What Happened to CBS Foods after Shark Tank?

What is CBS Foods?

CBS Foods is a firm that provides its customers with eating options such as French fries produced from Non-GMO soybean oil, delectable burgers, and chicken tenders prepared from free-range chicken that is not only nutritious but also wholesome.

The firm also provides a toppings bar with ingredients like garlic to enhance the flavor of your dish.

CBS Foods was created by Shawn Davis and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Shawn Davis founded CBS Foods when his 10-year-old daughter returned home from school with a vegetarian pamphlet.

To fulfill her new culinary enthusiasm, Davis began creating dishes that utilized fish rather than traditional meat sources.

Shawn Davis’s childhood experiences fostered in him a love of cooking. Davis grew up in a rough neighborhood, so his mother believed it would be best if he moved in with family friends, an Italian family who operated a restaurant.

Who is the creator of CBS Foods?

CBS Foods, based in Brooklyn, New York, was founded by Shawn Davis. When his 10-year-old daughter brought home a vegetarian pamphlet from school, Shawn Davis founded CBS Foods.

Davis began preparing dinners that used fish rather than traditional meat sources in order to publicize her new culinary enthusiasm.

Shawn Davis developed a love of cuisine as a result of his early experiences. Living in a rough neighborhood, his mother decided that a young Davis should go live with family friends, an Italian family that operated a restaurant.

Davis learned the business from the ground up, gaining a knack for blending spices and flavorings to create fascinating meals.

He grew interested in other culinary products after a few years of honing his craft. While exploring other food firms, he was introduced to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA.

Davis discovered that he could make a product using a similar approach to other firms that were creating industrial chemical flavorings used in industrial flavorings, as well as industrial sprinkles for sweets and other baked products seen in fast-food restaurants.

What Happened to CBS Foods During The Shark Tank Pitch?

When his business reached a degree of success, Shawn Davis chose to promote his brand business concept to Sharks investors in order for them to support him in developing the firm to a national level.

Davis joins the Shark Tank and asks for $200,000 in return for a 25% stake in the firm, which is worth $800,000 at the time.

He introduces the Shrimp Burger in all four varieties and distributes samples, enticing the Sharks with his tasty treats.

Shawn stresses the scale of the hamburger and turkey-burger industries, arguing that CBS Foods is best positioned to acquire a share.

Kevin O’Leary is worried about the cost of producing and marketing Shrimp Burgers. He argues that the production cost of $.87 vs. the retail price of $1.63 suggests a little profit.

Shawn says that customers are acquiring a brand and that his margins are a healthy 63 percent when all goods are included.

Mark Cuban likes the product, but due to his lack of experience in the food market, he is unable to provide value and is out of the business.

Barbara Corcoran just does not like shrimp, therefore she is not participating. Kevin O’Leary reminds Davis that he is already doing business with him since he owns one of the leading shrimp enterprises’ debts.

Davis contends that his margins are inadequate. He feels the idea is too risky; therefore he backed out of the agreement. Robert Herjavec exits from the deal because he believes Davis’ value is too high.

After four Sharks exited, just Daymond remained at the table. John’s worth, like Herjavec’s, is an impediment.

Davis ups the ante, offering John 40% ownership of his firm, but Daymond rejects. Davis departs the stage without a Shark deal.

What happened to CBS Foods after it appeared on Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the Sharks declined to invest in his startup, the broadcast exposure attracted the interest of other investors. CBS Foods currently generates more than $5 million in yearly revenue.

The Sharks blew an opportunity by not investing in the company. The Sharks blew an opportunity by not investing in the company.

Chef Big Shake reappeared in 2018 as Big Shake’s Hot Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant in Nashville with one franchisee in Huntsville, AL.

A third location will open in Tampa in the autumn of 2021. Restaurants and customers may also get his breading mix and spices from him. By 2021, the new company will be making $3 million per year.

CBS Foods’ competitors

The firm competes with companies that provide snacks with similar or identical branding. Netflix, The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, and Hulu are among them.


CBS Foods’ net worth

The firm was valued at $800,000 during the presentation, and additional investors in the company invested, and they have made a lot of sales since the Shark Tank show. This means that the company’s valuation has risen in 2021.

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CBS Foods FAQs

What is the best product of CBS Foods?

The product that is the best to me is the shrimp burger. I have tried the shrimp burger and I find it delicious. The reason why I like this product a lot is because it tastes so good. The ingredients that are used in making this product are of high quality.

Where can one purchase a CBS Foods Product?

One can buy this type of product from any supermarket or grocery store that stocks food items.

Do CBS Foods make any other products?

Yes, this company makes other types of items apart from the shrimp burger. The firm also makes other food items that are very tasty and fresh.

This company is one of the best in making food items. I will recommend one to try out the food made by this firm because the taste is really pleasant.

What is the price of a CBS Foods product?

One can purchase this type of food item at a low price. It does not cost much.

What are the ingredients used by this company?

The ingredients that are used in making all the products from this company are mainly shrimp, which makes them very tasty.

This firm does not use any artificial ingredients in making its products. I believe that all its products are made in a good way and I have already tried some of them and they taste very good.

Does CBS Foods contain GMOs?

All CBS Foods products do not contain GMO ingredients. The firm does not use any GMOs in making its food products.

Does CBS Foods have a site?

Yes, it does have a site where one can go to check out the latest information and the available product range of this company.

What are CBS Foods’ ingredients?

The ingredients that are used in making the products from this company are mainly Shrimp. This is the main ingredient of all of its products.

What is Shrimp?

Shrimp is a type of crustacean which belongs to the subclass of arthropods. It has a pair of pincers and five pairs of legs.

The pincers are used in defending the shrimp against predators like fish. Shrimp also lives in shallow coastal water bodies, brackish waters, and estuaries.

They usually live in the upper parts of the water body while they do not stay at lower levels deep inside the water body.

Does CBS Foods provide franchises?

This company does not provide franchises at this time. The company is not yet established enough to begin operations in franchising new stores and expanding further.

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