What Happened to BellyBuds After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is BellyBuds?

BellyBuds is a “prenatal sound system” that allows pregnant women to listen to music while caring for their unborn child.

The buds were designed to let the pregnant mother to wander around while still listening to music for her unborn kid.

Who is the Founder of BellyBuds?

BellyBuds was founded by Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden.

William Curtis came up with the idea for the BellyBuds and then enlisted the help of his friend Matt Von Wadden, a product designer, in building them.

They are presently striving to resurrect their company following a sales drop.

When William learned that his pregnant wife wanted to play music to their unborn kid but was unable to do so owing to other duties, he created the BellyBuds.

He then sought the assistance of a friend, who aided him with the design, and the two formed a partnership.

They performed research and determined that music exposure to a foetus older than twenty weeks is crucial for the development of the baby’s voice and sound recognition.

Their concept went viral after it was featured on two prominent television shows, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Modern Family.

What Happened to BellyBuds at the Shark Tank Pitch?

The developers of BellyBuds, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden, pitched their company on Shark Tank in November 2013, seeking a $500,000 investment in return for 12.5 %. This equates to a $4 million valuation

The pair invites over a pregnant model to show how the product works and how it sticks to the lady’s abdomen.

They describe how the infant responds to sound stimuli while still in the womb.

In the first year (2012), sales were $300,000, and they were already above 500,000 in the first half of 2013.

Matt speaks out and informs that their gross product sales had reached around 1.8 million dollars. Despite excellent sales, the firm is currently losing money. They’d sold items to companies who undersold them, risking their relationships with other businesses.

They were able to control the problem by pausing sales until the under-sellers were exhausted, allowing them to maintain their relationships with their major retailers.

BellyBuds sell for $49.99 and are manufactured for less than $10 each bundle.

Lori inquires about the patent, to which Matt says that there is a pending patent as well as several trademarks; Lori notes that the trademark will not prevent their items from being copied. Lori Greiner is a participant.

Kevin O’Leary questions the value. The couple’s stuff is stored in warehouses. Lori Greiner is leaving because of her prior business failures.

Barb argues that the $500,000 price is outrageous for any amount of equity given the volume of sales; the math does not add up, and she denies any agreement.

The value is hurting the entrepreneurs’ chances. Kevin O’Leary believes he cannot benefit from the combination. He’s no longer there.

Robert Herjavec believes he was initially fascinated until Mark Cuban revealed that he and his wife had been using identical products for the last 10 years.

Herjavec believes that the competition is too severe, and that the pair lacks a market niche that is distinct enough to set them apart. As he walks away, he says, “I don’t want to waste your time.”

They will be knocked off “all the way to Hong Kong” if they do not have a patent, according to Mark Cuban. Mark has departed, and Matt and Curtis from BellyBuds have also left without finding an investor.

What Happened to BellyBuds After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Despite a spike in traffic from 200-300 hits per day to 15,000 the night the program aired, the website was able to keep up with the flow following Shark Tank.

Retail sales rose as well, more than double during the weekend and remaining almost double in the week after the event.

Belly Buds are now available online, both through the website and through retail stores such as Amazon, as well as through other significant retailers in the United States, Canada, and even worldwide, such as Babyland and BuyBuyBaby.

WaveHello is the new name for the business, which relaunched in 2017.

They also released a number of new products. The Soundbub is a plush radio, whereas the LoveBub is a lamb-headed blankie that plays music and white noise.

They also sell a framed new-born footprint/handprint package.

By August 2021, the company is doing well, with yearly revenues of $5 million.

What is the Net Worth of BellyBuds?

On Shark Tank, the owners asked for a $500,000 investment in exchange for 12.5 percent of the company. This equates to a $4 million valuation.

Who are the Competitors of BellyBuds?

Babausa is a competitor of BellyBuds.

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BellyBuds FAQS

What exactly is BellyBuds?

BellyBuds is a “prenatal sound system” that allows pregnant women to listen to music while caring for their unborn child.

The buds were designed to let the pregnant mother to wander around while still listening to music for her unborn kid.

Who is founder of BellyBuds?

Matt Von Waaden and Curtis Williams

How much were they asking in the Shark Tank?

Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden sought a $500,000 investment in return for 12.5 percent ownership of the firm.

Did they get the deal from the Sharks?

They received no funding from the sharks.

When did they start BellyBuds?

Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden were awarded the BellyBuds. The company was founded in 2009 and has been steadily developing since then.

Where is the headquarters of Belly Buds?

The headquarters of Belly Buds are in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What exactly is the Belly Buds industry?

Belly Buds is a company that manufactures audio and video equipment.

What is the phone number for Belly Buds?

Belly Buds may be reached at (866) 500-2627.

What is the Belly Buds website all about?

Belly Buds’ website is www.wavhello.com

What year did Belly Buds begin?

Belly Buds was founded in 2009.

Are BellyBuds safe?

BellyBuds are safe, tailored speakers that gently adhere to their baby’s belly and securely provide memory-shaping sound right to the womb.

BellyBuds, whether it’s a soothing music or a bond-forming audio message, is a safe and effective first step in bonding with their soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Are Belly Buds worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars, it’s well worth it.

How do they use BellyBuds?

To get started, simply plug their BellyBuds into any standard digital music player. They have two alternatives on how to wear them after that:

There is no need for glue; simply tuck them into their pregnant pants or pregnancy support items.

Adhesive – use the skin-safe Adhesive Disks provided to adhere them to their abdomen.

Can they use belly buds with iPhone?

BellyBuds Baby Bump Headphones are compatible with the iPhone 7 if they have the Apple aux converter for plugging into the 3.5mm aux jack.

Is it good to put headphones on pregnant belly?

Do not place earphones or headphones on their tummy. The sound will be amplified as it travels through the amniotic fluid to their baby, perhaps injuring their child’s delicate ears.

Should they play music for their baby in the womb?

Listening to and experiencing music stimulates the foetal brain and assists in the formation of brain structures.

New-borns remember music they heard in the womb for up to four months after birth, according to new research.

What volume should BellyBuds be on?

When wearing headphones on their stomach, it is best to maintain the music volume at or below 70 decibels.

When can they start using BellyBuds?

A baby’s hearing is completely developed at roughly 20 weeks. At the age of 30, memories begin to form.

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