What Happened to Boogie Box Fitness After Shark Tank?

What is Boogie Box Fitness?

Boogie Box Exercise is a collection of DVDs that feature choreographed dance and martial arts fitness routines set to bright and upbeat music. It’s the ideal approach to workout at home and lives a better lifestyle without having to adhere to a rigorous diet.

Dede Barbanti-Parra, CEO and founder, and her California business partner Kathy Lamm. Because of a mutual friend, the two moms became acquainted.

Dede, a skilled choreographer, and martial arts enthusiast, was going through a divorce at the time, was overweight, and was alone responsible for her two young children.

Kathy was so taken with her DVD exercise concept that she decided the world needed to know more and decided to join the firm as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Who are the brains behind Boogie Box Fitness?

Dede and Kathy Lamm are the California-based creators of Boogie Box Fitness. Mutual friends brought the two moms together.

Dede conceived the idea for a series of DVD training sessions set to inspiring music while going through a difficult phase in her life. She was an expert in synchronized dancing, as well as a martial arts and fitness enthusiast.

After meeting Kathy, they decided to establish a business together. To show the world that if two single moms can do it, so can anybody. They chose DVDs as their distribution medium because they thought they would provide the highest return on investment.

As a result, they went about gathering a group of interested producers who had previously worked on similar efforts in the fitness industry. They hosted seminars for students and taught trainers to continue the business and earn finances before commencing filming for their DVD series.

Although they did not secure a contract on Shark Tank, their product garnered notice and was featured on television shows like as Dr. Oz and Fit Celeb, which raised investor interest in their firm.

Barbanti-Parra established Boogie Box Fitness on the foundation of her extensive dance, choreography, and martial arts experience. She applied her knowledge to create a workout routine that integrates the natural movements and stretching associated with dance and martial arts.

What Happened to Boogie Box Fitness During Their Shark Tank Pitch?

Dede and Kathy decided to pitch their idea to Shark Tank investors in the hopes of receiving money.

The entrepreneurs entered the Shark Tank seeking $700,000 investment in return for 70% ownership of their business worth $1 million.

Prior to presenting their service, the partners put on a live demonstration of their fitness routine, which was attended by a large number of happy clients.

The Sharks are clearly taken with the music, nodding and smiling along with it.

Kevin O’Leary has reservations about the workout’s effectiveness, so the entrepreneurs invite him up to try it out. Daymond John claims to have the “bodies of gods; Buddha, to be specific.”

The lighthearted conversation quickly turns serious as O’Leary questions the approach. The women are looking for funding to create a line of home DVDs.

They’ve developed a business by educating and certifying instructors and creating a fan following. That division of the company had a profit of $15,000.

They add that the offer is for the company’s upcoming DVD division. The Sharks questioned the amount of the investment in contrast to the risk.

Daymond John went out due to the amount of the investment in comparison to the risk. For identical reasons, Robert Herjavec declines to make an offer.

Kevin O’Leary was firm believer in “money murder.” He argues that if he gives them $700,000 and they lose it, he would be sent to “money hell.” He has left.

Kevin Harrington considers the investment to be exorbitant. He has left. Barbara Corcoran admires the ladies and the brand, but she believes the entrepreneurs requested an excessive amount of money and given an excessive interest in the company.

The final Shark declines to make them an offer, and Dede and Kathy exit the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to Boogie Box Fitness After Shark Tank?

The girls do not quit up when they leave the Shark Tank empty-handed. They went on to create the first DVD and carve out their own market niche.

Boogie Box Fitness was featured on major television shows such as Dr. Oz and FitCeleb as a result of its Shark Tank exposure.

Because of the women’s commitment to health and fitness, the business is thriving today. While the Sharks passed on Boogie Box Fitness, Barbanti-Para and Lamm adhered to their dreams.

The ladies ran the business for a while. The company website is no longer operational as of July 2021, and social media profiles have been offline since January 2020. The firm appears to have stopped operations.

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Boogie Box Fitness’s rivals

There are a plethora of fitness programs available to encourage and educate the general people.

The following is a list of Boogie Box Fitness’ main competitors: Fit Affinity, The Biggest Loser Club, and Zumba Fitness Equipment

Boogie Box Fitness’s net worth

The firm was valued at $1 million during and after the pitch. Because the firm would not be in existence in 2021, its net worth is unavailable.

Boogie Box Fitness FAQs

What was Boogie Box Fitness?

Boogie Box Fitness was a dance-based fitness studio that offers hip-hop classes to the general public. The studio was founded by Dede and Kathy Lamm in 2016. The ladies are the founders of the company. Dede Barbanti-Parra and Kathy Lamm are the California-based creators of Boogie Box Fitness.

Who were the creators of Boogie Box Fitness?

Dede Barbanti-Parra and Kathy Lamm were the California-based creators of Boogie Box Fitness. The two ladies met in 2009 at a dance studio.  Both were single mothers, teachers, and dancers. They did not talk about work at home, but rather about their children’s dance classes.

Who were the team members of Boogie Box Fitness?

There were no team members on the show. Dede and Kathy have no team members to assist them in their business. They ran the company on their own.

What was the deal with Boogie Box Fitness?

Boogie Box Fitness offered hip-hop dance classes that are hosted by Dede and Kathy, as well as various other instructors and trainers.

What did Boogie Box Fitness do?

Boogie Box Fitness provides dance classes for the general public. The studio is based in California and has studios in various other countries as well as America.

The studio trained individuals to learn the dance classes and teach them themselves. The company produced a series of DVDs that are sold on Amazon and other video distributors, among others.

What did Boogie Box Fitness want to sell?

Boogie Box Fitness wanted a $700,000 investment in return for 70% ownership of their business which was worth $1 million.

What was the business model of Boogie Box Fitness?

Dede and Kathy created a business model by establishing a studio to teach hip-hop dance classes. They have gone on to produce DVDs and other multimedia products that are sold online.

How did Dede and Kathy become successful?

They became successful because the ladies have made their mark in the California dance scene, beginning as child dancers and later as choreographers.

They developed a fan following for their work, which in turn led to increased revenue for Boogie Box Fitness.

Was Boogie Box Fitness a subscription?

No. It was a studio-based business.

What were the challenges faced by Boogie Box Fitness?

The main challenge faced by Boogie Box Fitness was that they were in competition with major fitness studios, including Zumba and Dance Workout Revolution.

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