What Happened to Beard King after the Shark Tank?

What is Beard King?

Beard King Offers grooming and maintenance items to assist the average person convert into a gorgeous and stylish gentlemen. The wonderful thing about it is that it may be done according to barbershop standards.

Nicholas Galekovic founded the Beard King in 2014 as an entrepreneur, inventor, and business adviser.

He enjoys problem solving, which prompted him to launch a number of successful enterprises, including Beard King.

The primary product is the beard bib grooming gear, which turns the person like a platypus and gathers all beard trimmings, which can subsequently be discarded or saved.

Who is the Beard King’s creator?

Nicholas Galekovic started Beard King in 2014. He is an entrepreneur, inventor, and business strategist whose passion for problem solving has resulted in the formation of many successful enterprises, including Beard King, whose signature product is the beard bib grooming garment.

The company’s headquarters are in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It turns the user into a platypus and gathers all beard trimmings, which may subsequently be thrown away to avoid a warning from an envious husband or girlfriend about hair in the sink. Nicholas Galekovic has been growing facial hair for quite some time.

What Became of Beard King on Shark Tank?

When Nicholas and Alessia Galekovic pitch Beard King, a bib that gathers beard trimmings, they want to woo a Shark into a new business partner.

Nicholas and Alessia are looking for $100,000 in return for 20% ownership of their company, worth $500,000.

Nonetheless, he outlines the company’s growth, noting that they made $140,000 in sales in the first eight months and $80,000 in a month.

The kit costs $7 to create and sells for $29, signaling that they need funds to grow and for manufacturing.

During the event, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, and Sacca the visitor all walked away from the agreement.

Lori Greiner makes a $100,000 bid for 51 percent ownership of the firm. However, Nicholas counters with a $100,000 offer for 45 percent equity shares.

Finally, after a lengthy talk with the sharks, the Beard King reached an agreement with Lori Greiner, but no deal occurred.

What happened to Beard King after he was rejected by the Shark Tank?

The company’s revenue increased considerably after the segment aired on the Shark Tank show. Their company made $700,000 in 2016 and expects to make $1.7 million in 2017. As a result of the fantastic sales, they dissolved the agreement with Lori Greiner.

Their marketing efforts, as well as the effect of Shark Tank, considerably contribute to their company’s revenues.

Beard King exemplifies how internet marketing works when products and services are marketed through social media, video, and blogs.

They have a strong website that is well-hosted to ensure the success of their sales procedure.

With a net value of $1.7 million in 2021, the company is still in business and is now producing beard oil, wash, and other beard-related items.

Beard King’s net worth

Beard King’s net worth is estimated to be $1.7 million in 2021.

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Beard King FAQs

How does Beard King work?

Purchase beard oil online. The process takes only a few minutes to set up. For delivery, use a debit card.

What services does Beard King Company provide?

The Beard King Company will take on the role of their personal assistant. He will take care of their beard so they don’t have to, and he will also assist them with any fashion, fashion apparel, or other fashion items they require.

Is Beard King effective?

Provide the finest beard oil reviews from people who have tried this product from the official website to learn how it works and for more information.

Is it secure?

The Beard King Company is already working with thousands of retail clients throughout the world It ensures safety by employing best business practices. Users can be certain that everything will be done securely.

How do they make money?

There is no monthly subscription cost charged by the firm. When they get beard oil online from their official website, customers must pay for shipping and handling.

Is buying beard oil online safe?

Yes, it is safe since it can be purchased from the official website, where they can read all of the positive and bad reviews about Beard King Products. On the site, you’ll also find a plethora of consumer reviews about the goods.

What is their plan?

To boost the number of clients, the organization is utilizing social media and the internet. They use it for marketing purposes in order to attract more visitors to their website.

How Beard King Company attract customers?

The Beard King Company will get thousands of clients who will purchase various items from them in order to expand their business.

Because there are so many online stores and firms providing the same goods and items, the internet is being utilized for marketing reasons to get more visitors to their website.

What are their strong points?

The firm might be able to market its items at a reasonable price. They also provide high-quality items for every consumer, ensuring that every customer is satisfied when they purchase a product from this firm.

What are their flaws?

Some consumers are hesitant to buy something online because they are concerned about the quality of the goods they will get.

The firm is aiming to improve its internet presence in order to lessen customer risk when purchasing items or services online.

How do I make payment?

You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or cash.

What are the payment terms?

There is no financial burden to customers since they will receive their purchases without any hassle and in a short time. The firm will do everything it can for its clients.

What is the return policy?

The client has 30 days to return the goods they purchased. If they are not satisfied with it, they can either return it using a courier, restocking fee and additional shipping charges will be charged.

What is the quality of their goods?

The items have been tested for quality and approved for sale by an inspector. The inspectors will check for sanitation and cleanliness to ensure that the customers are sure of their purchases.

How long does it take to deliver?

No time at all since the firm provides free shipping. They have to wait for their products and it will take just a few days before you can use them.

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