” he explains. I’m going to have to say goodbye if you don’t let me tape it.”

According to Robert Herjavec, people choose online dating because of the privacy and convenience. He feels the business concept was flawed and he exited from the deal.

Lori Greiner agrees. She doesn’t believe the strategy is working. She also went out.

Barbara Corcoran was suspicious of the business model as well. “You’re a good company owner, but this isn’t the right business for you.” She also goes out.

After the final Shark talks, Lori exits the stage without a Shark deal.

What Happened to Cheek’d After he was rejected by Shark Tank?

Despite failing to land a deal with the Sharks, Lori Cheek rebranded and rebuilt Cheek’d in less than a year.

Cheek’d, a new dating app, reimagines online dating with groundbreaking algorithms that minimize missed connections. Cheek would use a cross-platform low energy Bluetooth technology that promotes hyper local engagement.

The application connects people in real time as opposed to virtual time. Connections begin in person, and Cheek’d helps users take the next step and continue the conversation online.

Cheek would guarantee that you ‘Never Miss a Connection;’ the app works on the train, on the plane, and everywhere else thanks to this breakthrough Bluetooth technology.

If someone meets their criteria and is within 30 feet of them, they will be notified immediately. If they’re near a potential spark, Cheek will make sure they’re aware of it. More app screenshots may be seen here.

In September 2017, the company was sued for patent infringement. Alfred Pirri claimed that Cheek plagiarized a notion he devised in 2007.

He claims he told his therapist, who then told Cheek. The case was dropped in April of this year. In October of the following year, the same man sued Cheek for defamation.

He claimed on social media that he was calling him “crazy.” The action was withdrawn in March 2021, and Pirri was ordered to pay Cheek’s legal fees.

As of December 2021, the business was still in existence, with yearly revenues of $1 million.

Cheek’d’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $1 million both during and after the pitch since the company continues to generate $1 million in yearly sales in 2021.

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Cheek’d FAQs

How does Cheek’d do?

Cheek’d use Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to be notified when another Cheek’d user is within 30 feet. It’s similar to the dashboard feature on most dating apps, which is a mix of social media and technology.

Is Cheek’d guarantee?

The app’s guarantee is that its users will never miss a connection. The dashboard allows users to be notified immediately if someone they’re interested in comes within 30 feet of you.

If they’re interested in that person, the next step is up to them. They can approach them or leave the ball in their court by continuing on with their day.

How does Cheek’d interact?

Cheek’d users can choose to receive notifications when someone close to them comes within 30 feet of them.

What if people are using Cheek’d?

If they are, they will be notified by the app.

How do I get the app?

Cheek’d is available on iOS and Android platforms. It can also be used with a desktop computer and brand new iPads. The app is on Google Play, iTunes, and Apple’s website.

Is Cheek’d free to use?

It is free for everyone.

Who makes Cheek’d?

Cheek’d is a privately owned company in New York City that does not disclose its founders or management.

Who do you charge for Cheek’d?

The app charges a $20 annual subscription. The subscription fee does not include the cost of getting the app other than using the purchased subscription.

What is the target age to Cheek’d?

The app will work best for users between 18 and 25 years old. The app can be used by anyone at any age, though.

How do I get started?

Cheek’d is available on iOS and Android platforms. It can also be used with a desktop computer and a brand new iPads. The app is on Google Play, iTunes, and Apple’s website.

How do I make payment to Cheek’d?

Cheek’d accept all major credit cards. The app and the subscription are completely free to use.

Where Cheek’d based?

Cheek’d is based in New York City.

When was Cheek’d founded?

Cheek’d was founded in 2010.

Who is the CEO of Cheek’d?

The CEO of Cheek’d is Lori Cheek.

How do I uninstall Cheek’d?

Uninstallation of the app is easy via the devices settings menu. Once they’re in there, some apps will be completely removed while others will be disabled and will only run if users reactivate them.

Is Cheek’d available in other countries?

The app is only available in the United States and Canada currently. For other countries, it may be possible to expand into those markets by entering into a business partnership with local companies.

How much does the app cost?

The app costs $20 per year and is completely free for users. The app’s subscription fee does not cover the cost of getting the app.

Who does Cheek’d sell to?

The app’s target audiences are men and women, ages 18-25. To get the best results from Cheek’d, users should live in urban areas with high population densities.

How do you make money with Cheek’d?

The company makes money by charging its users an annual subscription fee.

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