What Happened to Body Jac by Cactus Jack After Shark Tank?

What is Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

The Body Jac is a piece of training equipment that helps users accomplish push-ups by offering different degrees of resistance bands that they may add or remove to suit their individual strength.

It may also be tailored to target different muscle groups. The device has a countdown timer that also indicates the number of calories burned. It also comes with a CD and a fitness chart.

Jack Barringer, often known as Cactus Jack by his father, is the founder of Body Jac. He had previously invented the popular One-Shot cleaning tablet, which had sold over 10 million copies as a career entrepreneur, peddler, and infomercial star.

Who is the creator of Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

Jack Barringer, often known as Cactus Jack by his father, is the founder of Body Jac. Body Jac was developed in part because Jack was 30 pounds overweight at the time. His doctor advised him to lose weight and gave the cringe-worthy recommendation that he practice push-ups for exercise.

In addition, he has a slew of additional patents for products he created. Today, Jack is still the CEO of Cactus. In 1975, Jack established Jack’s Marketing.

Jack has a successful track record, including the One Shot cleaning pill, which sold over ten million units. His Body Jac invention employs a series of bands to aid the user in executing push-ups and to enable personalized training targeting certain muscle groups.

Jack, an Illinois native, with the confidence and look of a Texas tycoon. He enters the Shark Tank dressed in a fringed leather jacket, a large belt buckle hidden behind a similarly spectacular stomach, and snakeskin boots.

What Happened to Cactus Jack’s Body Jac during the Shark Tank pitch?

Cactus After working as an entrepreneur long enough to acquire patents for many breakthrough products, Jack joins the Shark Tank with faith in the Shark Tank investors to aid him in building a new company plan that will expose him to less risk than his earlier endeavors.

Cactus Jack was entered the Shark Tank asking for $180,000 in exchange for 20% of his company, which was worth $900,000.

Jack brings more than just his most recent masterpiece to the table. He holds patents on several previously successful products.

Robert Herjavec interjects with the obvious question: Why is he demanding $180,000 when he has made millions?

Barrington claims that by his early thirties, he had acquired millions and then swiftly lost them. His business decisions have had an influence on his family. He’s looking for a partner with whom he can share both the risks and the benefits.

Kevin O’Leary opposes this method. Barrington’s personal contribution of $27,000, he argues, is inadequate in relation to the share he desires. He went out. For the same reasons, Robert Herjavec was next in line. He went out too.

Kevin Harrington offers $90,000 in return for a 50% stake in the company. Barrington must secure the remaining $90,000 from another Shark.

Barbara Corcoran decides to take a stance. She was ready to provide the remaining $90,000, but there was a catch. She wants Barrington to lose 30 pounds on his own using his own equipment.

Kevin puts pressure on Jack to make a decision, but Daymond John steps in. He makes his own offer: he was willing to offer the whole $180,000, but he wants the complete package.

Kevin Harrington presses Jack for a decision. Jack takes a little pause before nodding. In celebration of his triumph, he high fives Barbara Corcoran and they all agree to an $180,000 payment for 50% equity shares in the business and make a deal with the two Sharks.

What Happened to Body Jac by Cactus Jack After Shark Tank?

Following Jack’s and the two Sharks’ jubilation during the pitch, the deal was finalized.

The company went out of business in 2015, and the product is no longer manufactured or supplied.

The Body Jac domain name was listed for sale on the company’s Facebook page in August 2020. According to accounts, Jack cheated the investors in his enterprise.

Nonetheless, it was another in a long line of infomercial fitness fads that you’d use twice, put in your garage to accumulate dust, and then dump when you moved house 10 years later.

Body Jac by Cactus Jack competitors

Body Jac by Cactus Jack has a slew of competitors. The Body Rocker and Perfect Pushup are two of them.

Body Jac by Cactus Jack’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $900,000 during the pitch, but after the two Sharks invested, the company was valued at $360,000. Because the corporation is no longer in existence, its net worth is unknown.

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Body Jac by Cactus Jack FAQs

What is Body Jac?

Body Jac is a series of resistance bands that offer different degrees of resistance. Each band has a handle at one end. By adding or removing bands, users can tailor the device to their individual strength and train targeting certain muscle groups.

Who invented Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

The Body Jac was invented by Jack Barringer, who wanted to help people with weight problems by providing them with a product for physical fitness training.

Does Cactus Jack’s Body Jac work?

Body Jac works by enabling users to perform push-ups with more resistance than what they would normally achieve thanks to gravity alone.

Is Cactus Jack’s Body Jac safe?

Body Jac is safe because it was designed to offer resistance in conjunction with gravity. The user’s muscles must contract to overcome the device’s resistance in order to accelerate downward and upward. This motion enables users to perform a wide variety of exercise motions that they otherwise could not.

Is Cactus Jack’s Body Jac available?

Body Jac is no longer available. The product is out of production and has seemingly been discontinued.

Is the Cactus Jack’s Body Jac available on Amazon?

The Cactus Jack’s Body Jac might be bought on Amazon, but it currently does not have a listing on the site.

Where can I buy Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

Customers can buy Body Jac on E-bay or in some sporting goods stores.

What is the price of Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

The price of the device is around $20. It is currently no longer in production nor available at any major outlet.

What are the ingredients in Cactus Jack’s Body Jac?

Cactus claims that his product contains only latex, nickel, and an adhesive used to secure the bands together.

Is Cactus Jack’s Body Jac sold in stores?

No, it is not sold in stores. The product is only available to buy on the internet or through certain sporting goods stores.

I want to buy Cactus Jack’s Body Jac but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. What should I do?

The company website recommends that interested parties contact a certified fitness center or health club that uses the product to inquire about ordering a set of bands for use with their own clients and employees.

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