What Happened to Boho Vans after Shark Tank?

What is Boho Vans?

Boho Vans is a firm that aims to provide refinement, flair, and unique luxury to the public. Boho Vans rents out a variety of new, reconditioned, and antique camper vans.

They range from simple single-person pop-up campers to the fully-featured luxury Bay Ward Van, which includes a shower and kitchen.

It also produces portable camping setups that can be quickly transformed into a comfy vehicle. These sets are ideal for folks who don’t have much room at home but want to get outside and explore!

Who is the Boho Vans founder?

Boho was founded in 2018 by Sodemann and Ellenson, and it quickly grew. In 2019, he spoke with Fox News Phoenix about the firm.

With a growing number of Americans feeling burdened by debt, David Sodemann and Brett Ellenson are committed to providing alternative methods of living and vacationing in Arizona and surrounding locations.

Thanks to their expertise in architecture and the craftsman trade, these long-time friends are converting vans into loveable spaces that include kitchens with running water, beds, solar power electricity, and even a shower. These vans may be used as a permanent residence or as a vacation rental.

Boho Vans, which has expanded tremendously in recent years. For $99 a month, the firm has supplied rebuilt vehicles to clients all throughout the United States.

He also constructed Backwoods Camping setups for folks who don’t have enough room at home to set up their tent or camper.

Boho does not use new vehicles when making customized campers. They find high-quality used Ford E350 and Dodge RAM 3500 vans and outfit them with wood paneling, a double bed, sinks, showers, grills, and coolers.

They will add one-of-a-kind accessories at the buyer’s request, the weirdest of which is a built-in Fusball table.

The company idea is dual in nature. To begin, Boho has a modest fleet of vans that it rents out from its Tempe, Arizona headquarters.

They also manufacture automobiles for those who want to live in a van. The cost of renting a house varies based on the duration of the lease and the time of year.

Prices for custom vans range from $25,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on the extras needed. The cost of the vehicle is not included in these numbers.

What happened to the Boho Vans during their Shark Tank pitch?

Following the construction of the Boho Vans, David and Brett took action by deploying Shark Tank investors to assist them to expand their rental firm and enhancing their sales of custom vans. In order to grow, they will also need marketing dollars and perhaps beginning capital.

David and Brett entered the Shark Tank searching for $300,000 for a 10% stake in their company, which is valued at $3 million.

They go on to recount their narrative and present a brief history of their origins, stating that they supply 5 rental cars and 12 custom-built vans for paying customers.

Sales were predicted to be $500,000 in 2019, with a total of $1.9 million expected in 2020. They also state that the reason they are looking for Sharks money is to purchase pre-fabricated components so that they may alter automobiles more quickly.

The Sharks are pleased by their appearance but not by their worth, as seen by their bids. Rohan was the first Shark to make a $300,000 offer for a 25% stock position in the firm, which was valued at $1.2 million.

Lori offers $300,000 for a 20% stake in exchange for a philanthropic gesture to the needy.

Kevin offers $300,000 in return for 33.3% ownership of the company, which is worth $909.091.

Barbara offers $300,000 for 10% ownership of the company at a $3 million value, but half of that is a loan, and she also promises she would continue to help the company if financial needs emerge.

Kevin reduces his offer to $300,000 as a loan for 7% of the firm at a valuation of $4.3 million for 24 months at 9% interest. Finally, they accept Barbara’s offer and they exited the pitch with a deal.

What happened to the Boho Vans after they were featured on Shark Tank?

David and Brett’s deal with Barbara was finally finished after they celebrated their deal on the pitch, and the company’s annual income is growing.

In 2020, the company received a huge amount of orders, but the rental side of the business suffered from the onset of the pandemic.

They were entirely booked after a couple of months. As of June 2021, the company’s revenue has surpassed $2 million.

Boho Vans’ competitors

One Hot Van is a competitor of the corporation.

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Boho Vans’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $3 million, and by 2021, the company had made a lot of sales for roughly $2 million, increasing the company’s net worth.

Boho Vans FAQs

Where are they located?

They are located in Tempe, Arizona

Are they accepting clients from other states?

No, however, for those who are local, the company is renting out their campers during the year and the holiday seasons, and the firm is not accepting additional clients at this time.

 How do I get a camper van?

Those who want a van should visit the company’s website and fill out an application. Vans are available to rent throughout Arizona, but they are not accepting requests from outside the state.

Are Boho Vans hiring?

The company is not hiring additional employees at this time.

How much does it cost?

For those who are interested in renting a Boho Vans camper van, the cost is $99 per month, with a $500 deposit. The price covers both the rental of the vehicle and all of the utilities within it.

How do I book a Boho Vans camper?

Those who want to book a van can fill out an application on the company’s website. The company will contact those who are chosen to rent out vehicles at the time that they are needed.

Will the Boho Vans campers have beds and showers?

The Boho vans will have water, a shower, a bed, and running water. They will also have a fridge, a stovetop, and kitchen equipment.

What is in the vans?

The vans will contain all of the essentials including a comfortable bed, running water, and places to cook on-site. There are also places where people can store their belongings during the trips.

7How long will it take to set up camp?

Campers can be up and running within one to two hours.

Will the vans have electricity?

Yes, there will be enough electricity in the camper vans for people to charge their phones and stay connected while they are on their journey. There are also outlets inside if people want to plug in more properties.

How do I wash my clothes?

The campers will have a washing machine for those who want to wash their dishes and clothes. The company also provides high-speed dryers for the clothes.

Can people bring their own vehicles?

People will be able to bring their own vehicles; however, people who wish to drive on the road should buy insurance beforehand. If people want to move from one state to another, they will need a camper van that is approved for the road.

Are people allowed to bring pets in the camper van?

People should not bring their pets with them because they will not be able to leave their animals behind during the journey, and they may not want to leave them in a hot vehicle while they are away.

If people do want to bring their pets, they must be service animals with papers and licenses.

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