What Happened to Bundil After Shark Tank?

What is Bundil?

Bundil is software that invests a user’s spare change from ordinary purchases (through credit and debit cards) in crypto money, such as Bitcoin. Bundil charges a monthly subscription cost of $3 or a yearly price of $24.

The App relentlessly monitors your expenditure, rounding up each day’s transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. Bundil says that rather than mining, individuals should invest in their favorite cryptocurrency.

Bundil’s creator, Dmitri Love, studied Biochemistry at the University of Arkansas. Love had a knee injury while playing soccer, necessitating rigorous rehabilitation.

During his rehabilitation and recovery, he taught himself to code and went on to become a software engineer.

Who is the founder of Bundil?

Bundil was founded by Dmitri Love, a software developer. Dmitri is a web engineer who has long wanted to invest in Bitcoin with his family.

While aiding his mother with her Bitcoin transactions, Love became aware of the complexity of the process and was encouraged to make appropriate changes.

Bitcoin is the most well-known Cryptocurrency. It originally surfaced in 2009 as a mechanism for people to do business online without requiring a lot of governmental oversight.

It was worthless when it was first launched. In December of last year, it reached an all-time high of $17,549.67. It has since dropped to around $6600.

Bundil is in charge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BitcoinCash, among other cryptocurrencies. Users may choose how much to invest or round up with each transaction. You could invest $45 every month if you rounded up 50 cents on every transaction three times a day.

Bundil costs about $2 per month for its services. The program is currently only available on the iPhone, but an Android version is being developed.

What Happened to Bundil at Shark Tank Pitch?

Dmitri Love aims to make a bundle with Bundil, his rounding/investing app, on Shark Tank episode 3 of Season 10. Love is looking for a Shark to help him with development.

Dmitri entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $100,000 in return for a 10% stake in his firm, which worth $1 million.

He gives his pitch and tells the Bitcoin story. The Sharks cheer him on as he stumbles over his speech on the field. He has displays to show how it works and how cryptocurrency works.

Its investment returns include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. He makes money by charging customers $3 each month or $24 per year.

He soft launched 60 days ago, and Mr. Wonderful was interested in how he intends to attract customers. According to Dmitri, the cost of obtaining a new client is $2.60.

Lori isn’t a fan of Bitcoin, therefore she’s out. Mark was unable to participate because to a conflict of interest with ChangED.

Daymond describes cryptocurrency as the “wild west,” and he also exits. Kevin offers $100,000 in return for 50% ownership of the company.

Matt feels that establishing a competition was too simple, so he went out. Dmitri accepts Kevin O’Leary’s offer and walks away from the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Bundil After Shark Tank?

After the show, the deal with Kevin was concluded, and Dmitri left with a deal. The fact that the app did not have “gasoline dumped on it,” as Kevin expected, is solid evidence.

Version 4.0 will be available in July 2021. The software now supports hundreds of banks. There are at least eight applications in competition. Despite having an annual income of more than $900,000, the business is still in existence as of January 2022.

Bundil’s Competitors

Coinbase Commerce, Signals, and CoinBundle are Bundil’s three main competitors.

Bundil’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $1 million; following Kevin O’ Leary’s investment, the company was valued at $200,000. Since then, the firm has generated over $900,000 in yearly sales as of December 2021.

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Bundil FAQs

How does Bundil work?

The app automatically rounds up the purchases and invests the remainder into cryptocurrency. Users can invest their spare change in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. The minimum investment is $1.

How safe is this app when it comes to identity theft or hacking?

All their information is stored locally on their phone and nowhere else, so there’s no third party responsible for a data breach or theft of funds.

Are there any fees involved?

No. There are no transaction fees, no exchange commissions, and no additional charges on the bill for using it.

What happens if I don’t have any change left to invest?

Bundil auto-tracks the spare change from the daily purchases and invests it for them, but if they don’t want to make a purchase, it’s not a problem. They can manually invest any amount of money that they want at any point in time.

Can I be notified when the app earns something on my behalf?

Yes, they can keep them updated with notifications.

How much does Bundil cost?

They have no landing page or setup costs, but we do charge a one-time fee of $2 for the activation of an account. This is a monthly recurring fee that they can cancel anytime. Each month they’ll get charged $3 on their bill and there are no transaction fees on any investment that they make.

What cryptocurrencies does Bundil support?

Bundil supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

What’s the minimum investment that can be made with Bundil?

The 5 dollars minimum applies to an account with no funds. A $3 account will have funds, and a $24 account will have all of their spare change automatically invested. They can invest as little as 3 dollars per month if they don’t want to spend any money on the app.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Sign up with the email address, set up the preferences, and invest the spare change every time they make a purchase.

How is Bundil different from its competitors?

They’re the only service that lets people invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. They support hundreds of banks and offer a seamless experience. They’re also the only service that’s free to join and invest at zero dollars.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscribers can cancel their subscription by going to their account settings on the app itself or on any other platform where it’s available.

Can I have my app updated automatically?

Our Android and iOS apps will update automatically. If they’re using their web version, they can set up the automatic updates there.

How quickly can I see my money grow?

Within a few days, their investment starts earning interest whether they’ve made any purchases or not.

How does Bundil work?

Bundil offers a number of Bitcoin investing options to users (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on). After they’ve locked in those settings, Bundil will begin to behave like an intuitive app. Users make a POS transaction, and Bundil rounds it up and invests it in their preferred cryptocurrency.

How do you leave Bundil?

Open the Bundle app and select Withdraw. Choose the currency from which users want to withdraw cash. Enter the amount that users want to withdraw.

Select the Withdraw option. Users should copy the wallet address they wish to withdraw to and put it into the Wallet Address field on Bundle. Users may safely keep the wallet address on Bundle for future withdrawals.

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