What Happened to BagBowl After Shark Tank?

What is BagBowl?

BagBowl is a foldable bag that can be transformed into a bowl with a few seconds of handwork. The idea of using the same thing in two ways is completely original, imaginative, and really advantageous.

It is easily convertible, which means that anybody can execute it. You don’t need to carry a bowl if you’ve already packed something to eat in the Bag of BagBowl since you may use the same container. Because it is both recyclable and reusable, it is an ecologically friendly product.

Kevin and Brian Fleming created BagBowl. Kevin designed it to transport a dog while also giving an additional dish for him to defecate in.

BagBowl converts any ordinary plastic bag into a portable serving dish. It accommodates a variety of bags, such as sandwich bags and two-gallon zip locks. It’s ideal for picnics, potlucks, and tailgates.

BagBowl collapses flat for storage when not in use. They’re made of BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene (like milk jugs) and may be microwaved or dishwasher.

Who is the founder of BagBowl?

BagBowl was established by Kevin and Brian Fleming, who turned a bag into a bowl to avoid a mess and the associated stress.

Furthermore, it saves space by allowing one to enter and the other to exit. Brian is a real estate developer, while Kevin formerly worked as a maker of various items. BagBowl’s inventors believe the product is well-positioned to grow and last in the market.

He also invented the Ginsey Paw Cleaner, a canine foot bath, and product creation is his full-time occupation. Brian is a real estate broker with a marketing background.

Because of its promise, BagBowl pulled the brothers closer. They tried but failed to enter BagBowl into Wal-Get Mart’s on the Shelf sweepstakes in 2011. It has been patented, and production plans are in place.

What Happened to BagBowl’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

BagBowl, a folding plastic sleeve that converts any bag into a bowl, is pitched by brothers Brian and Kevin Fleming in Shark Tank Episode 404. They want to market the product to snack and chip makers, as well as storage bag manufacturers.

Brian and Kevin entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $40,000 investment for a 33% stake in their BagBowl, which valued at $121,212.

In a hilarious pitch, the brothers sneer, growl, and otherwise act silly while selling their wares to the Sharks. Mark describes Brian and Kevin as “wantrepreneur.”

In a famous Shark Tank moment, Brian refers to Mark Cuban as “Cubes.” Cuban alleges that they just call him ‘Cubes,’ and he quits!

Daymond and Kevin quickly follow Mark’s example and exit as well.

Robert was enthusiastic about the concept and feels it will sell; he was willing to invest $40,000 for 45% ownership.

Lori feels it would sell on QVC and offers the Flemings $40,000 in exchange for 33% equity shares, which is exactly what they asked for.

Brian asks to speak with Kevin, and the Sharks all reject his request. When Brian regains his composure, he and Kevin clinch the deal with Lori and exit the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to BagBowl After Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner’s deal was finalized when the brothers left the presentation with a deal. The BagBowl is now available on Amazon; however it was not accessible for purchase for more than two months after the episode aired due to a manufacturing delay.

BagBowl was also promoted on QVC; however it is longer unavailable on that website. Furthermore, the Fleming brothers introduced a new product called the Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup, which garnered mixed reviews on Amazon.

It has as many five-star reviews as one and two-star ones. One common issue appears to be that it does not work.

The company was shut down in February 2018, and the brothers have now moved on to other pursuits. Brian has returned to real estate, while Kevin works in cloud computing.

BagBowl’s Net Worth

The firm value was $121,212 during and after the pitch; however, the company went out of business in 2018, therefore the company net worth is not available.

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BagBowl FAQs

What is BagBowl?

It is a seam-free, waterproof bag that converts any ordinary plastic bag into a portable serving dish.

How much does the product cost?

It is available on Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping and handling; however, it can no longer be purchased from QVC.

What was the initial concept of BagBowl?

The brothers initially made the BagBowl for their dogs. The idea came about when Brian wanted to transport his dog in a bag, but there was nowhere to put his dog’s fecal matter.

How does it work?

Customers unfold the BagBowl, place their sandwich bag, storage bag, or any other type of plastic bag into it, fold it up and they were set to go.

How does it measure up?

It is suitable for both picnics and potlucks. It is compact and easy to transport in their backpack or suitcase. Customers can also use any bowl and BagBowl together.

What is BagBowl made of?

In a product demonstration video, the BagBowl is made of durable yet environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP), commonly known as milk jug.

How long will it last?

It is a product that is easy to clean, which means it lasts long. If customers put the bag in the freezer and remove it from the freezer, they will be able to reuse it for weeks; however, if they leave the bag in the freezer for too long and let it thaw before reusing it, the lining may become loose and unusable.

Was BagBowl safe to use?

It was made of BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene, which is similar to milk jug.

Was there a way to wash BagBowl?

Customers can wipe it down with a damp cloth, or wash it in the sink.

Did BagBowl have any flaws?

Customers complained that the lining pulls out easily, which makes it difficult to clean. It may also break if customers did not use a plastic bag to pad the bottom of their BagBowl when they place their food into it.

Did BagBowl have a warranty?

The product has a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects.

Can you drink out of BagBowl?

It is not recommended because it is made of plastic, but customers can drink from it when they are camping or cooking outdoors.

What was BagBowl return policy?

Customers could return their bag for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date if they were not 100% happy with the product.

How can you contact BagBowl?

It is no longer possible to contact them, but their Twitter account is still accessible. They have more than 100 followers at the time this article was published. The company website is no longer available for viewing.


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