What Happened to Baby Toon After Shark Tank?

What is a Baby Toon?

Baby Toon is a soft silicone spoon that serves as a tether for infants and toddlers. Baby Toon was created by Cassidy Crowley, 12, and her mother Lori Crowley of Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Baby Toon is a brand that was born from pure love. The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” had an important role in the development of Baby Toon.

The Baby Toon is dedicated to provide a feeding and teething solution for babies all around the United States. Silicone is not only safe for babies, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Who is the founder of Baby Toon?

Cassidy Crowley, a 12-year-old Honolulu, Hawaii resident, is the creator of Baby Toon. Cassidy invented the Baby Toon when he was seven years old. She took part in the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair, where she had to identify and solve a problem.

Cassidy found her predicament the next day when she arrived home. Every time Cassidy’s newborn sister put a large, hard spoon in her mouth, her mother grew terrified.

Because this may be a choking hazard, she contemplated developing a soft spoon so his sister wouldn’t gag on it. Her ingenuity also contributed to her mother’s relaxation! Her soft spoon was affectionately called “The Baby Toon” by her.

The spoon is made of soft silicone that has been authorized by the FDA. Its small neck limits how far it may go into a baby’s mouth, and the soft material is gentle on the gums.

It also serves as a teething toy. When she displayed her product at the Fair, she received a lot of favorable comments, and the attendees and lecturers pushed her to improve and commercialize her concept.

Cassidy planned to produce her invention in the United States, but there were no adequate molding facilities in Hawaii, so she enlisted the help of Extreme Molding in Albany, New York.

Extreme Molding provides a cutting-edge facility for the production of silicon molded items in line with FDA rules. They produce a wide range of newborn items as well as other silicon products.

Cassidy is committed to manufacturing her product in the United States in the future, and she plans to donate (at least) $1000 of her profits to the Kapi’olani Medical Center, where she was born.

What Happened to Baby Toon’s pitch on Shark Tank?

In Shark Tank episode 1 of season 11, Cassidy Crowley and her mother, Lori, present The Baby Toon, a soft spoon for babies and toddlers.

Cassidy and Lori entered the Shark Tank seeking $50,000 for a 50% stake in the firm, which was worth $100,000.

Cassidy and Lori entered the Shark Tank seeking $50,000 for a 50% stake in the firm, which was worth $100,000.  Lori may be around to aid her daughter, but Cassidy steals the show and immediately impresses the Sharks.

She articulately recounts her story and how the product was made. She also wows the Sharks with her knowledge of silicon and the patents she has for her invention.

As the camera glides over their faces throughout her speech, the Sharks’ reactions show that they are in awe of her wits and sales prowess.

Lori seizes the opportunity and provides Cassidy $50,000 in exchange for 50% equity shares, just what she requested!

They agree to the plan and go away with a deal. Because she claims to be a Shark, Kevin lets her sit in his chair after the pitch!

What Happened to Baby Toon After Shark Tank?

The deal was completed with Lori when Cassidy and her mother left the pitch with a deal, and this episode was rerun just three months later.

Lori advertises the product on her website, adding, “This great enterprise was founded by a brilliant and exceptional 10-year-old girl!”

The Baby Toon is the most innovative patented baby spoon! This ergonomically designed soft spoon, manufactured of 100 percent FDA grade silicone, eliminates harsh angles and ends, making baby feeding safer and easier.”

The company will be featured in the “baby Sharks” segment of The Shark Tank Greatest of All Time Special in February 2020. A producer compliments her on her performance in the segment with Kevin.

The firm will receive an update section in episode 1213, in which they will announce a license arrangement with the newborn brand Munchkin.

Lori mentions in the update that this licensing arrangement would give Cassidy and her family with financial security for a long time. The agreement with Munchkin was signed in November 2021.

Baby Toon’s Competitors

Baby Toon does not have any direct competitors, but it does compete indirectly with Ooga, which offers a silicone baby spoon with a train on top, and Ningbo Easyget Co., which sells a baby silicone spoon fashioned like a human body.

Baby Toon’s Net Worth

The firm was valued at $100,000 during and after the pitch; however, the company has since sold its product, therefore the company’s net worth might have been more than that of pitch.

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Baby Toon FAQs

What is Baby Toon?

Baby Toon is a silicone spoon that serves as a tether for infants and toddlers. Baby Toon was created by Cassidy Crowley, 12, and her mother Lori Crowley of Honolulu, Hawaii.

How does Baby Toon work?

Baby Toon is soft and smooth, just like a baby’s skin. It appears to have no sharp or hard edges because it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Baby Toon does not release any metal into the child’s mouth, which helps reduce the risk of choking. It is designed to be safe for the baby. Its design also prevents it from slipping out of the child’s hands.

Why was Baby Toon invented?

Cassidy Crowley, who was seven when she made the invention, found it hard to watch her sister struggle with a spoon that wasn’t soft when she tried to feed her. Cassidy had an idea to make a silicone spoon that would be less harsh on her sister’s mouth and also make it easier for her to hold it.

How does Baby Toon work as a promotional tool?

Baby Toon can help promote a business or business services. For example, if a baby-themed restaurant were to sell Baby Ton, it could market the product as baby-friendly and safe for kids to use when eating at their establishment.

How much does Baby Toon cost?

A Baby Toon silicone spoon costs $8.95. The product is available in two colors: blue and pink.

What is Baby Toon return policy?

A complete refund is available for a product that is deemed defective or damaged.

How long does Baby Toon last?

The company says that after six months of regular use, the spoon will show signs of wear and tear. However, it is still usable.

Is Baby Toon dishwasher safe?

Yes. However, the manufacturer cautions against using a dishwasher because it may cause the spoon to crack or melt.

What are the benefits of using Baby Toon?

Baby Toon is designed to prevent burns and injury when children feed themselves with baby spoons that have hard and sharp edges.

Also, kids can use their spoons without having to ask for adult supervision so they can stay engaged in feeding themselves on their own schedules.

How is Baby Toon different from other spoons?

Other spoons have sharp edges; therefore they may hurt a child’s mouth. Baby Toon has no sharp edges that may cause injury.

Also, it is designed to be soft like a baby’s skin. It can be used without hurting or cutting the child’s mouth.

How long have you been making this spoon?

Lori and Cassidy Crowley invented Baby Toon in July 2012 when Cassidy was only eight years old.

Does Baby Toon come in different colors?

No, Baby Toon comes in blue or pink colors. The company says this was decided upon so a child can have his or her own color.

Is Baby Toon recycling?

Yes. The company says it is rigorously tested to ensure that it is recyclable and safe for the environment. A food-grade material is used for the product.

Does the spoon contain any chemicals?

No. It does not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients, which makes it safe for babies and toddlers to use.

Does Baby Toon have a patent?

Yes, Baby Toon has a patent on its design.

Is Baby Toon durable?

Yes. It is durable enough to resist heat, dirt, moisture and stains. The firm also says that it can last for years because of its material.

Is Baby Toon safe?

The manufacturer says that Baby Toon is safe to use but should be handled properly by parents. It should always be kept in a place where children are able to reach it easily and safely.

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