What Happened to Cerebral Achievement After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Cerebral Success?

Cerebral Success is a supplement that improves improved attention and memory.

It comprises 12 key nootropic compounds that have been demonstrated to activate the brain naturally.

Who Founded Cerebral Success?

Trevor Hiltbrand established Cerebral Success. Brigham Young University has a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree.

He founded the firm while working as an intern for a start-up company during the summer after graduating from university. Trevor left Cerebral Success in 2019 and is now the CEO of a Utah-based company that specializes in do-it-yourself solar panel installations.

Trevor had the idea while investigating alternatives to the commonly used Adderall for studying purposes in his undergraduate dormitory.

He conducted significant research and solicited the help of subject-matter specialists.

After developing the formula for his own product, he attempted but failed to secure FDA approval. This setback did not deter him, and after producing a significant number of items, he successfully registered on Amazon and began selling.

He swiftly moved to the top of the Brain Supplement List of goods as a consequence of great customer feedback.

Then, in need of additional capital to help the company develop, Trevor sought out an investor.

What Happened to Cerebral Success at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Trevor Hiltbrand is looking for finance and distribution help from the Sharks.

Trevor offers the Shark Tank $75,000 in return for a 20% ownership in his company. This works out to a $375,000 valuation.

He opens his presentation by emphasizing that he does not have any scientific data to back up his claims.

He only has assessments and research on specific components in his blend, not the complete batch.

He has sold 900 bottles at a price of $70 each. They are ten bucks to make.

His product is distinctive in that he caters to college students rather than older individuals.

Daymond is dissatisfied because he lacks compelling proof; he has resigned.

Robert has abandoned the product since he no longer believes in it.

Mark objects to the warning label, sparking a discussion about honesty.

Barbara defends Trevor, but Mr. Wonderful announces that he does not expect a return on his investment and so withdraws.

Mark says he might have invested if Trevor planned to use the money for school, but he’s now out.

Barbara understands Trevor and those who battle with focus, such as her husband and one of her children.

Barbara’s offer of $75,000 for 40% was contingent on his not having any obligations. Trevor responds with 37%, but Barbara retains her position. Trevor agrees to the first suggestion.

Robert clearly expressed his disappointment in Barbara’s investment choice since it lends validity to Trevor, but Barbara stated that she is aware that items like this may actually help individuals perform better.

What Happened to Cerebral Achievement After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Barbara’s purchase was finished, and she was able to distribute the goods to all GNC locations in the United States of America.

Trevor renamed the firm Smart X by Cerebral Success and revamped the packaging.

He appeared in season seven at Barbara’s Entrepreneur retreat in Cabo San Lucas.

They formerly collaborated with global retailer GNC to stock stores around the country.

However, the company appears to have stopped producing because there is no official website, no mention of the product on GNC or Amazon, and the Facebook page has been inactive since 2018.

Nonetheless, Trevor’s operations were terminated in October 2019. He has started two more successful companies and is currently the CEO of Project Solar, a direct-to-consumer solar panel company.

What is the Net worth of Cerebral Success?

Trevor asked the Shark Tank $75,000 in return for a 20% ownership in his company.

This works out to a $375,000 valuation. Trevor accepted Barbara’s offer of $75,000 for 40% ownership, resulting in an $187,500 valuation.

Who are the Competitors of Cerebral Success?

Cerebral Success’ major competitor include CustomVite, Corr-Jensen (AbCuts), Elivar, and PepPod.

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Cerebral Success FAQS

What happened to Cerebral Success at Shark Tank?

Cerebral Success granted Corcoran a 40% stake in exchange for $75,000 in exchange for clinical evidence confirming the efficacy of their products.

Does Cerebral Success work?

Cerebral Success has received a four-star rating on Amazon.

While user feedback appears to be mixed, the majority of consumers say this product helps them focus more and boosts their mental energy levels.

What is the product cerebral?

Cerebral Success is a pill-based all-natural “brain food” supplement.

It is aimed primarily at students who need to retain focus and knowledge retention while preparing for exams.

It comprises 12 key nootropic compounds that have been demonstrated to activate the brain naturally.

Are SmartX Cerebral Success Ingredients Safe And Effective?

Minor adverse effects like as nausea and headaches are explicitly stated by the company. This is very subjective and depends on the individual’s tolerance.

How to Take SmartX Cerebral Success?

One bottle of SmartX Cerebral Success contains 60 tablets.

The manufacturer suggests starting with one tablet per day and working up to two tablets per day.

They can take it in the morning to get their day started well, or later in the day to avoid post-lunch tiredness.

Should they ‘cycle’ SmartX Cerebral Success?

Cycling is the practice of taking a 1-2 day break in between supplements to allow the body to reset and enhance the supplement’s efficacy.

Every week, the manufacturer suggests taking one or two days off.

What Does SmartX Cerebral Success Do?

Cerebral Success’ SmartX is a nootropic supplement designed to improve cognitive performance. It claims to boost memory, attention, and focus.

Furthermore, it claims to keep their brain healthy by supplying essential nutrients and preventing neurotransmitter breakdown.

What is a nootropic compound?

Nootropics, sometimes known as “smart drugs,” are a class of substances that have been found to increase cognitive performance.

They are also known as cognitive enhancers or memory enhancers. Nootropics on prescription are stimulating medications.

Is Cerebral Success still in business?

Cerebral Success is no longer in operation.

What are the ingredients in Smart X?

Cerebral Success is made up of 12 components that have been related to improved mental function.

Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopin, Glucuronolactone, Cognizin, Caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Schisandrin A, L-Glutamine, and B-Vitamins are examples of these.

Are there any side effects to Cerebral Success?

According to the company, the tablets have relatively minimal adverse effects such as headaches and nausea. They do, however, advise people to contact with their doctor before using this medication.

What are the advantages of Cerebral Success?

Vitamins, amino acids, and nutrition are provided to the brain.

It contains a few effective nootropic substances.

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