What Happened to Benjilock after Shark Tank?

What exactly is Benjilock?

Benjilock is a firm that manufactures cabinet and closet locks. That technology is employed as a key in the lock, and the lock unlocks with a single fingerprint scan.

It can recognize up to four fingerprints and may also be utilized in a traditional sense. It includes a key, although users are unlikely to need it because the lock’s battery may last up to a year, depending on usage.

Who is Benjilock’s creator?

Benjilock’s creator and CEO is Robbie Cabral. He is a former law enforcement officer who retired in September 2013 with the rank of sergeant.

Following his tenure in law enforcement, he established his own consulting firm and began producing biometric technology products.

Cabral, a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s officer, set out to discover a means to access locks with a single fingerprint scan.

Cabral, a Dominican Republic immigrant, didn’t allow his lack of computer abilities stop him, and he set out to build his lock with the help of the hired engineer.

Cabral squandered the entirety of his life savings over the following three years before generating a prototype he was satisfied with.

When Cabral’s prototype was finished, a coworker suggested he show it off at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

Cabral admits that he had reservations about wearing it during the presentation, but eventually agreed. It turned out to be one of the best moves he’d ever done in terms of advertising his products. At the CES, Benjilock got a CES Innovation Award.

From there, Benjilock grew in popularity, and the same individuals who convinced him to come to Las Vegas began pressing him to appear on Shark Tank.

Knowing that his buddies had been accurate the last time, he took their advice and went to an open casting call. He found out a few weeks later that he had made the cut and would be appearing on the show.

What happened to Benjilock during his pitch on Shark Tank?

Cabral, Robbie, wanted to propose his firm proposal to Sharks investors for aid in selling the product after completing the innovation.

Robbie Cabral joined the pitch and asking for $200,000 for 10% ownership of his company worth $2 million.

He tells the panel that he goes to the gym every day to remain in shape and to get away from the grind and stress of his job.

Lori then mentioned a specific prize he won in the CES Innovation competition. She shows her respect for the feat, knowing how tough the event is.

When Kevin inquires about licensing, the designer says that a lock manufacturer has already approached him about licensing.

Because he is inquisitive about the data, the shark eventually questions him about the cost. Cabral says that he ran a poll and determined that 99.9% of participants were willing to spend $60 or more for the Benjilock.

While Lori quickly realizes that the survey is a scam from her book, Kevin inquires about production costs, to which the entrepreneur replies that he can get it for $20 per unit for 50,000 units.

Barbara then asks him where he got the money to launch the effort, to which he replies that he self-funded it.

Alex then asks, as if on cue, how much money he’s put in so far. In exchange, the entrepreneur informs him that he has already invested $87,000.

As the sharks watch, he continues his story, sobbing as he describes how terrible things have been.

He continues to speak with great zeal, declaring that this is now his American Dream. Following that, Kevin makes his initial offer of $200,000 for 15% stock shares in the business, which is valued at $1.33 million, and reminds him of his licensing experience.

Despite their dispute, Lori eventually grants Kevin the same contract. $200,000 for 15% ownership interests in the firm worth $1.33 million. Barbara is the third shark to make an offer to Cabral for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company worth $1 million, remarking that what he needs is a team.

Daymond subsequently offers him a contract in Spanish for the same $200,000 for 20% equity shares worth $1.33 million, but as a joint venture with Barbara.

Finally, he chose to seal the $200,000 deal with Kevin O’ Leary for 15% ownership of the firm, and both of them cheered.

What became of Benjilock following his appearance on Shark Tank?

Kevin O’ Leary sought licensing opportunities for Benjilock after the sale. Following his viewing of the show, the CEO of Hampton Products International, hardware and security business, contacted Kevin, who negotiated for a licensing arrangement?

Hampton obtained exclusive North American rights to the product. The locks were put in Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and other retailers.

During a CNBC interview, the aforementioned CEO, Kim Kelley, paid Kevin and Cabral a visit. Kelley handed Cabral with his first royalty check for $100,000.

Cabral plans to release the Fingerprint Door Lock in August 2020. It’s used to keep doors and garages secure. The gadget can save up to ten fingerprints and has a pin pad where you may enter a code to open the door.

In 2021, Robbie introduced the Benjilock Fingerprint Bike Lock. It got the Twice Picks Award for innovation at CES in 2021.

Robbie’s net worth is expected to be $1.5 million by June 2021, and Hampton is still selling the locks.

Benjilock’s Net Worth

In 2021, the firm is expected to be worth $4 million.

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Benjilock FAQs

How do fingerprints work for the locks?

The device features a fingerprint scanner to unlock and open any doors and garages with a sensor attached to the lock or padlock. Once their fingerprints are recorded the door opens with a click. Their information is automatically uploaded to their online account.

What is the price of the Benjilock?

It currently sells for $60.

How long does it take to install the lock?

It is simple to install and use, just download the Benjilock app and follow the instructions. In most cases, they should be able to take care of everything within five minutes. The Benjilock takes two AA batteries that are included with their purchase.

How does Benjilock work?

It is great for keeping your door and garage secured, and it is currently used in over one million garages and houses around the world.

Why do businesses like to use this lock?

It’s a smart choice because it’s very convenient. They can leave their home knowing that it will open when they return, regardless of who is entering or leaving.

Best of all, they’re sure that nobody other than they will ever have access to the contents of their home or garage.

Is Benjilock work?

Yes, it is.

Is the Benjilock safe?

Yes, Benjilock is a safe product to use. It has the latest in tech, and it’s completely secure from hackers and intruders.

It’s also very durable and lightweight. Even if a thief wanted to tamper with it, they would have to spend hours trying to defeat their technology. The device is made for people who want peace of mind.

How long does the battery last on Benjilock?

Benjilock uses two AA batteries which are included with the purchase. The battery life lasts up to two years, or two years and 20 months if the batteries are replaced twice a year.

What is Benjilock warrant?

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee. They will give them their money back if they’re not satisfied with their product.

What is the delivery period of Benjilock?

Delivery will take one to two business days.

How is Benjilock?

Benjilock is a very reliable and efficient product, and it’s a great way to keep valuables safe from intruders. It’s also very easy to install and use.

The package includes everything that they need, including the AA batteries, to get started with using their product. The procedure for using their product couldn’t be any simpler.

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