What Happened to Boost Oxygen After Shark Tank?

What is Boost Oxygen?

Boost Oxygen is a supplemental oxygen company that manufactures and extends oxygen levels after discovering that canned oxygen was a big selling in European markets. Rob Neuner created it in 2007.

While jet-lagged and participating in triathlons out of curiosity, he began using canned oxygen to give him extra energy. Given the success of oxygen cans in other areas.

He started using the cans to aid with his usual jet lag and to give him an energy boost for his triathlons. Boost quickly became the world’s best-selling canned oxygen brand once he opted to advertise it in the United States.

Breathing in oxygen has a number of health advantages. It has many of the same benefits as an energy drink, but without the caffeine and sugar.

Boost is “aviator grade” oxygen that provides metabolic benefits to consumers. Cells require oxygen, and if your body does not get enough of it, cell metabolism slows and you feel sluggish.

Who is the man behind Boost Oxygen?

Rob Neuner established Boost Oxygen in 2007 after observing the popularity of bottled oxygen in European markets.

Boost Oxygen is not a replacement for medical oxygen. The product is 85 percent pure and intended for recreational use, whereas medical oxygen is 99 percent pure.

The three “aromatherapy flavors” available are pink grapefruit, peppermint, and menthol. It’s available on Amazon and in CVS stores around the country.

A single pocket-sized can cost $7.99. (About 40 inhales). A medium can is $9.99 (approximately 100 inhales) and a large can is $14.99. (About 200 inhales). There are also discounts for purchasing in bulk.

Major League Lacrosse has just signed Boost to a contract. They’re well-known in the fitness industry, and triathletes commonly use the product. Olympic swimmer and Ironman winner Kyle Smith, for example, is a regular user of the product.

Boost Oxygen is a supplementary oxygen company, which means it is not a straight alternative for medical oxygen. One canister of boost should last about 30 minutes.

Each container holds 0.5 mL of air, which is equivalent to 1 L of ambient air at sea level pressure (14.7 psi). The total volume that may be obtained from a single canister is.


What Happened to the Boost Oxygen Pitch on Shark Tank?

In episode 2 of Season 9 of Boost Oxygen, Mike and Rob decided to pitch their idea to Shark Tank investors in order to connect with other sports groups and grow even further.

Mike and Rob entered the pitch asking for $1 million in exchange for a 5% ownership in their firm, which worth $20 million.

They claim to want a Shark’s help in growing retail distribution.

Their yearly sales were $6.4 million, with a $1.5 million profit. While the Sharks like the information, they are worried that the consumer education curve is too steep. The Sharks are pulling out of the deal one by one.

Kevin provides a $1 million loan at 9% interest in return for 7.5% equity shares.

After considerable haggling, they settled on a $1 million loan at 7.5% interest with Kevin receiving 6.25% equity shares, and they left the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Oxygen Boosting After Shark Tank?

After the episode aired, Rob and Mike leave the pitch with a deal, the deal was concluded, and Kevin aggressively promotes the business.

The products are sold at CVS stores around the country, as well as thirty other national brands such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops. You may also buy something from Amazon.

The startup has grossed almost $15 million since appearing on Shark Tank (less than a year). The company expanded its retail base from around 4000 to over 8000 locations, including Kroger’s and Walgreen’s.

During the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, the company donated to the Bridgeport, CT food pantry. Kevin also endorses the firm throughout the show, suggesting that it has the potential to be “huge” in the future. As of June 2021, the company is crushing it, with over $20 million in revenues expected for the year.

Boost Oxygen’s Competitors

Total Gym, Kangoo Jumps, Precor, and Aspire Beverage are among the company’s main rivals.

Boost Oxygen’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $20 million; following Kevin O Leary’s investment, the company’s worth was $15.4 million. Since then, the firm has grown in sales, with annual revenue of $15 million.

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Boost Oxygen FAQs

How long is the Boost Oxygen Effect Lasting?

The boost effect can last up to 30 – 45 minutes.

How Much Time Can You Get from One can of Boost Oxygen?

One can of boost oxygen will get them more than 100 inhalations.

Does Boost Oxygen Really Work?

Yes, as it boosts the lung capacity, as well as the energy levels and metabolism. It has many of the same benefits as an energy drink, but without all the bad stuff.

What is in the Boost Oxygen Can?

The can contains a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The cans contain 1/2 mL which is equivalent to 1 liter of ambient air at sea level pressure.

How Do I Use the Boost Oxygen Can?

Each can should be used for about 20-30 minutes.

Where Can You Buy the Boost Oxygen Product?

It is available in most local stores and on Amazon.

What is in Boost Oxygen?

The product is made from 80% oxygen and 20% nitrogen. The oxygen is sourced from decomposition of carbon dioxide at high pressure and temperature.

Will Boost Oxygen Cause Breathing Problems?

The product has been proven safe on most people. However, if users are allergic to any component in the can, or are asthmatic, it is advisable to consult their doctor before using it.

Is Boost Oxygen Good for Women?

It has been found that women cannot tolerate supplemental oxygen.

How many cans come in a pack of Boost Oxygen?

There are three cans in a pack; each can is equivalent to one liter of ambient air pressure.

Why is Boost Oxygen so expensive?

The oxygen inside the can is compressed to about 3000 PSI. That’s about 20 times the air pressure inside the car tires. While it does take a fair amount of energy to compress the oxygen and fill the can, it doesn’t take much gas or oil at all to force oxygen up through a nasal cannula or mask and into the nose and lungs.

How much Does a Canister of Boost Oxygen Cost?

The cost of a canister is $14.99.

How Much Boost Oxygen Can You Get From One Can?

The professionals think that it can get more than 100 inhalations (as many as 20 minutes of breathing alone, thus supplying most people with enough oxygen to sustain exercise).

The average person can use less than one-third of the air in the can (15 minutes or so) safely without experiencing headaches and other side effects.

Do they deliver internationally?

The company offers free shipping as long as the order is above $25.

What is the Boost Oxygen Return Policy?

The firm offers a 30-day return policy in case of dissatisfaction.

Where Can I Buy Boost Oxygen Near Me?

Users can buy it from many online stores and local stores. For instance, it is listed on Amazon, Walgreens, Sheex and more.


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