What Happened to Buttercloth After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Buttercloth?

Buttercloth is a clothing company that creates dress shirts that have the feel of casual shirts but have a more formal appearance.

Each shirt is composed entirely of cotton fibre and has a 6-way stretch. The shirt costs between $98 and $118 according to the company’s website.

Who is the Founder of Buttercloth?

Dahn Tran, the creator of Buttercloth, is a Vietnamese native who immigrated to California as a child.

The company is headquartered in Long Beach, California.

He considered formal shirts to be too tight, so he began creating materials that felt like t-shirts.

He launched Buttercloth in 2017 to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

The brand caters to people who want comfortable shirts with appealing fits and designs.

Buttercloth claims that its shirts are unlike any other well-known brands. Their shirts come in a range of sizes and designs.

Aside from shirts, they want clients to buy gift cards for friends or purchase surprise boxes.

Buttercloth’s and Tran’s stories are interwoven. Tran worked as a kid at his family’s tailor shop while growing up in Vietnam.

With the passage of time, he began to sew his own clothes while following his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Prior to joining Mattel, he took fashion classes after his family migrated to California in 1994.

He used his money to pay for an Art and Design course at Otis College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion. He later cashed his 401k, sold his property, and established the Buttercloth Company.

In the fall of 2017, Metta World Peace invested in the firm. He has celebrity credentials as well as an understanding of e-commerce.

After retiring from basketball and realizing he wanted to get into companies where he could monetize his own brand in order to come up to speed in the digital marketing sector, he studied digital analytics and marketing at UCLA.

He preferred Buttercloth because of the fit and comfort of the shirts. In early 2018, Peace wore a shirt on the Celebrity Big Brother season finale.

What Happened to Buttercloth at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Dahn Tran, his business partner Gary Falkenberg, and investor and celebrity spokesman NBA basketball legend Metta World Peace appeared on Shark Tank in October 2018, seeking $250,000 for a 10% share in the firm. This equates to a $2.5 million valuation.

Dan’s pitch is the majority of the time. Metta and Gary both discuss their relationship with the firm, but Danh grabs the spotlight.

As he tells the Sharks about his immigration journey, he becomes upset.

Robert, who is also an immigrant, breaks down in tears. Danh admits that he used his 401,000 and sold his property to start Buttercloth.

Social media is used for all of the company’s marketing. Since 2017, they’ve generated around $500,000 in sales.

The most important concern is acquiring new clients. Currently, Danh and his firm spend around $40 to get a customer.

Kevin mentioned that they required the services of a business to help them cut their customer acquisition costs. He walked away.

Mark was also concerned about the expense of client acquisition and asked why they budgeted more for inventory than for marketing.

He was of the opinion that promotion should take precedence over commodities at the time. He walked away.

Lori is concerned that Buttercloth would compete with some of her other products, so she declines, citing a conflict of interest.

Charles saw the fashion industry as highly competitive, and he was unwilling to commit any money. He, too, was not present.

Robert is the Sharks’ solitary survivor. He admires their online strategy and feels he can help the company. Robert offers $250,000 in exchange for a 25% ownership.

Danh objects and counters, but Robert is unmoved, and Danh accepts.

What Happened to Buttercloth After the Shark Tank Pitch?

The arrangement with Robert has been concluded, and Buttercloth now has more celebrity sponsors. Sales surged on concert night, as they typically do.

Since the episode aired less than a year ago, Buttercloth has launched a “Robert Herjavec Collection.” They are given an update section that introduces them to the Robert collection.

The company is performing incredibly well, with a yearly revenue of $6 million as of June 2021.

In July 2021, the company expanded its product line to include underwear.

August brought even more exciting news.

The company designed shirts made with 29 percent mint fibre, which actively cools you down as you wear them.

Icy Cotton Polos are the name given to the shirts.

The shirts come in three basic colours: white, black, and maroon, as well as a navy microprint and a grey striped version.

The fabric is also utilized in their other products, such as underwear.

Butter Cloth 10.0 is scheduled to be published in September 2021. This new fabric is ten times softer than their old one. Shirts and underwear are also available.

What is the Net Worth of Buttercloth?

Buttercloth appears on Shark Tank, seeking $250,000 for a 10% interest in the firm. This equates to a $2.5 million valuation.

He accepted Robert’s offer of $250,000 for 25% ownership, valuing the property at $1 million.

Who are the Competitors of Buttercloth?

Butter Cloth competitors include Freecultr, Isaora, Greyy, and Bareblow.

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Buttercloth FAQS

What happened to Butter Cloth after shark tank?

Following its participation on Shark Tank, the company expanded its operations to include an office, warehouse, design team, customer service reps, accounting, and logistics.

Tran claimed that they wanted to sell over 50,000 shirts in 2019 and more than quadruple that number this year.

In addition to shirts, Butter Cloth now produces Polos, sweaters, and outerwear.

Do Butter Cloth shirts run small?

Their shirts run a bit smaller than those of other popular brands. If they are in between sizes or want a looser fit, please order one size up.

Are Butter Cloth shirts wrinkle free?

They are confident that once they put on one of their shirts, they will never put it on again.

What is Butter Cloth made of?

According to the Butter Cloth website, their shirts are made of 100% natural and sustainable long fibre cotton with a 6-way stretch for maximum comfort.

The items come in a range of designs and sizes.

Is Buttercloth any good?

The fabric is really soft. With the level of comfort these shirts provide, it’s tough to believe they’re composed of 100% cotton.

However, when they put it on for the first time, they can tell the difference. Because of its distinct colours and conflicting cuffs and collars, buttercloth has a consistent look.

How do Buttercloth shirts fit?

Buttercloth’s button-up felt tailor-made for me. The silhouette is slim, with narrow sleeves and a long body.

How do they clean Buttercloth?

Doing laundry at home: Tumble dry on air fluff or lay flat to dry after washing in cold water on gentle.

Who owns Buttercloth?

Danh Tran launched his now-successful company Buttercloth after seeing how uncomfortable formal shirts were.

He went all-in on his goal of making formal shirts as comfortable as t-shirts, even selling his home to do so.

Is Buttercloth any good?

The fabric is really soft. With the level of comfort these shirts provide, it’s tough to believe they’re composed of 100% cotton.

However, when they put it on for the first time, they can tell the difference. Because of its distinct colours and conflicting cuffs and collars, buttercloth has a consistent look.

What is Buttercloth all about?

Buttercloth is a clothing company that specializes in soft, comfy, long-lasting, wrinkle-free shirts and undergarments. Their products are made entirely of long-staple cotton.

Where can they buy Buttercloth?

Buttercloth may be purchased online at their website or on Amazon. They can also go to one of their retail partners.

Where can they connect with Buttercloth?

Buttercloth may be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Where is Buttercloth located?

Long Beach, California is a city in California.

What are strengths of Buttercloth?

Buttercloth provides a one-of-a-kind, elegant shirt that is both fashionable and comfy. It’s also exceptionally soft, which distinguishes it from other shirts.

What are weaknesses of Buttercloth?

Finding the perfect size may be challenging, therefore having the precise dimensions is essential.

What are the different styles of Buttercloth?

Long sleeve, buttercloth shirt, and polo.

Did Buttercloth secure an investment from the Shark Tank?

Robert Herjavec invested $250,000 to the firm in exchange for a 25% share.

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