What Happened to Beulr after the Shark Tank pitch?

What is Beulr?

Beulr is a meeting bot that can join online meetings on users’ behalf, allowing them to be in two locations at once.

The Beulr App is far more sophisticated than anything Ferris utilized, yet it achieves the same result.

Initially, it was meant for students to allow the app to log into any Zoom conference or class using the meeting ID and their personal Zoom ID.

The Beulr bots will then act as though they are in attendance at the meeting. Zoom then recognizes that person as being present.

Businesspeople soon welcomed the notion and started using the app to escape boring meetings. The only problem (for the time being) is that if you are required to use their camera during the conference, it will not work.

Peter is attempting to include a video loop of people sitting at their desks. He’s also working on allowing people to record and transcribe Zoom meetings and classes.

He doesn’t recommend using his software if you really must attend a meeting, but it is a terrific solution – especially now that the transcribing service is operational.

Who is the founder of Beulr?

The Beulr program was created and developed by Peter Solimine. According to the brand’s website, Beulr began as a dorm room effort by two Zoom University students who found they could time-shift their early morning courses.

They intended to create software that would attend their classes on their behalf. When they discovered that millions of other students were in the same situation, they made the program available on their website.

Solimine is a Tulane University BS in Economics student.

What Happened to Beulr During the Shark Tank pitch?

Peter Solimine makes his appearance on Shark Tank with a $150,000 offer for a 20% stake in the Beulr Company. This equates to a $750,000 valuation. He explains his products.

It’s an $8.99 monthly membership service, but Mark Cuban wonders why he hasn’t established a one-time fee. Peter maintains he didn’t think about it.

Despite this, he has recruited 92,000 users with only about $300 in marketing.

Lori Greiner has an issue with honesty, even if she agrees it may be good to students. But she simply cannot do it, therefore she is out.

Kevin O’Leary observes certain compliance issues for meetings where participation is legally required, so he withdraws as well.

Daymond Peter created a new form of hooky that John enjoyed! However, he dislikes the idea that someone may just choose not to speak, despite the fact that communication is highly important to him. He, too, retreats.

Robert Herjavec gives Peter some unfavourable advice. “This isn’t a jingle. You’re not going to run it like a business. “You can’t make a living off of this,” he says. Before departing, he tells Peter that it’s a bad idea.

Mark, the last shark standing, is anxious about revenue. Peter has previously stated that he values progress more than money.

Mark also tells him that he must understand his AI better than anybody else, which he just does not. Taking any other route would be prohibitively expensive. He, too, withdraws, leaving Peter with no deal.

What Happened to Beulr After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Beulr is still a tiny company. The social media following, on the other hand, is expanding. They have 2.3k TikTok subscribers and 7.3k Instagram subscribers. Beulr is looking for new developers on its website, indicating that the company is expanding.

What is the Beulr’s Net Worth?

Peter Solimine makes his appearance on Shark Tank with a $150,000 offer for a 20% stake in the Beulr Company. This equates to a $750,000 valuation.

Who are the Beulr’s Competitors?

Beulr is up against severe competition in its market. Zoom, Clickmeeting, Webinar, Eztalks, OpenVidu, Ciscospark, and Webex are examples.

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Beulr FAQS

1. What is Beulr?

Beulr is a meeting bot that can join online meetings on user’s partners’ behalf, allowing them to be in two locations at once.

2. How does Beulr work? Is it free?

Beulr is free, though they will need to pay for additional features when they want them.

3. Where can they find Beulr online?

They can find Beulr on their website: www.beulr.com

4. Is there a Beulr app available?

It is available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App store.

5. Is Beulr an iPhone app or Android app?

It is an Android app.

6. How much does it cost to use Beulr?

To book a session, all they have to do is create an account, which the website claims is free. Beulr has been utilized in over 97,000 meetings, totalling 1.1 million hours of meeting attendance.

7. How does it work?

It’s a meeting bot that can join online meetings on their behalf, allowing them to be in two locations at once.

8. Who is Beulr CEO?

Peter Solimine is the CEO of Beulr.

9. What time was Beulr featured?

Beulr was featured on November 5th, 2021.

10. How much does subscription cost?

Beulr is a subscription service for $8.99 per month.

11. How can they contact Beulr?

They can contact Beulr through their email at [email protected]

12. How do they keep their information safe?

Beulr is completely anonymous, and therefore, they do not provide their users with any information about them.

13. How much was Peter Solimine seeking in the Shark Tank?

Peter Solimine was seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake of the company.

15. Is Peter Solimine still working on the program?

Yes, Peter Solimine has been working on Beulr since August 2016 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

16. Who invested in Beulr?

No one invested in Beulr. Peter Solimine left with no deal.

17. How do they cancel their Beulr subscription?

They have the option to deactivate their account at any moment by contacting them using the details provided below.

Their termination will be effective immediately, but they will not issue refunds for previous transactions.

If they are dissatisfied with their services, please contact them by email at [email protected].

18. When was Beulr aired on Shark Tank?

Beulr was featured on Season 13, Episode 5 on November 5th, 2021.

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