What Happened to BeardBrand After Shark Tank Pitch?

What is BeardBrand?

BeardBrand is an Austin-based American men’s grooming company. It provides grooming, styling, and maintenance products for beards, hair, skin, and mustaches.

Who Founded BeardBrand?

BeardBrand was founded by Eric Bandholz.

Before starting BeardBrand, Eric Bandholz worked as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch in Spokane, Washington.

Bandholz quit to establish a beard grooming business after becoming unsatisfied with the company’s “no facial hair” policy.

He was motivated by a trip to the West Coast Beard & Mustache Championships in Portland, Oregon.

He quickly launched a blog and a YouTube channel devoted to “the bearded lifestyle.”

In the fall of 2012, after receiving advance notice of an interview with the New York Times, he launched an Urban Beardsman internet community and began selling items online.

He started an internet company and began selling products with only $30 in his pocket! Since then, the Beard Brand firm has grown organically and profitably.

What Happened to BeardBrand at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Bandholz appears on an episode of Shark Tank on October 31, 2014, in an attempt to raise further funds for Beardbrand.

In the opening scene, Eric combs his beard as part of a beard and mustache competition. He explains how he grew his business while never paying himself a dime.

Eric enters the Tank and begs for $400K in exchange for 15% of the firm, valuing the company at $2,666,666.67.

Eric explains what an Urban Beardsman is and how he created his club. He applies beard oil to his beard while narrating the rebirth of the beard. He sells beard kits to the Sharks.

Mr. Wonderful is dissatisfied with the pricing. Eric achieved more than $800,000 in sales in his first 18 months of business and $1.2 million this year.

Lori steps up and rubs her hand across Daymond’s beard, but he retorts that he isn’t comfortable touching another man’s beard.

Mark feels he should concentrate on high-end beard oils, which account for 60% of their business and have 80% margins.

Mark believes that recovering his money would be too difficult, so he withdraws.

Robert doesn’t have a beard and is also single.

Lori is in the same boat.

Mr. Wonderful, who feels the company isn’t worth what Eric is asking, has also opted to depart.

Daymond says he likes Eric but doesn’t like the price tag, so he’s leaving as well.

What Happened to BeardBrand After Shark Tank Pitch?

As is typical of the Shark Tank Effect, sales skyrocketed in the immediate following of the broadcast. Eric expanded both his business and his neighbourhood.

As of March 1, 2019, the company’s YouTube channel had over 1,000,000 subscribers. Their channel has films on beards, grooming advice, barbershop footage, and other videos regarding keeping a beard.

Fast forward to August 2021, and they’ve expanded the range to include perfumes, hair, and skin care items. With an annual sales of $7 million, the firm is doing well.

What is the Net Worth of BeardBrand?

When Eric went on the show, he stated that he was seeking to acquire a $400,000 investment in exchange for 15% ownership of his firm, meaning the valuation of the Company is $2.6 million.

Who are the Competitors of BeardBrand?

The facial hair and beard sector is crowded with rivals. Beard Lab, Beardo, The Man Company, Rituels, Bravo Sierra, Harry’s, Bombay Shaving Company, Beardbase, and Mancaveinc are a few examples.

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BeardBrand FAQS

Did Beardbrand get a deal on the Shark Tank?

Beardbrand founder and CEO Eric Bandholz featured on an episode of the television show Shark Tank in 2014, but did not receive an investment from the sharks.

What episode was Beardbrand on Shark Tank?

It was episode 7 of Season 6.

How do they get curls out of their Beard?

In contrast to the cylindrical hair on their head, facial hair is completely flat. As a result, even if they have straight hair on top of their head, their beard will curl.

Where is BeardBrand?

Beardbrand is an Austin, Texas-based American men’s grooming firm.

Who owns BeardBrand?

BeardBrand is owned by Eric Bandholz.

Where does Beardbrand ship from?

Beardbrand has an office in Austin, Texas, and their fulfilment facility is in Spokane, Washington.

What are some of their favourite ways to use Beardbrand products?

To use Beard Wash, just apply a tiny quantity (approximately a quarter’s worth) to their beard in the shower and massage into a light lather.

Enjoy their favourite aroma while cleaning their beard! After that, complete the job with their Beard Softener. Beard Softener is a beard conditioner that works in the same way as hair conditioner does.

Is Eric Bandholz still with Beardbrand?

Eric Bandholz is the creator of Beardbrand and lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and kid.

When was Beardbrand founded?

It was established in 2012.

What is Beardbrand alliance?

The Alliance is a private online community for people who desire to better themselves and others around them.

The Alliance isn’t only concerned about grooming. Their members are enthusiastic in discussing men’s grooming, style, and life in general.

Does BeardBrand ship to UK?

Yes, they ship to foreign destinations.

Why did Eric Bandholz leave for Beardbrand?

Bandholz was dissatisfied with the company’s “no facial hair” policy and chose to start a beard grooming business instead.

When was Beardbrand on Shark Tank?

Beardbrand founder and CEO Eric Bandholz appeared on Shark Tank on October 31, 2014.

What is the meaning of a Bandholz beard?

The Bandholz has a moustache that is linked to a beard. The beard is not trimmed at 20 cm; it is allowed to grow as long as it likes.

How often should they wash their beard over the week?

It all depends on how they conduct their life on a daily basis. It is advised that they wash their beard twice a week. Their beard shampoo, on the other hand, is intended to be used on a daily basis if needed.

What exactly is the distinction between Beard oil and Utility balm?

Both Beard Oil and Utility Balm are leave-in conditioners that moisturize, soften, condition, and scent your beard.

Utility Balm, on the other hand, may be used to treat dry skin everywhere on their body.

Utility Balm also includes wax. As a result, it may provide a small amount of grip and weight to their beard.

How can they get such a thick, full beard?

The formation of a thicker, fuller beard is mostly due to a process known as “Genetic Growth.”

They can, however, aid with hair growth in a few ways. People are encouraged to consume a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and take all of their vitamins.

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