What Happened to Bounce Boot Camp After Shark Tank?

What is Bounce Boot Camp?

Bounce Boot Camp is a fitness program in which inflatable bounce houses are used as workout equipment. Leadership development, dietary advice, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and plenty of bouncing fun are all part of the Bounce Boot Camp program.

Bounce Boot Camp was the world’s first device to give youngsters with this combination of fun and exercise. Thomas Hill attended the University of Kansas before joining the Green Bay Packers.

He afterwards worked for Forest Laboratories as a specialized sales representative. Prior to the establishment of Bounce Boot Camp.

Hill served as a district sales manager for Renaissance RX. He is currently employed with BioReference Laboratories as an account executive.

Who is the founder of Bounce Boot Camp?

Former NFL player Thomas Hill founded Bounce Boot Camp. When Thomas Hill, a certified fitness instructor, saw that his own heart rate increased after playing in a bouncy castle with his daughter, he found a technique to integrate the fun of the equipment with the need for exercise for children.

Excited by the potential of mixing fun and fitness, he and his wife started an inflatables rental business in 2004, which expanded into the Bounce Boot Camp.

The Bounce Boot Camp curriculum includes leadership training, dietary counseling, strength development, cardiovascular conditioning, and a lot of bouncing fun.

Children enroll in a series of boot camps in their area, with prices starting at $60 for four sessions. They also bring their inflatable exercise facilities to corporate events to aid with team building.

Bounce Boot Camp is aiming to franchise, and they’re well on their way, with sites in Paradise Valley, AZ, Chandler, AZ, Peoria, AZ, Tulsa, OK, Tyler, TX, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, and Scottsdale, AZ.

What Happened to Bounce Boot Camp’s Shark Tank pitch?

Bounce Boot Camp is the brainchild of Thomas Hill, a qualified fitness instructor and former Green Bay Packer who proposed his company on Shark Tank on Season 5 Episode 13. Hill and his family are looking for a strategic partnership with the Sharks as well as growth funding.

Thomas entered Shark Tank in seeking of $30,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in their Bounce Boot Camp, which valued at $150,000.

He conveys the concept to the Sharks, highlighting the dangers of kid obesity and the difficulties in persuading them to get off the couch and move.

Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Mark Cuban put the inflatable obstacle course to the test, discovering that it’s not as easy as it seems, much to the pleasure of the other Sharks.

He mentions that the camps were hosted at schools, leisure centers, and any other site that can be reserved and was easily accessible to the children. He calls it a “business in a box.”

The inflatables fit within a trailer 6’x12′ in size. Thomas plans to license the camps around the country.

Thomas achieved $43,000 in sales in his first year, while only working one day each week. In the previous month, he had earned $2,500. A franchise would cost a total of $40,000, which would include the trailer and inflatables.

Mark Cuban was intrigued about what Thomas does on the other six days of the week. He responds that he was a full-time pharmaceutical salesperson.

Mark Cuban does not believe himself to be “a business ready to take on an investor just yet.” He exits.

He exits. Lori Greiner completely agrees with Cuban. “There isn’t much to invest in right now,” she also exits.

Kevin O’Leary was of the opinion that the corporation was not proprietary. Thomas was out since he hasn’t sold any franchises.

Despite Thomas’ passionate speech, Robert Herjavec concurs with the other Sharks. He believes it’s too soon, so he exits.

Daymond John was the last Shark. He, too, believes it was far too soon. He goes out. Finally, Thomas walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Bounce Boot Camp After Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that he did not earn a deal with the Sharks, Thomas has heeded their advice and is continuing to expand his business.

He’s cut the first franchise cost to $30,000, which may be more in line with what franchisees are willing to spend for their own “business in a box.”

According to a brief video on the website, he’s partnered with a number of local Subway restaurants to give discounts and other advantages to Bounce Boot Camp participants.

With celebrity and sports star endorsements, it looks that Bounce Boot Camp will continue to grow and get kids off the couch.

They stopped offering franchises at some point, but as of January 2022, they are still in business, with annual revenues of $5 million.


Bounce Boot Camp’s Competitors

Escape Time is a firm that provides a service similar to Bounce Boot Camp.

Bounce Boot Camp’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $150,000; since then, the company has performed successfully, with yearly sales exceeding $5 million as of January 2022. This signifies that the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

Bounce Boot Camp FAQs

What does Bounce Boot Camp do?

Bounce Boot Camp is an educational fitness program, where children go to a one-day or multi-day camp and bounce around in inflatable obstacle courses, which builds physical strength, stamina, and confidence.

Where is Bounce Boot Camp’s headquarters?

Bounce Boot Camp is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

Who founded Bounce Boot Camp?

Bounce Boot Camp was created by Thomas Hill and his wife Amy of Scottsdale Arizona.

What is the Bounce Boot Camp’s mission?

Bounce Boot Camp aims to empower children with fun, physical activity and improve their health.

How does Bounce Boot Camp work?

Bounce Boot Camps is an educational fitness program that sends children to various locations (such as schools, church facilities, etc.) where they complete a variety of different activities within the inflatable obstacle course. They also offer group and one-on-one sessions outside of these locations; the sessions are tailored to each individual child’s needs.

Who are Bounce Boot Camp’s celebrity endorsers?

Bounce Boot Camp has numerous celebrity endorsements, including professional athletes and celebrities.

Who are Bounce Boot Camp’s competitors?

Bounce Boot Camp’s main competitor is Escape Time, although it is a far less popular company.

Does Bounce Boot Camp have any charity events or sponsorships?

One of the ways that Bounce Boot Camp builds confidence in its participants is by providing them with an opportunity to compete against each other in friendly competitions and games.

These events are a way to increase physical activity among children and encourage them to exercise across the year.

What is Bounce Boot Camp made of?

Bounce Boot Camp is made of durable PVC that allows the inflatables to last while they are being used over and over again without any damage.

What does Bounce Boot Camp sell?

Bounce Boot Camp is a non-profit educational fitness program that offers services of the same name. They provide children with an opportunity to be physically active in a fun, inclusive environment.

As part of their services, they hire child care workers to supervise children who are enrolled in their courses and events.

How does Bounce Boot Camp make money?

Bounce Boot Camp earns revenues from the fees it charges for each of its courses and events. Their corporate office divides these revenues among their various departments, including production, marketing, sales, and finance.

Where is Bounce Boot Camp available?

Currently, Bounce Boot Camp’s services are only available in select states across the United States and Canada.

What is Bounce Boot Camp guarantee?

Bounce Boot Camp provides its customers with an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is it possible to have a Bounce Boot Camp franchise?

The Bounce Boot Camp franchise is not currently available. However, they do have some packages and programs aimed at getting kids active and healthy. One of these programs is called “Boot Camp Break.” This program allows children to attend multiple courses over the year.

Does Bounce Boot Camp have any training programs?

Bounce Boot Camp does not currently offer any formal training programs for its participants. However, they do offer in-person and online courses for the trainers of their signature programs, who are paid by the hour.

Their in-person courses consist of lectures and demonstrations, as well as practice sessions for the participants to experience.

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