What Happened to Bibbitec after Shark Tank?

What exactly is Bibbitec?

Bibbitec is resistant to water, stains, and odors and can be wiped with a regular baby wipe. This allows it to be used repeatedly during the day.

It’s a larger bib than a standard bib, so when it spills, the baby’s clothes are less likely to get wet or soiled. Susie Taylor, Bibbitec’s creator, created the Bibbitec after becoming frustrated with a bib that absorbed moisture and spilt food.

A burp cloth, changing pad, breastfeeding shield, full-body bib, placemat, breathable stroller blanket, art smock, napkin, and apron are all included in the Bibbitec. The Bibbitec is a multi-functional patented product.

It works well as a burp cloth, feeding bib, drying pad, changing pad, nursing shield, placemat, art smock, and napkin. They can do as many things as they want by combining different items.

Taylor’s detractors argue that her product is unmarketable due to a lack of promotion surrounding it.

Who is the mastermind behind Bibbitec?

Susie Taylor, Bibbitec’s creator, designed the Bibbitec after becoming frustrated with a bib that absorbed moisture and spilt food.

Taylor designed and produced Bibbitec in the United States of America using non-toxic fabric. Bibs are available in three sizes: small for newborns, medium for toddlers, and big for older children who get a little messy on occasion.

Susie Taylor, a stay-at-home mother of two from San Diego, California, is the Bibbitec’s creator.

Taylor felt it would be a fantastic idea in January 2011 to merge her burp cloth and changing pad so she wouldn’t have to buy a separate burp cloth or changing pad for her kid. She began by experimenting with bibs at home before pushing her concept to market.

Taylor also combined two of her favorite fabrics to make a full-body bib, which made her life simpler. She simply desired a single fabric that she could use for everything, so she created the Bibbitec.

Susie’s husband, Steve, assists with Bibbitec marketing. He is Susie’s marketing director and is in charge of Bibbitec’s advertising, social media presence, and public relations.

What happened to Bibbitec during their pitch on Shark Tank?

Susan Taylor, the inventor of Bibbitec, hoped to exhibit her multi-tasking super bib on Shark Tank as they sought collaboration with the Sharks.

Susie and Steve, her husband, arrived. At a valuation of $285,714, they entered the Shark Tank seeking $40,000 for a 14 percent ownership in the firm, worth $285,714.

The bib is made of a patented fabric and costs around $15 to make. The firm has generated $17,000 in sales in the last year, the vast bulk of which have come via internet sales.

Mark was in love with the products, but because the Taylors want a top-tier salesperson, he went out of the deal.

Barbara feels that other parents would make excellent salespeople, but her gut feeling tells her that she should back out of the deal.

Kevin sees it as a low-margin hobby and has quit the deal. Daymond and Robert both went  out from the deal because they think there was too much product education necessary.

Susie eventually left the pitch without a deal with the Sharks.

What became of Bibbitec after Shark Tank?

Following the failure of Sharks, the company enjoys a surge in sales when the Shark part is aired. The business sold around $40,000 in bibs on the weekend the show aired.

The Shark Tank Effect drove a lot of attention to their website, which resulted in a lot of transactions. This happens all the time when a product catches the interest of viewers.

Susie took her bibs to the New York Baby Show in May 2013 to find customers, and the company appears to be gaining traction with picky mothers all over the world.

Susie’s company was dissolved and she stopped selling handmade bibs in July of 2018, and the website is no longer online.

Bibbitec’s net worth

During the Shark Tank presentation, the firm was valued at $285,714; after that, they made some sales before closing their doors in 2018; the company’s valuation is presently unavailable in 2021.

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Bibbitec FAQs

What can the Bibbitec are used for?

The Bibbitec is a multi-functional patented product. It works well as a burp cloth, feeding bib, drying pad, changing pad, nursing shield, placemat, art smock, and napkin. By combining different items it can do as many things as the user wants.

 Are you able to purchase the Bibbitec on Amazon?

Bibbitec was previously available on Amazon but it appears that Bibbitec is no longer available for sale on Amazon.

 Was it easy to wash/dry a Bibbitec?

Washing instructions: Wash the Bibbitec before use.  Drying instructions: Dry flat or air dry. Do not tumble dry, as this will damage the fabric.

Was it safe to wash a Bibbitec?

Yes, it is safe to wash the Bibbitec! The Bibbitec is made from 100% cotton and can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle in cool water and tumbled dry on a low-heat setting.

 Was it dishwasher safe or do I need to hand wash my Bibbitec?

It is recommended to hand wash the Bibbitec in cool water with a mild detergent.

What does the Bibbitec consist of?

The Bibbitec consists of a super soft 100% cotton fabric with a unique ink-receptive coating on one side and an absorbent layer on the back. The patented fabric makes it perfect as a multi-functional bib!

Is it safe for babies to wear Bibbitec?

Yes, it is completely safe for baby since they are made of cotton.

What was Bibbitec warrant?

Bibbitec ever offered a lifetime guarantee. If the bib was damaged or ripped, they would replace it. However, the company is no longer in operation as of 2018 and currently selling handmade items through Etsy under a different name.

How was Bibbitec work?

Bibbitec is a 100% cotton super soft fabric with an absorbent layer on the back. The patented ink-receptive coating is on the front side in order to prevent the buildup of excessive moisture.

What made Bibbitec unique?

Bibbitec is a one-of-a-kind product that was patented in February 2012. It was invented by Susan Taylor, and unlike the many other bibs available today, the Bibbitec has soft spikes to provide maximum protection for baby’s face and head.

Was Bibbitec reusable?

Yes, Bibbitec is a reusable product! The super-soft bib can be used anytime the baby needs to be burped, changed, or fed.

How much does the Bibbitec cost?

Bibbitec costs $19 for one and $17 for 2-5 bibs; this price includes shipping. The company is also open to stocking independent retailers and online stores across the U.S.

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